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Published on Apr 12, 2016 in App Development
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Helen Reunova, Director of International Relations and Business Development at Pantheon Pro GmbH, is our latest interviewee of our top app development companies video interview series. Check what Helen had to say about Pantheon Pro GmbH and mobile app development. We asked her about Virtual Reality, 3D and Augmented Reality.

Pantheon Pro GmbH is a Munich based top app development company and it is specialized in native mobile app development (iOS and Android). Pantheon Pro GmbH has a development team in Russia and Estonia. They also have representative offices in London.

The are flexible in terms of industry with a proved mobile app development expertise. Pantheon's app developers are highly skilled capable of developint the best mobile product for the client's business needs. Pantheon Pro GmbH employs 50 developers.

Native app development is the best choice for the German company, and they can create and develop 3D, Augmented Reality apps for different industrial purposes: oil, gas, electricity, air traffic management...

The best apps Pantheon has developed are native and focused on 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. For that, they use diffferent VR headsets to improve the operational technology. This technology is the next big thing, but as Helen says, it is already on going and it can be used for very different purposes (they are endless): 3D modeling, marketing, retail or ecommerce.

For our mobile app projects, outsourcing to Pantheon Pro GmbH is choosing the right development partner, they shape the idea into successful mobile projects. Their projects are custom based with a price of 30€ per man hour rate for basic development.

Watch the interview to know all the details about Pantheon Pro company and the mobile app development world. If you want to share your thought about mobile apps or any other mobile app development topic related, post in our forum.

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