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Published on Nov 02, 2015 in App Development

After a few months, we got back in touch with Muthukumar Prakasam, CEO of Rhytha, to see how things are going for him and his company.

Your last interview was published on 2014. What great apps have you been working on since then and what are your biggest plans for next year?

For the last year, we have been working on 2 new projects.


A game which uses turn-based play with leader board with an interesting game logic mimicking sub-atomic chain reaction. We hope that once it hits the iTunes in this quarter, the users will welcome it.


For the Indian Android Market, we have built APARTO, a social app for the apartment dwellers with facility management features. APARTO helps people living in apartments to interact with each other, schedule events, complain about common facilities and security.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app do you think is Rhytha’s specialty?

We are focused on B2B market where our clients and customers can extend their existing services to the newer mobility devices for their existing and future users. Since we have strong API development skills as well, we can facilitate a good solution covering the middle tier, Android native and iOS native application development with AWS cloud management services.

Do you prefer to work with native language, hybrid or web?

We can work in all three, though from our experience native is easier to manage and provides a stable release management.

Which app has been the biggest challenge for Rhytha?

The Quantum iPhone game development was a good challenge, We used Apple’s Game Kit for playing match using Real-time game center API, turn-based game center API, leaderboards and Achievements. We have also implemented high quality background music and other sounds.

Last time we spoke, you said “Google nexus provides the best android experience”. A lot has happened since then. What would you answer now?

The wearable market and the BLE devices are getting more mainstream with many buzz floating in the markets. Apple watch looks promising, but for now is more of a novelty image than a practical one.

Besides smartphones, what mobile device do you think is worth having first?

iPad or Google Nexus. The ease of use and mobility of these devices are very good and so are their productivity apps.

What do you think mobile devices will be able to do in the future that they don’t do now?

I think smartphones especially Tablets will become more powerful and might start to eat the Laptop market(non-IT work related). iPad and Tabs have already started replacing the laptops in the high end housewife market, where the need is browsing, media, mails etc.

What smartphone feature could you not live without?

I think camera has become ubiquitous, and so are the many communication channels like LINE, whatsapp etc, it's going to be hard to go back on these features since these are some of the “smart” features, that makes a smartphone really smart.

Is Rhytha adapting to the new technologies and devices coming along?

No not yet, we are closely watching the Apple watch and the android wearable market, but the sales are low and there are no traction yet from existing providers on how to utilize these products to their existing products or services. So we are waiting and watching on this as of now.

What advice would you give to anyone with an app idea who didn’t know how to get started?

I think the significant point is experience in this market. With so many apps being released every month, I think only 1% scratch the surface of a 1 million downloads, and achieving this task is getting harder and harder. Only an experienced provider who has a track record of any success will put the app idea in safe hands.

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