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Published on Apr 01, 2015 in App Development

Kapil Kumar is CEO at Nine Hertz. The company, founded in 2011 by Narendra Singh and Hemendra Singh, is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and employs up to 50 people. Here's what Kapil had to say about his company and the mobile world:

What do you do?

Like many others we put forth our first step into this domain as the website development service providers. Fortunately, soon we were partnered with new team members who were exploring the opportunities that were created due to the tug of war between two industry giants Apple and Google. We started with very basic native utility mobile Apps for iPhone and Android and gradually raised our services for the Application development of various Social Networking and Business Apps serving various niche markets.

During the course we worked up almost all the technological advancements that these giants did for producing the best out of the mobile App services over the time. We worked upon complex Animations, Device Database (SQLite), Payment gateways, GPS and Google Maps, Push Notifications, NFC, Barcode Scanners (Zbar, Zxing), OCR, REST APIs and various other core features of mobile App development.

We are starving to explore anything new that these giants might introduce in near future or our clients might want to utilize into their App solutions.

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why?

Over the past 2 years we got requests from various clients for building Apps for their businesses or the ideas they were having which were not yet explored. We worked upon Apps that served as a one stop platform for Chefs all over the world , allowing them to share the recipes they were specialized in , following chefs from all over the world , learning new recipes from other chefs using the App and everything one chef might want to share and another wants to learn.

Another was a business Application for a reputed US firm providing T-shirts for various businesses like Rock bands, Corporates, Events Organizers etc. Client had a web version and were selling more than 1 million T-shirts each month. For increasing their sales they wanted a mobile version which would be a counterpart of their web version.

Next was an idea , Alaska is well known for their Flora and Fauna, client wanted to have an Application that will be utilized specially by tourists visiting Alaska for spotting wildlife. App was a excellent amalgamation of very famous Apps Trulia and Yelp. Users spotting wildlife can post pictures and app would keep that into its database and later on use it for determining what are the possibilities for exploring any particular wildlife in Alaska region so that tourists can quickly use the App and look for their interests.

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

Pocket: First of all, it is about the concept i.e. offline reading of an article with an additional option to listen to text in different ascents. Then comes the syncing of request to save an article from web to application & vice-versa.

MusicxMatch: An award winning application for a very old concept of Karaoke which is being developed for music passionate to sing along with listening. Point of attention is it's algorithm of syncing with song as it moves on.

IF by IFTTT: Simply awesome concept to Fire an action based on different 'IF' conditions. Connections between different APIs and using Native features and animation makes the application stand out and vast portal.

Which are the 5 apps you use the most on a daily basis?

Lists would include WhatsApp , Instagram , Flipboard , Pulse , Google keep

Which mobile device is the best in the market right now?

Each year Apple introduces a new version of iPhone and iPads , with each new advanced version they provide many new features that are making day to day like more easy and entertaining. We will consider iPhone6 as the best device for now. Android operating system is also utilized by many vendors all over the world, we will also consider Samsung galaxy S5 as the best Android mobile device.

What kind of device/platform will be the next big thing?

Undoubtedly, iPhone and Android will continue dominating the market.

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