Patrolling the Automotive Car-Repair App Scenario

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Apr 17, 2020 in App Development

The automotive industry raises key issues and doubles up on car-repair mobile applications in a bid to expand and furnish convenience to customers!

According to a recent Global automotive industry analysis, Automotive is the second most data-driven industry after food. Coupling of IoT and Mobile technology has made it possible for businesses to collect information about the drivers, their source and destination, the average time taken for the journey, the route they follow, the traffic patterns on the routes, the maintenance and service requirements of their cars and more digital transformation in the automotive industry scenario much to the astonishment of the businesses.

Staying Connected

Assume it is Monday morning and start of another important week at work and home. As if you’re already running late, dealing with Monday Hues and Blues, you embrace yourself for the worst weather scenario. You notice that it's already raining and brace yourself for a long, challenging commute. To make matters worse, you spill your coffee all over, trying to make your way to the car. After a change of clothes and a 45-1 hour drive in stop-and-go traffic, you spend another 10 minutes driving in circles looking for a parking spot. When you reach your office, at last, you feel like you already need a nap (or at least another cup of coffee). This scenario seems usual and predictable for millions of Americans and others who commute to work.

The evolution of technologies, especially the internet of things has eased the way people commute by trucks, cars, planes, ride-sharing platforms. All the vehicles are connected with sensors, wireless infrastructures and other alliances to make the commute frictionless. Mobiles and cars, music in the car, entertainment and comfort in cars, wi-fi connectivity in cars have become staple with every vehicle-version upgrade.

Better Experience to Customers

Users are well aware of the myriad benefits of the Automotive Industry Trends and the corresponding IoT devices that customize their experience during the commute. The pressure to digitize is more about adding new features to every vehicle. Bending with the changes, there has been an increase in the on-demand car repair market. 

Imagining Car-Repair-Help in Remote Locations

What if you simply dial or notify about your car-engine issue via your mobile app, without having to visit your local mechanic shop every time. Always-on connectivity will be able to connect you directly with the dealer, or car-mechanic to provide technology updates, safety updates, recall information with a click, without having to set foot on a car-repair location.

What if the car can notify about the oil change necessity, a faulty brake, about the engine, steering, or key fob; imagine the car adjusting the seat, mirror, air conditioner vent – to make your car more comfortable.

Improved Car-Buying Experience

Consumer trends in the automotive industry suggest that a bit of technology here, a dash of processes there would allow car buyers to configure car models of the future. Virtual showrooms would allow dealers to save money by reducing the amount of space they need to hold all of the models of the available cards. 

Car-Repair App Modules

  • Customer App – where customers can log in their issues
  • Service Provider App – where the dealers, manufacturers, and service-centers can offer help
  • Admin Panel – to monitor all the business requirements and the users connected to it, controlling all the actions.
  • User Website – An official website to track all the activities, display features, guide users on how to install and use the application and marketing services.

Recommended Features for App Like Uber for Car Repair

The competitive price, Live Tracking, Various Payment Methods, Interactive Design and On-Demand Solutions Capabilities form the basis of the uber like car repair app. Still, the basic features include registration and login, selecting the service, placing the request, tracking the mechanic, making payment online, and posting the ratings/reviews/feedback. 


The evolution of mobile app technologies has enabled customers to reach out to the concerned departments during adversities at their convenience. Be it travel, or entertainment or food, or healthcare – the user-friendly and feature rick applications are highly considered to generate revenues. Various automotive enterprises are steering close to car repair app development service providers to exemplify their business and make profits via a utility app. Per the Global automotive industry forecast 2020, creating a mobile car-repair app for mechanics and a corresponding app for service seekers would accelerate the tech-based drive amongst global customers.

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