Potential Media Stremaing Experience Yet to Be Witnessed

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Aug 19, 2019 in Custom Software Developers Resources
Potential Media Stremaing Experience Yet to Be Witnessed

Media Streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and iflix have been the pick of web applications when it comes to recent consumer trends. These applications have encouraged a lot of independent media producers to jump into the game and have dictated a market of their own based on these sole platforms. With the very successful and efficient financial models dictated by these platforms, it is evident that the audience and market shall have a liking to this kind of application in the AppStore.

Netflix recently came up with a mobile version of its web app which must have been motivated by the reception of mobile app users for media streaming. While big players like Disney and Apple are joining in the league, it would be very difficult to compete in terms of the kind of content and volume these platforms are capable of producing.

On the bright side, these applications are capable of reaching a wide range of demographics and a wide range of demographic is still unattended in several countries especially pan Asia. TikTok’s popularity which has beaten Netflix in several cases is enough to let you know that these applications are still potential of capturing a huge volume of the market.

In such a scenario opting for a media streaming application development remains a potential option and our experiences with these applications enable us to sketch some new functionalities that are yet to be seen and could be yours for the taking:

Socializing Features:

A huge video ensemble like Netflix is a plethora of videos that is capable of amassing a diverse group of audience base belonging to various tastes. While netflix gives producers a lot of creative freedom to pursue their artistic endeavours, it is evident that their creations have a very specific but committed channel of viewers.

It should be noted that social media like instagram or facebook might not be potential a social platform to unite these segregated group of audiences together and Netflix or a similar application with small features of socializing like chat windows could help create a big difference.

Media Streaming is close to a Revolutionary VR experience:

You might have heard the saying that netflix with all its capabilities is still not potential enough to match the experience of a theater. Well VR goggles are here to do the trick for you. While AR/VR developers are looking to integrate the best of depth sensing technologies and bring our enhanced 3d experiences, the thought of giving a 2d screen experience that simulates a theater seems far more achievable and simple. This will boost the sales of hardware devices and shall be a well accepted strategy to introduce the VR experience as the audience is very much hooked to the netflix trend which is deemed to exist for a good 5 years as judged from what market analytics might suggest.

Media Streaming Platforms Help Maintain the best eCommerce Analytics:

As judged from the experience of marketers, film and media have a huge role to play when determining the marketing choices for certain commodities. Unknowingly we consume media which we want to replicate in our daily lives and that gives accurate indications of the kind of clothes, shoes, furniture we intend to buy. Besides social media analytics, media streaming routines are also very constructive when it comes to helping marketers reach out to their target audiences.

Media streaming platforms integrated with such measurement tools can help make huge profits when clubbed with tandem with ecommerce platforms.

Media Streaming Platforms are yet to Target Global Events:

Media streaming platforms are more likely to target independent art pieces but subsequent technology and features enable media streaming platforms like netflix or any other to adopt a pay per view model of subscription at any point of time. This shall help retain their initial audiences while at the same time help them host events at pay per view to take their platform to the next level. This shall include a wide variety of sporting events and celebrity events.

As one of the top web app development company, BrainMobi has undertaken plenty of development endeavours in the field of creating a media streaming application and or routines and analysis with prior projects enable us to anticipate the status of the upcoming market trends for media streaming. If you aspire to have a media streaming application of your own but the dominance of platforms like netflix and amazon prime freaks you out then turn up to our consultants who can help you sketch a better development as well as business strategy to help you scale your media streaming applications all the way.

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