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Published on Jan 07, 2016 in App Development

Matthias Eiletz is Head of Sales at Trademob. Trademob provides a wide range of advertising solutions for app developers, to help them reach their performance goals.

The user acquisition services are able to bring large numbers of new users into the app, while the retargeting service makes use of their own DSP technology to reactivate dormant users within an app, and convert them into active users. Here’s what he had to say about his company and the services they offer:

What is Trademob?

Trademob was founded in 2010 in Berlin, Germany and serves a large number of international clients. We are a leading international platform for programmatic mobile app advertising, helping advertisers and agencies to reach their performance and branding goals while maximizing their ROI.

Our proprietary advertising technology is coupled with an extensive network of several hundred international mobile partners, reaching over 1 billion users worldwide. We are a data-driven company and specialize in connecting advertisers with the right target group in the right environment at any point in the app’s lifecycle, from user acquisition through to retention and retargeting using real-time bidding technologies and our own DSP.

Why do you think AppFutura developers can be interested in your services?

Developing an app is hard work. What makes it worth the effort is when the app is full of users and is monetizing. However, not many apps are able to reach this point on their own - that’s where we come in. The first step is user acquisition, in which we fill your app with quality, engaged users who bring your app to life. The second step is retargeting. After a certain length of time, apps experience a fall in activity as users tend to forget about their apps. Our retargeting technology can target users with specialized messages, to re-engage them and convert them to active users within the app.

What service is the most popular right now?

Our user acquisition services are always popular. Our smartBoost tool can bring huge numbers of users into the app in a short period of time, while our banner advertising services offer high quality traffic and great CTRs for our clients.

What kind of developer service do you think will be the next big thing?

Mobile as a platform for branding campaigns is becoming more and more important. While many smaller app developers may be more interested in performance campaigns, branding campaigns, also called audience targeting campaigns, have the power to much more closely target specific user groups who might be interested in the app. We suggest developers keep an eye out for audience targeting opportunities in order to more effectively reach their target audience.

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