Protect your app idea from being stolen

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Jun 06, 2019 in App Development
Protect your app idea from being stolen

Just think a while about a person, who has a brilliant idea of the app, and he is fully assured about the success of this idea. And unfortunately, a thief, stoles his concept and introduced the same idea, and additionally, this plan is doing an amazing performance. What comes in your mind? Are you thinking, maybe someone stolen his app idea? Yes, you are going on the right track. Any entrepreneur can create a mobile app by connecting with the Best Mobile App Development Company. But your app idea is the vital thing which should be protected.

Getting confused? How to Protect Your Mobile App Idea from Being Stolen? So glance at the points which I have explained below, that will surely help out to you in this case.

Share Information Selectively

The foremost and the vital way to protect your mobile app’s idea are to share it cautiously. Even though, it is necessary to share your app’s information such as pitching to clients, sharing technical detail with developers. And remember one thing; never share your technical detail with your budding brainchild. Furthermore, one thing is clear, the less you reveal your services, the fewer chances; that someone can steal it. This may seem like common sense, but the enthusiasm and excitement may drive you to share your game-changing idea with whoever will listen.

Use Non-Disclosure Agreements

This one is the most important and effective tactic to save your app concept. This Non-Disclosure Agreement can help your idea to be protected, so use it before revealing it to employees and other associates. In other words, you should say to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement to the hired mobile app developers. However, not an absolute guarantee that your plan will be 100 percent safe. But still, it will protect your idea. That’s why an NDA along working with credible Android App Development Companies is important. So, always follow the Non-disclosure agreement to protect your app idea to be stolen.

Divide and rule

The development process consists of many sub-processes which can be conducted by different development teams. When you are looking for Mobile App Developers for implementing your idea, you choose among various offers. And it’s not important to tell every potential contractor, every detail of your business idea. Just thanks to outsourcing software development you can divide and distribute the development of your project among different teams. And keep your idea a secret since the developers even may not completely understand what the product they are developing will look like at the end.

Copyright your app

This is another best and effective tactic to guard your app plan. Moreover, this is very well known terms as far as protecting intellectual property is concerned. Are you surprised to know that your code elements and UI can be copyright? Yes, it is possible, but this is only ideal if someone copies the entire app with no variation to the original. The benefits of copyrighting your mobile app are that it costs relatively less than most of the alternative options, and provides the basic protection against direct copiers. So, never forget to copyright your mobile app.

Apply for a patent

This is a strong form of intellectual property protection which covers the functionality of your mobile app and protects it. The functionality you intend to patent, but, require to be non-obvious and new. Acquiring patent rights can be a lengthy process involving application and a thorough examination process, which is why it’s always a good idea to start the process as soon as possible, preferably before making any public disclosures. I propose that you work in close quarters with a reputable attorney to get everything in place from the start.

Documents, Documents, and Documents

Write as much as possible and save that documentation. By creating a document trail, you’ll have proof of your concept if it does go to court. Maintain a log of every discussion you have where details of your plan are disclosed. Only this log could come in handy if you find one of those conversations go somewhere. In actually, the odds that your concept will be stolen are very small. Living in fear of that thief will inhibit your ability to sell that idea. A client who declines to work with you may actually know someone else that is looking to work with someone who is offering exactly what you’re offering. If you avoid that interaction from occurring, you could be missing a great opportunity.

An additional way your fears hurt your business is that they keep you from getting feedback from others. When you share your idea up with someone new, they give you their own thoughts, which in turn help you grow your concept. By never discussing your business with others, you miss that chance.

Recommendations for First-Time Startuppers

Do not be afraid of telling your dev guys about your idea. Pitch it to as many people as possible even before your solution is fully up and running can give you the worst result. But yes if you share all details without mentioning technical details can save your app idea to be stolen. This brings the interest of a potential audience, contacts of industry influencers, maybe first clients and their feedback with valuable insights. If you do not speak to people, you are likely to end up building a great app that no one would use. And do not fear to have an idea stolen by any thief developer. Fear Hiring a Mobile App Developer who does not care about the project writes buggy code and does not document it properly. This is the worst of two evils. Though patenting an idea on the initial startup stage is complex and time-consuming, it definitely should not fall off your radar. A patent as well as trademark registration of your brand identity (application name, logo, design), add to your company’s credibility and value in future, for instance, in the case of its acquisition.

Bottom Lines

It is always a better idea to release the basic version of your app idea and save the best features and functionality for later. And just follow the tactics which I have shared above, you will be good to go. Yes, anyone can steal your app idea but you can protect it wisely. Being a trustworthy Mobile App Development Company, Fluper has dedicated and skilled developers. And they are always desperate to build an innovative app.

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