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by AppFutura on Mar 18, 2016 / App Development
Ready4S - Greg Przemyslaw

Greg Przemyslaw, Mobile Application Consultant at Ready4S, is our second interviewee of our mobile app development video interview series. Check what Greg had to say about Ready4S and the mobile app development. He also mentioned what's next in mobile and also explained more about Ready4S latests mobile apps.

Ready4S is a poland top app development company with units in UK and Ukraine. Ready4S has 43 employees and they have planned to grow this year.

The mobile app development company acts as a technological partner for startups. Their focus is to help companies with business plan analysis and monetization strategy among other things.

Ready4S has 12 Android developers and 14 iOS developers. They have developed mobile apps for education, health and sport companies. The top app development company also specializes in e-commerce and social apps.

Their regular type of project takes about two months to be developed and usually costs from 20K to 40K USD. One of their best apps is BookApart, a mobile app for booking apartments and rooms. It's the competition of

Greg thinks it is very difficult for most companies (startups specially) to have an experienced IT team within the company. So, to achieve high quality products the best way is outsourcing the mobile app development.

Ready4S believes in wearables as the next big thing. They actually have a project right now that will go live in June 2016.

Watch the interview to know all the details about Ready4S’s app development company and the mobile app development world. If you want to share your thought about native or hybrid apps or any other mobile app development topic related, post in our forum.

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