Most Promising Sectors In the App Development Industry

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Nov 22, 2018 in App Development
Most Promising Sectors In the App Development Industry

With the kind of revolutions witnessed in the world of tech, it has become quite evident that internet is the best and easiest place to build a presence in the world of web. With time, the trends have developed and there are several ways to build a brand value and communicate your services and value to your customers. Considering how any business is conducted in parallel to the growth of mobile applications, and in order to understand further growth in this sector, it is important to anticipate the future.

As per the records analyzed from various analytics, it is estimated that mobile applications could be worth USD 189 billion alone in revenue at app stores and advertisement space. As of 2017, Google Play Store alone consisted of 2.8 million applications and another 2.2 million applications in Apple's App Store. If a mobile app development company wants to stay relevant in the race and be equipped enough to stay in the business, it is really important to proceed in the correct path of evolution.

This article will tell you about the most promising sectors in the application development space and the latest trends that must be taken into consideration by the top software development company.

  1. IoT
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. AI & Machine Learning
  4. Wearables
  5. AR/VR
  6. Secure Payments
  7. Multiplayer Gaming

Let’s go a bit technical and discuss these trends in detail.

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1. IoT

It was reported that over 3.9 billion devices were connected worldwide in 2016 alone. Any organization that understands the full value of IoT also understands the importance of infrastructure needed in order to embrace the open standards thereby ensuring the interoperability and connectivity of the various IoT devices in your network. It is also possible to incorporate a blockchain based decentralized workflows for an instantaneous and trusted exchange of value that can interconnect across incompatible ERP systems, supply chains and multiple organizations that allows for instantaneous and trust exchange of value. This is one particular reason why IoT shall dominate the e-commerce sector as well.

2. Cloud Computing

In today's date, if your mobile or web application isn't utilizing the advantages of cloud, it does not qualify as a real application. Cloud applications are the reason why standards like Netflix and Instagram exist. Besides this, the presence of AWS has made the incorporation of cloud features and flexible scaling very easy and risks free for any business owner to execute a model. This, in turn, has given rise to a new breed of knowledge that revolves around data consolidation and the more skillful any organization can be in that sector the more opportunities and services they shall be able to deliver. Keeping in mind the rising advent of VR/AR, Cloud is a must-have skill set if it comes to dominating sectors of the industry.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

While voice assistants and voice recognition software could be evident enough to indicate the fact that the focus revolves around artificial intelligence; integrated use of cloud and IoT are also nothing but powerful components that contribute to the accuracy and pace of AI development. Data is the key and efficient handling, recording, and maintenance along with ownership. The first phases of its applications will be rightfully seen in smart homes and other appliances. Technology companies will, however, have to tread carefully because tech holds like Android and iOS will be looking to develop entire AI systems which shall be able to carry out the majority of your operations related to the phone.

4. Wearable Devices

Besides smartglasses and any VR/AR accessories, wearable devices like smartwatches are destined to make a heavy impact in the immediate days of tech to come. Firstly, it is being optimized to bring a complete change in the user experience of mobile practice as it might eliminate the need to look at your screen. As already stated, the advancements made in voice assistants, and as first steps towards AI, are already a commercial standard of practice. Integrated with the product specialty of the smartwatch, or let's say a Google Glass, it could go forward to make ML a must have for any technology company while other services and functionalities might get redundant.

5. AR/VR

While the entertainment industry always remains at the cliff of all categories, the tech sector for sure knows the affinity of new experiences amongst the public. Factors like Pokémon Go are a vivid example of this and with some great VR features aligned in the base camp of Apple and Google, the stage is set for AR creators to set forward with their own creative projects. This isn't however related to the entertainment industry, but AR is also capable of bringing a lot of innovations in a product level for various industry sectors. Several decor and interior decorators are already preferring its methods to find the best way to exhibit their portfolios.

6. Smooth and Secure Payments

Online payments have helped establish new standards of convenience and safety when it comes to handling transactions and has gone forward to help banking sectors. With better biometrics, the safety is taken to a new level and now all you need while conducting a transaction is your consent and existence. Apple has gone forward to claim that its AI system can ensure a successful transaction while in text conversations. This suffices to say the kind of impact it shall be had in the entire e-commerce sector industry. Its implementation will come quickly as it is fairly simple to implement and demands an implementation considering the kind of problems it is capable of solving.

7. Massive Multiplayer Engagements for Game Apps

It is intriguing to notice how PUBG is capable of involving 100 players into a single event of gaming which in turn has encompassed a massive community. Whatever could be the artist behind the design of the game, the smooth performance is only possible because of the kind of advancements that have been achieved in the backend. With this in mind, it is evident that the gaming industry has evolved from the poor financial models that existed. In today's date, it is totally possible to incorporate new varieties of gameplay within your product which can help you retain your user base for as long as the ideas keep flowing.


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