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Published on Apr 27, 2017 in App Development
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Services that can be easily availed from the convenience of modern gadgets need no introduction. As Uberization of everything becomes a cult across the globe in a millennial world, shared economy is declared the brand-new and the smartest way of doing things. Trending technology and innovative thinking gives a thrust to conceptualizing services to be availed through modern day on-demand apps.

To talk about this topic, first, the mobile app development company SPEC USA wants us all to remember this quote: “Imagine a world where every conceivable consumer service is available on-demand at the touch of a smartphone button” The Financial Times

Well established economies like the United States and the European countries are pioneers when it comes to on-demand apps, but the others are not far behind. The list seems a little short today, but is increasing at the pace fast to keep up with.

  • Ride sharing
  • Home services
  • Child care
  • Medical services
  • Beauty and fitness
  • Food and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Deliveries
  • Event bookings

The Ecosystem of on-demand apps

A powerful combination of parameters balancing the demand and supply equations in this new perception of economies makes up the comprehensive ecosystem for on-demand apps.

The Ecosystem for On-Demand Apps

What the consumers want

The consumer at the end of the day wants value, convenience and variety in services used on day to day basis offering huge savings on time and energy. The services offered should be relevant to the target audience and value add to the way things are being done.

Conceptualizing the service and funding the app

Startups and mobile app developers identify services not conceptualized yet to be delivered through apps. It is imperative to validate that the service is not already saturated by app driven solutions. The idea behind an app needs to be appealing to the intended audience and promising enough to attract funding from investors as well as generate interest in service providers to join the chain.

Managing service providers

Guaranteeing the supply chain is the next big thing for the on-demand app ecosystem. The enterprise driving the app needs to ensure the suppliers that a win-win scenario does exist.

For example, for a food delivery app, there are low chances of customer satisfaction if a very small percentage of the city restaurants agree to a tie-up. Considering the instability when it comes to supplier management, normally the on-demand app starts up locally within a city or state rather than on a larger level.

Matching algorithms to connect the consumer to the service provider

It is intricate logic when the right service provider is tagged to the correct customer in a matter of seconds. Automated analytics based technology driving complex algorithms facilitates a huge number of transactions, making on-demand apps a popular way to do things in tune with the mobile app personalization trend that catches on.

Technology support and backbone

Competent technology to support the ecosystem of the on-demand apps goes a long way. Besides of course the contemporary techniques like the Cloud, the mobiles and wearables, BI and Analytics, prudent programming strategies like APIs become critical in building apps adhering to standard protocols, security layers and rich features all with a very quick go-market.

The most important interfaces are the ones pertaining to payment integration. Commercial APIs are responsible for generating payment options and integrating with a host of payment providers in a way that is convenient to end users while maximizing revenue for the app owner. APIs are also instrumental in providing location, navigation and tracking features which are very critical for real-time on-demand apps.

The growing popularity of on-demand apps

Surveys indicate that on-demand apps have their own set of advantages for both the consumers and the service providers too. The multiple techniques by which user feedback is collected from these apps generates continuous ratings and feedback. Segregated insights for service providers helps to generate best possible experiences for customers. The future of this niche of apps is promising enough.

Convenience for the customer

As the primary motivating factors in using on-demand apps convenience is sure to top the list. The ease of scrutinizing and comparing available services and options and finally choosing the most conducive one can never be as easily done as through the app with an anytime, anywhere approach. It goes without saying that the time and efforts saved are incomparable.

Multiple options with competitive pricing

On-demand apps offer a specific service with multiple service providers to choose from allowing easy comparisons for price, quality reviews and so on to make an informed decision on what to order.

Secure payments

On-demand apps offer integrated secure payment methods linked with recognized gateways allowing the user to pay safely through bank account, credit card or app based credit points whichever convenient.

Easier loyalty programmes

On-demand apps are designed to engage the user with loyalty points, cashback points, coupons and rewards ensuring repeated usage of app and creation of a loyal following for the service providers.

Easier tracking and quicker service delivery

Most on-demand apps come with location tracking features allowing the user to keep a tab on the status of the service ordered in real-time, enhancing the user experience manifolds.

On the other hand, the service provider can quickly locate the consumer thus reducing delivery times.

In a nutshell

Studies indicate that more than forty percent of the adult population in the USA have accessed the services of at least one on-demand startup. At the same time, more than twenty percent in the USA have advertised or offered at least one on-demand service. It is evident that on-demand applications are significant contributors to the new age economy. Mobile app development companies recognize these trends to offer on-demand app development models with practical approaches to ensure that these apps are cost effective and offer faster value realizations and ROIs.

  • Customizations to suit the service being offered
  • Robust enough to handle a large volume of transactions
  • Flexible and scalable to add stakeholders to the ecosystem

Uberization of everything is a reality

Amazon just launched an on-demand delivery app called Amazon Prime Now and there are some interesting ones already with of course Uber and Airbnb leading the pack. TaskRabbit to perform domestic tasks, UrbanMassage for spa treatment at home, JustEat to order food, ZipJet for laundry servicing or HouseKeep offering cleaning services are just some of the on-demand apps that disrupt the way services are availed.

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