New features and technology evolutions in the mobile apps world for 2016

Published on Feb 25, 2016 in App Development
New features and technology evolutions in the mobile apps world for 2016

Who wouldn't love to see technology advancing in every aspect? Who wouldn't like to see something new in their devices they carry along wherever they go? 2016 has been a tremendous start in the technological world where new devices, wearables, software have been launched. On the other hand, we have some brand new features and innovative technologies to look on to. That's why Reliant Tekk has kept track of everything said about it and they explain it all to us here.

Not being biased towards any specific technology, this blog is intended to show you all that has changed in the year 2016. You should know how the software on your gadget has evolved and how it is going to help you in the near future. It is intended to change your digital life from bitter to better.


Yes! This is what we have our eyes on, every year! Even if you don't own an iPhone, we bet you are curious to know what has changed in this OS. No bells and whistles have been added but yes, it is surely improving digital lives to the core. 2015 was the year in which iWatch was launched along with a major software update, the next iteration and that is iOS 9. Not just users have been benefited from this update, but even iPhone application developers. They can now do a lot with their apps and make them much more useful. Advancing to 2016, iOS 9.3 has been released to beta testers already. iPhone application development world has evolved much with many technologies to ease users and developers both.

All that you need to know about iOS 9.3

3D Touch iOS
  • Performance enhancements: Earlier, iPhone 6s, 5 and iPad Air were experiencing some bugs, one of which was the 3D Touch. It was even noted that there was a lag in the control center on iPhone 5. Apart from this, the iPad has got some major bug fixes and animation rendering.
  • Battery percentage in iPhone 6s: Apple says that if "you change the time on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus manually or change time zones when traveling, you might notice that the battery percentage doesn't update." Users are hoping to get this fixed as soon as possible with 9.3. Though there's a manual fix to it, Apple is working on it to fix it soon.
  • Night_shift_Mode_iOS
  • Night Shift Mode: This is the coolest feature that arrives with iOS 9.3. It is inspired from an app called F.lux, that's already on the App store. Thankfully, Apple is now thinking of users' eyesight. The company says that exposure to bright blue light by staying glued to our phones all day can possibly harm our sleep cycles. So this is why it introduced this Night Shift feature. It can intelligently detect your time and geolocation in a way that the Night Shift mode is activated before sunrise and after sunset and colors of display are switched to more warmer tones that soothe the eyes. This will allow you to fall asleep naturally while still staying glued to your phone. In the morning, these settings are turned back to normal.
  • Downgrading an upgrade is limited: Remember that if you decide to download 9.3 beta, you won't be able to downgrade to anything other than 9.2.1. But if you're going to 9.3 from 9.2.1 directly, then there's no problem in downgrading to Apple's milestone upgrade.

Apart from the above listed changes, there is a lot to be expected from iOS 9.3. And oh yes, there's an iPhone 7 coming soon too!


Android is the coolest OS that can be afforded by all users. It's completely customizable. Well this is in the buzz too. What's special is that it alphabetically names its versions. And this time it's Marshmallow. Although all high end devices haven't received this update yet, this is believed to be by far the most loved major update.

Android Pay
  • Android Pay: Just like Apple Pay, Android Pay allows users to securely store their credit/debit card details on their smartphones, and then wirelessly pay for goods and services with a tap. For enhanced security, Android Pay uses a virtual account number instead of your own. And plus your purchase history is stored too. So, what if you lose your phone? Don't worry! Android device manager makes it easy to remotely lock your phone and wipe all data in the event of loss or theft. That's like a smart Android!
  • App permission by users: Yes! Finally you can set what permissions an app can have. You no longer have to accept all permissions to run an app. And even if it's installed, you can alter the permissions too. This one is killer!
  • Personalized lock screen message: Having a stable, fast OS is cool and great, but Google hasn't left a stone unturned to give its software a smarter personality. Now on Marshmallow, a new textbox under the lock screen time gives you an option to personalize your phone. This is a perfect place for motivational quotes, important reminders, name tags and much more.
  • Fingerprint scanners for all: Fingerprint scanners (or Touch ID, if you're an iPhone user) have been on Android phones for a while now. With Marshmallow, this feature is used properly. Not just for unlocking your phone, but now you can use this with third party apps. How? Well the best example would be shopping apps or the ones that require a transaction to be done. This is for higher security and easy authentication. Looks like Google is looking after security with this update, hmm!

Apart from these features, Android developers are going to experience fresh development and secure Android app development services. This time security is not going to be compromised. Android app development will be a lot different now. Users will finally get a new taste in apps. Good news - Android Marshmallow is coming to wearable too! Get your devices ready!

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