React Native: The perfect programming language for an aspiring developer

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Apr 27, 2018 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
React Native: The perfect programming language for an aspiring developer

Computer programming languages have had a very high rate of evolution considering the wave of digital software emerging around us. It could be a confusing task for any aspiring developer or start up enthusiast to come up with the choice of language they could start to learn.

Swift could be one of the hottest languages because of its concise and quick features and it is being anticipated for its compatibility with Android besides iOS. But from a scholar’s perspective, React Native would be the best suited language to start your building blocks with. Top React Native Developers's demand is high.

Here’s why:

Great Development Environment

This isn't just restricted to the practical experience of React Native App Development which features Hot Reloading or Flexbot Layout Engines (which means that a single layout engine lets you develop on both Android and iOS) but also the pre existing amount of resources which help you learn quicker and smarter, and get to experience the community better.

A few of them would be

Cross Platform Compatibility or “learn once and write anywhere”

Android and iOS shall reign as the future of all the mobile universe for a good number of years to come. With its consistent and good deal of users, it is evident that softwares shall need to be developed for both platforms for a better reach. React Native is well known for its native approach and enables coders to implement the same code on both platforms without needing to rewrite them separately. This way, it forms a good platform in order to prove yourself helpful fpr project leaders who shall be looking to build software for both platforms.

Quicker Development Cycles

Thanks to its open source feature and plenty of developer community resources accumulated over years and years of coding, React Native lets you use a lot of pre existing components to be used into your coding. This saves a lot of time in development, which is the main reason why experienced project owners use React Native.

Helps you understand UI better

React Native is known to be the pick amongst developers when UI is a priority in their list. It also enables you to integrate your Javascript libraries besides the pre existing framework. UI is important to learn and master as it is the face of any software product. Smarter UIs have been the reason of success for many software brands and there will be a demand for better UIs. This is also good reason why you should choose to learn React Native.

Native with pre existing languages:

React Native lets you exhibit your versatility with other languages like Objective C and Java. Apps build in React Native are similar to those built using Objective C or Java. On top of that, it bridges the gap between the UI of iOS and Android components using Javascript and React. Javascript runs simultaneously in the background and shall not interfere with your current user interface.

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