Movie and Entertainment Ticket Booking App: Top Features and Development Cost

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Published on Mar 27, 2019 in App Development
Movie and Entertainment Ticket Booking App: Top Features and Development Cost

Entertainment is the new essential. With IT enforcement in media and entertainment, the sector now expanding its participation in various untapped dimensions.

Why Are Ticket Booking Mobile Apps So Popular?

The rigorous lifestyle people lead today do not even let them think about going to a place and stand in queues and wait for several minutes or hours to get a movie ticket. It is not just about facing the hassle of physically going away to a location to get the tickets or passes for events in advance, today's human is looking solutions for their day-to-day requirement away of a tab. They want information available for what they need in every swipe. The ticket booking app that is coming out in full swing allowing them to choose their taste and place and make an order for any amount of tickets with the option of digital payment. The mobile application providing ticket booking is available as a real-time solution to their crunch for refreshment they need now and then.

So much is the popularity of Online Ticket Booking Apps that a financial report shows that popular event ticket brand “Book My Show” attained 30 million+ downloads and attains 3 billion+ page views each month, with 10 million+ ticket bookings each month.

Not just BookMyShow, there are also other top-ticket booking mobile apps like StubHub, SeatGeek and Ticketmaster are just enhancing user experience day by day. Right from getting tickets for a movie to concerts, sports to theater tickets, etc. are available to buy and satisfy your appetite for entertainment with the mobile applications.

No wonder with the success of these applications, many businesses are planning to enter in media and entertainment arena with ticket booking apps. In following blog post, we discuss in detail the key features of ticket bookings apps and cost estimation which will be handy to you when to contact an application development company to get an app developed.

Here is a list of Top services Ticket booking apps offered:

  • Booking of Movie Tickets
  • Booking of concerts/ music festivals
  • Booking of Sports/Events
  • Entry Passes for Likewise Events

List of Essentials You Should Decide Before Picking UP Features for the Application

A user journey within an app can makes or break the success of the application. Therefore, you must consider user-flow for every online service provided beforehand to start app development. Here are a few key points you must brainstorm around. It helps you select the right features and enable you to develop an intuitive app that enhances overall user experience.

  1. Easy booking of movie tickets, events, concerts, and sports
  2. Easy search by venue, city or event
  3. Option to choose from single screen theatre to multiplexes
  4. Facility to go through movie reviews, trailers and theatre list

Essentially, these applications have two types of users. First, a panel for a consumer. Second, a panel for business/admin. The back-end is yet another crucial component of ticket booking applications. Therefore, we can categories app features in two primary heads, like

Features of User Panel

1. Registration and Log-in

Using basic details such as name, email, phone number and password, a user can register themselves on the app. Using the credentials, a user can log-in within the app. A mechanism should also be included here that would allow users to register/sign-in with social accounts like Facebook, Google+, etc.

2. Location

Access to the user's current location allows business to provide optimized and optimum services. A user must be asked to share his/her location. It has to be selected manually or collected from GPS. Later share location allows users to unlock the application's features.

3. Home

Home screen showcases services in different categories such as movies, musical events, sports, events and so on. Tapping on the preferred category bring a user to the detailed screen of the selected category. The home screen may also have features like offers, discounts, details, setting, notifications, language change, location, etc.

4. Show Listings

In this screen, you can optimally showcase a list of shows right from show category to show name, venue & location, offers, ratings, as well as booking charges. Users should be given with the ability to search something they are looking perhaps with a type-ahead style search box.

5. Show Detail

Right after selecting a desired movie or event, the user gets directed to further details such as event/show description like name, images, and duration and later with data like different venues with date & time, customer satisfaction ratings and reviews, and more information.

6. Show Booking

Provide Book Ticket icon as a feature that re-direct users to a particular cinema, show list, show timings, graphical representation of seat arrangements to select the desired number of seat easily and then book.

7. Booking Screen

Here the users can view the order summary, which may consist of: Show Name & Image, Date & Time, Venue Name, Ticket Price, Seat Number, Total Price, View & confirm Email ID/Phone Number.

On this screen, a user will be to view and edit the order summary. Here users get status of the order in detail like Show Name & Image, Venue, Date & Time, Seat Number, Ticket Price, Discounts or offers applied, Total booking price and confirmation for email ID and phone number.

8. Payment Options

Through this feature, users can make payments seamlessly through a number of channels. The trendy mode of payment these days are through credit and debit cards, PayPal and other third-party apps. The ease of payment adds usability to the app to a significant extent.

9. Split of Tickets

To improve the overall user experience, Split Tickets is another interesting experience. The feature allows users to book tickets for friends or says a group, and then split ticket as well as its cost with friends/group digitally. At the entry time, one can easily enter the premise through his/her split ticket available in their account/app by going through just bar-code scanning.

10. Reviews and Rating

Rating and Reviews influence the new user's actions. You must provide this feature to your app so that they can share their feedback.

Top Features of Admin Panel:

Data Control: With the help of a Dashboard, an admin can look and control over all the data that is taking place within the application. Be it user list, active users, add new users or may edit/remove users. This panel also comprises all the details and number of listed cinemas, movies, total booking, total earning, and so much more. From this place, an admin can also manage shows and venues.

Add/Block Feature: Just like the option to manage user profiles, and choose to add/delete/edit users. Add/Block Feature allows admin to manage offers provided. He/she can add/delete/block/edit features such as a promo code, coupons, etc.

Usage Analytics:

This feature allows admin to look over the real-time actions of the user's search journeys. The rich usage analytics help admin in the following way:

  1. Understand user behavior that gives admin context to improve the user adoption
  2. Observe content requirements if gaps available
  3. Keep an eye on best content and optimize the relevance of search results for more capabilities

It helps admin collect, analyze, present and visualize data for increase user engagement, product life-cycle, and more.

Other Trending Technology Powered Features

Advance Features: Geolocation, Data Sync, Booking Calendar, Push Notification, In-App Camera

External Features: OTP Reading, In-app calling or messaging, Secure data travel, Connect to third-party API

App Interaction: Universal Linking, Social Sharing, Messaging/chat,

Factors Influence The Overall Cost of App Development for Ticket Booking

Application development cost varies from platform to platform. iOS and Android are the leading app development platform. Still, android app development cost more than iOS, as an app needs to be tested against many devices.

App Design: The level of UI and UX also influence the cost of developing an application. An excellent UI and UX yields many tangible benefits for the app in the long run.

Developers: Developer's geographic location and the level of expertise and experience also adds to development cost.

Mobile Wallet: Online ticket booking means, online payment processing and transfers, meaning integration of a number of payment methods/getaways. Coupon codes, loyalty points, wallet limit and PoS (Point of Sale) are other significant payment media apart from credit/debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and alike and bank account. Integrating payment modes and methods are yet other factors that influence the cost of app development.

Wrapping Up:

The online ticket booking application should be next-gen means it must comes with the better features and functionalities while simplifying ease of booking and user experience that other available apps are not addressing. If you decide all the factors carefully, your app will help you get a high ROI and enable you to build a brand.

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