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Published on Jan 22, 2015 in App Development

Jeremiah Jacks is CEO at Digital Brand Group. The company, founded in 2006 by himself, has offices in California and India and employs over 60 people. Jeremiah has been developing applications for business and entrepeneurs since he was 9 years old, so he has really been in the professional development services industry all his life. His background includes architecture and development of desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications ever since 2008. Here's what he had to say about his company and the mobile world:

What do you do?

DBG architects, designs, and develops custom Web and mobile applications for some of the world’s leading brands and innovative technology startups. With a cross-industry focus, our team has a similarly diverse expertise when it comes to development strategy and the selection of technology toolsets. As one of the worlds first to introduce a digital business development methodology made specifically for innovation-minded brand owners, we design and execute digital strategy that digs deep into the mindset of how consumers interact with brands through digital-based experiences, mobile being a leading platform these days.

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why?

We’ve had the privilege and pleasure of developing a lot of awesome apps over the years! Here are a few…

Doc Halo is the leading HIPAA-secure mHealth text messaging application platform used by thousands of physicians and medical staff across the United States.

Cinepop is an application we launched in 2014 for iOS and Android that provides a platform for movie theatres to connect directly with moviegoers and send them flash deals and discounts on movie tickets, events, concessions, and more.

Perfectly Clear is an award-winning mobile application that “allows you to perfect your images, effortlessly” – Huffington Post

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

That “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” game created by Glu Mobile would have been awesome to develop. At DBG, we are always on the lookout for the next best thing – new and innovative companies. Our team is fueled with a passion for pushing the limits of user experience and technology innovation. We love working on projects that look to scale and leverage big data. In some cases, we even partner with clients on their venture.

Which are the 5 apps you use the most on a daily basis?

Well, this may sound a bit odd coming from someone in 2015 who’s been developing mobile apps for a living for over 6 years, but I use a BlackBerry on a daily basis for most of my mobile activities. At the moment, I also carry around an iPhone 6+, but I currently prefer to use my BlackBerry since most of the stuff I do on my mobile device is e-mail based and typing e-mails on BlackBerry is much easier for me. On my BlackBerry, the main apps I use are Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Maps. There really aren’t too many good apps for BlackBerry. However, one DBG client has an app called Yo, which became one of the most viral apps of all time, and we are developing the BlackBerry version right now. So, Yo may be added to my list of most used apps on a daily basis soon. ?

Which mobile device is the best in the market right now?

Well, you really just have the iOS and Android platforms leading the mobile OS game right now, so the latest iPhone would be best for iOS, and I would personally go with an HTC device for Android.

What kind of device/platform will be the next big thing?

Android is gaining, but iOS will be around for a while, so it’s hard to tell really. You can’t really predict right now either. It was barely mid-2008 (less than 7 years ago) when the App Store opened up for downloads, so the mobile revolution is really just getting started right now. I expect a lot of growth and change in consumer mindset over the next 10 years, which will dictate what stays or goes away.

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