Mobile app development tips for dummies from an app entrepreneur

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Aug 01, 2017 in App Development
Mobile app development tips for dummies from an app entrepreneur

For all mobile app development beginners! Look into these points to take your app to the best of its shape and value without risking your project.

Mobile app development these days is expanding across all lengths and breadths. And looking at the competition around, it is important to get an app developed for your business/brand to be able to sustain and grow in the prevailing market scenario. But that requires a thorough knowledge of what is happening around in the domain and how to go about it to grab the best value out of it.

Talking about app development, when you have an app idea but don’t have skills to develop it yourself, you need to hire experts to help you with app development. While screening and opting out the mobile app development company, go for the one who suits all your perspectives of app development and allows you to have the most of the benefits from your endeavor. Here’s how you can do it putting up with best approach and ideas to keep your purpose served.

Starting with the base idea

If you need help with reaching the right app idea or strengthening and converting your thoughts into a valid concept, you can go with mobile app consulting before you choose to go with your plan of development. For this you can take help from the post-sales business unit of a mobile app development agency like Konstant Infosolutions and aim at finding a confident solution with a foolproof plan. Alternatively, you can also connect with a mobile app development company that can help you select, sift and indorse different resources and features and put them together in the development funnel to authenticate and accentuate them into assured inputs as skimmed and scanned app development idea to depend on.

Approaching the solution

If you don’t know how to approach a solution, there are app professionals to extensively help you out with it – allowing you to have a specific mobile solution covering your end-to-end needs. This would cover everything from idea generation and screening, project planning, resource implementation, establishing processes, selecting approach and practices, planning value proposition, design, and development, integration and deployment to support and maintenance.

Choosing the service type

With this level and extent of service, you can expect everything coming your way in a full-service capacity – meeting all your needs with comprehensive service facility allowing you to have the best fitting mobile app solution. You can also go with another option that requires you to go with different experts from different mobile app development firms, in case you are not getting the right partner to serve you inclusively. Also, this is much beneficial in case you have better development options available separately and that assures you quality in your budget.

Getting the right partner on-board

It is better if you interview mobile app development agencies and shortlist them on the basis of credibility, experience and expertise. You can assign them marks on different parameters like vastness and the range of portfolio they own, the testimonials they have received from clients and of course their process and communication approach that tell a great deal about how skilled they are at applying real-world practices and guarantee you a flawless solution followed by expert support.

Seeking the right app interface

The UI and UX of your app are everything you need to connect well with your users. These two components of the front-end development decide how effectively you would be able to communicate with your audiences. While you get your app designed interact with the designing expert and help them interpret your idea into intriguing and expressive layouts. Help them select the theme and put up with visually appealing design elements and attributes that would impress your users. Take out time to validate those designs with the person in charge of the application product you have in your mind. Go screen-by-screen and approve the design. Only when you find it fully meeting your interfacing needs and appear to fulfill all the presentation and function oriented needs, you should give it a go.

Getting your app developed

To be able to get the best results from your mobile app development company you need to focus on your priorities and sort them as per the order of arrival and importance. To accomplish this resourcefully you need to prepare a checklist that allows you to effectively plan, track and execute tasks. This should be all-aligned with smooth process of communication and reporting that should keep all the involved members in a close-knitted loop to make the procedure of development spill-proof. Also, while getting your mobile app developed you need to keep thinking about possibilities and exploring various traits to come up with better ideas to assure yourself an optimum approach towards getting the finest transformation of your idea into the product.

User Acceptance Testing

Once you have your app developed its time for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before you launch it to be used by your audiences. This is a real crucial phase that will decide how far your app goes on to prove successful as everything pertaining to quality and soundness would be tested here. In the process of UAT, you should be personally testing the app at all levels and monitor all the performance facets and roles it has to offer. Check it from all perspectives of a solution and make sure all deviations and glitches appearing are fixed and you have a flawless product that is all in shape to serve your users.

App Store Optimization

Well, just when you are all prepared to launch your app the first thing that comes to mind is App Store Optimization (ASO). And if your goal is to fetch the most out of your page on an app store, you should be better feeding it with the relevant keywords that define your app and its services. And this is because 65% of app traffic comes through keywords. To ensure you are doing it right you can refer to the trending blogs on keyword research and use different tools to do it effectively and resourcefully. In case you find it difficult to do it yourself you should take help of an mobile App Store Optimization expert. Make sure it is approached and executed well as the success of your app highly depends on ASO.

Wrapping up

No matter how uninformed or strange you are with mobile app development trends and dynamics, this piece puts along all the tips related to having the right approaches, choices and practices of app development from conceptualizing to App Store Optimization – to allow you to have a perfect final product that connects with your user base and serves their needs well. Taking up these ways you can opt to go with the right solution that meets all your needs and preferences and serves your users most resourcefully and effectively. All you need to make your mobile app strategy more advantageous for you is approaching users referring to your mold of needs and making them serve you specifically addressing your business needs.

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