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Published on Aug 03, 2015 in App Development

Over a year ago, we got to know people at Provectus a little bit better and they told us about their mobile app development skills and experience. We recently followed up with their General Manager Mobile, Artem Petrov, to see how things were evolving. Here's what Artem told AppFutura:

Your last interview was published at the beginning on May 8, 2014. What great apps have you been working on since then and what are your biggest plans for the upcoming months?

It's been a long time since! We've taken on a few massive projects, both design, and development-wise. Developing an app for booking everything in Las Vegas, goes live soon; done a tuxedo-fitting project for the world-renowned Men's Wearhouse, also now finalizing a publishing-related project for enterprise use. Oh, it's been a busy time, and the busiest is yet to come! As for the plans: we're planning developing an own software product to make the life so much easier for our customers, but that's pretty much all I can share at the moment.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app you think is Provectus' specialty? Give us some examples.

One of the most vivid sectors for us would be on-demand apps, including a number of niches like booking of all kinds, and professional services on request (nursing, taxi, beauty, handymen). We boast an expertise in on-demand apps, and consider shared economy a thing to shape the future.

Which app has been the biggest challenge for Provectus? Tell us a little bit about it, what problems you had to face and how were they solved.

Any work we did for startups is very exciting for us, and challenging, too. Mainly because we feel the immense responsibility before the owners that have trusted us what’s the fruit of their hard work. Not only it’s very challenging, but also very motivating and disciplining. It’s just too much on stake for you to not do your very best. Throughout the years we’ve gained significant expertise in growing promising startup businesses all the way to A and B rounds with top-notch software development.

Last time we spoke, you said the iPhone 5S was the best devices in the market. Is iPhone 6 taken its place or is there any other divide you think has overcome to Apple giant?

Well, yes, it has, indeed. However the foremost reason for that is the absence of a real rival to the iPhone, not so much its own innovativeness. For businesses and brands in the US, the iPhone still remains the top priority, and we fairly follow that trend. The only device on the market, capable of drawing as much attention is, probably, the Apple Watch. It amplifies the iPhone; their synergy creates an even more complete mobile experience.

What do you think has been or will be the biggest smartphone release in 2015 and why?

The strongest is definitely yet to come. What I really want it to do – is to get into some serious rivalry with the iPhone’s market monopoly. Let’s finally see a device to really challenge Apple at the top.

Besides smartphones, what mobile device do you think is worth having first?

Probably, something wearable. What I’d recommend is to be patient and wait for the technologies to mature. The real-life cases are still not that many, and modern smartphones and tablets pretty much have us covered for the everyday needs. No real necessity of any more mobile devices in our pockets, I think, for now.

What do you think mobile devices will be able to do in the future that they don’t do now?

There will come a time where no more sensors are needed to improve the performance of any particular technology. The challenge will shift to the methods of storing, processing and analyzing the huge amounts of data obtained. What I mean is that the future is not devices, but data. In fact, that time is upon us already: the smartphones have grown so smart that they no longer need any more sensors put into the box.

What smartphone feature could you not live without?

Email that is. I send 70% of all my emails directly from my smartphone, cannot imagine it being otherwise.

Is Provectus adapting to the new technologies and devices coming along? Give us some details on how or comment any ongoing or finished projects.

Due to the specificity of our business, every new project requires us to dive in a new technology. We don’t have to carry the ‘burden’ of old legacy tech. Of course, that keeps us on the cutting edge as far as the technological advances go. We catch on. Businesses usually take some time to adapt to upcoming tech, especially if it’s very disruptive, and that’s natural. Right now we’re working with a bunch of the newest front-end frameworks.

What advice would you give to anyone with an app idea who didn’t know how to get started?

It’s not so much about ideas now, it’s about getting work done. Building the business processes behind the product or service, but most of all - the team. Your team is your everything. My advice is: be careful when choosing partners and trust them once you’ve chosen them. They have to be as eager as you in creating something great. And best of luck!

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Update on June, 2018: As of June 2016, Provectus was rebranded and became Reinvently.

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