Pros and Cons of outsourcing mobile app development projects

Ruchhir Agarwal
Published on Oct 06, 2016 in App Development
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing mobile app development, E2logy

Going mobile is an important criterion to make your business successful today. People, these days, are so fond of mobile devices that they tend to find a mobile app for every service which lets them accomplish tasks easily, just with a few clicks. Thus, for businesses, it’s important to have a feature rich and user friendly mobile app that helps you win new clients and retain the existing ones.

Now, here comes a question, whether you should outsource the app development or develop in-house. For the mobile app development company E2logy both options carry their own pros and cons and what should you opt for really depends on your requirements. Take a look at the pros and cons of outsourcing mobile app development to have a clear view of your course of action.

Pros of outsourcing mobile app development

Reduced cost: One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing mobile app development is cost saving. You can not only reduce the cost of development but can also invest more in new developmental strategies.

A company can save a lot of time and money by outsourcing mobile app development. It omits the need of hiring full time employees and the amount of money required to be paid to the outsourcing company is usually less than the staff payment every month. Also, there isn’t any need to spend money on specific taxes for workplace, employee or equipment.

Outsourcing also rules out the need to invest time, effort as well as money on recruitment and training processes. This implies that you can divert your resources towards other important jobs.

By outsourcing mobile app development, you can get high quality services at a low price.

It is mostly cheaper as compared to finding and maintaining qualified staff. You don’t need to pay additional charges for weekends, staff health issues or vacations. Even there is no additional taxes on the wages of employees.

Mostly, you need to pay a fixed amount to the hired company and this simplifies your financial planning to a great extent.

By outsourcing, the organization can skip the time, money and effort investment on company infrastructure required for mobile app development. The company to which the project has been outsourced already has all the necessary equipment.

Reduced risks: Outsourcing is a great way to reduce the risks in the company. You don’t need to monitor the project continuously or worry about the absence of employees and hence the delay in project completion. An outsourcing company guarantees that the project will be completed in time.

All the risks involved in the project are handled by the mobile app development company.

The downtime owing to illness of employees or holidays are handled by the outsourcing company.

You don’t have to be bothered about how much to be spent on new employees, retaining staff, training and motivation. All these risks pass to the outsourcing company.

You don’t need to be bothered about the involvement of employees in the project and how long one will be associated with the project. You only pay for the end result.

Outsourcing companies do their best to maintain their reputation in the market. For this, they are even willing to pay compensation if they fail to deliver the product as per the client’s expectation.

High quality in less time: In most of the cases, you can be assured of the quality of work. Companies specialized in this niche have experienced and talented resources to deliver excellent services. On the other hand, if you hire an new employee, there’s always some kind of risk involved. He could be incompetent to work on a specific project.

Outsourcing companies have all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. If you don’t like the end result you can have your full or partial payment back. This cannot be done with your regular staff. You can only deny their rewards and bonuses or can fire them but their payment is to made on time.

Outsourcing companies can speed up the process of mobile app development to a great extent. This owes to the years of experience they have gathered in the outsourcing services.

Outsourcing companies use specialized knowledge, equipment, technologies and highly qualified staff to deliver satisfactory services to the clients.

You can focus on the core business objective and the developers from outsourcing company will take care of your need while developing a mobile app for you.

Owing to the highly competitive market, every outsourcing company strive hard to deliver, quick, cost effective and efficient services and this benefits you, being a client, the most.

Cons of outsourcing mobile app development

A possible flaw in the security system of the outsourcing company could be a big issue. However, this could be solved through a clear specification in the agreement which must define clearly the access permissions for both the parties. In this way the clients can be assured that their confidential information won’t be exposed and there wouldn’t be any breach of security.

In some cases, there could be an issue in the quality control of the work. But mostly, the outsourcing companies work hard to maintain their reputation through supreme services and hardly compromise on such grounds. A reputed company is always committed to high standards and communicate well with their clients to bridge any kind of gap. There are numerous web tools available for effective interaction and special departments take care of the grievances and requirements.

Outsourcing also creates dependency on another company for getting a job done. You cannot have a direct control on how the things are proceeding.

Incorporation of small changes could be significantly complicated and expensive. In in-house projects, you can change whatever and whenever, for which you don’t need to pay extra charges to your employees. While the same thing could cost you much if you hire a mobile app development company.

Lack of understanding about the business requirements or domain knowledge could drastically affect your end product. It’s important to convey your requirements precisely, else you will have to bear losses.

The pros and cons of outsourcing mobile app development are important to consider before embarking on a project. It’s always advisable to weigh them carefully on the basis of your project and requirements, and decide on the option that suits you the best. However, choosing a reputed mobile app development company like E2logy is a wise decision as it delivers excellent services and you don’t need to worry about the possibilities of anything going wrong in the app development.

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