Online Booking Apps: A Stress Reliever For Your End-Customer

Gurpreet Singh
Published on May 03, 2018 in App Development
Online Booking Apps: A Stress Reliever For Your End-Customer

A smart person once said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. We watch this sentence come to reality in our everyday lives. From the food to the booking industry, every day we experience new arenas surfacing, and booking apps are no exception to that. The existence of modern booking dates back to the time when bookings were company-centric. These sellers could get away with offering low quality services. Bookings were more about making sales than providing a great customer experience.

The problem was prevalent in almost every industry. For eg. in healthcare, pregnant women were refused rooms in hospitals due to overbooking. As a result, women had to give birth to their children in an unfamiliar environment. Imagine how different the scenario would have been if women had had access to emergency booking apps or had been able to book rooms prior to reaching the due date. These women would have been able to give birth in a safe environment. Booking and appointment has, since then, come a long way. It has become more customer inclusive, providing any and all information to these customers and hence, making their lives much easier.

How Booking Apps Are Making Lives Easier

Online Booking Apps: A Stress Reliever For Your End-Customer

As a result of overbooking, pregnant women had to deliver their babies in an uncertain environment. Imagining a life without future booking seems impossible, but it was once the normal way of living. People would go to the seller without any certainty of receiving the product or service. People might think they struggle now, but if they had seen the struggles people before us had to face, they would certainly never complain. With the advent of booking apps, booking an appointment or service is possible with just some swiping. And this is not all, we never have to face the uncertainty of not knowing whether the service is available or not. We can just take out our phones, check availability, compare prices and have an in-depth comparison of the experience, ratings and reviews.

All this is possible without even talking to one single person. The biggest thing a customer has to worry about is showing up at the place on time. Considering that 80% of all internet users have a smartphone with them and pick it up first thing in the morning, it becomes necessary for companies to develop an app to run their business.

If you have a business in the booking or appointment industry, you must at all costs have an app as well. And if you do own one, surely add booking feature to it.

In order to make your lives easier, we have stated the features your apps should have so as to lead the booking industry.

Features Every Booking App Must Have

There are thousands of booking apps out there. If you are interested in developing one, you will feel like just another fish in the pond. The app market is tough, and you cannot just count on developing an app to bring you money. To excel in the app industry, you must build an excellent app with customer interest at the core. In your pursuit to do that, you must add the necessary features to the app.

Ability To Create An Account

Your customers must not feel like you are just another booking app. Personalize your app according to them. Let them create an account and save all their bookings for future references. For the company, this means you can understand your customer needs and provide future suggestions accordingly.

Reviews And Ratings Feature

Customers look for reviews of the service before availing it. This gives them the assurance of a great experience. As a booking company, you must definitely have a review and rating feature.

Simple And Intuitive UI

App design and user experience are the first things that a user notices. In order to provide the best experience, your app design must be simple and convenient to toggle through.

Customer Support

Browsing a new app can be tough for users. What will they do if they face an issue or need clarity? Customers must feel like they have a support at all times. Someone who can help them whenever something doesn’t go according to what they wanted. Customer support acts as an assistant for users whenever they face an issue, are confused, or need clarity.

Different Payment Options

Many users reach the last step of booking and then back out because they are not able to make the payment in their preferred mode. This leads to booking cancellations. Solve this problem by offering multiple payment options, including internet banking, credit and debit cards, Paypal, Paytm, and cash on delivery. This will open your service to many more users.

Apart from these features, you must also add additional ones. These will give your app an edge over your competitors. Allow your customers to save credit card information so they find it easy to make payments. Or allow them to add appointments to their personal calendar. Some apps also have multiple language and currency settings which make it easy for them to cater to a global market.

If the present scenario seems ideal, the future will make booking apps more streamlined. With the competition that is prevailing in the market, it will become tough for any new company to develop an app and make their mark in the industry. If you are interested in getting an online booking app developed, the time to start is now. The only step to look at, then is to find an app development platform to start building your seamless mobile app.

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