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Published on Mar 16, 2016 in App Development
viktor intersog

After more than a year, we got back in touch with Viktor Bogdanov is Brand Journalist, Head of Online Marketing and PR at Intersog.

Your last interview was published in 2015. What great apps havs Intersog been working on since then and what are your biggest plans for next year?

During 2015 Intersog changed its focus from building any mobile apps for the major platforms such as iOS and Android to building truly meaningful solutions that make a difference in the market and help change people’s life for the better.

We got two huge IoT app development projects and significantly boosted our Big Data development and deployment expertise by completing and delivering a Big Data analytics project.

In addition, we entered the wearable app development domain where we built and successfully delivered two projects: a native iOS and Android application for a wristband to be used by racket sports professionals and enthusiasts; and a native iOS app for such smart health monitors as blood pressure monitor, wireless smart scale and wireless electrocardiogram monitor.

Also, we kept supporting and improving our two most precious custom-built projects in Healthcare: VideoMedicine (USA) and DECIDE Treatment (Norway).

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app you think is Intersog’s specialty?

That’s mobile health for sure. As mentioned above, we pioneered U.S. telehealth with our truly disruptive VideoMedicine project, the world’s first free-market telemedicine system that exceeds HIPAA data safety compliance standards and that has just gone international (China and Italy).

Also, we built a highly secure patient decision aid system for Norway’s healthcare that was presented to the Norwegian Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Care and was very well accepted by healthcare policymakers.

Do you prefer to work with native language, hybrid or web?

Whatever our clients prefer. Since Collaborative Software Team is our flagship service, we actually help our client companies build their software development teams and R&D Centers onshore or offshore and provide them with all of the resources required by their project spec.

That being said, we can supply any type of IT talent for native, hybrid or web development project. And because we’re aiming to build long-term relationships with our clients and keep them satisfied during the engagement cycle, we do make some recommendations regarding the technologies that would best fit this or that project, but it’s up to the client to make the final decision!

Which app has been the biggest challenge for Intersog?

All of our eHealth projects are quite challenging because they envision a very high level of data security and compliance with different regulatory organs such as FDA.

IoT app dev projects are quite challenging as well, because in their case, unlike traditional software development projects, we have to deal with client-client- server type of communication and overcome issues related to the lack of industry standards. You can learn more about IoT app development challenges in our blog post.

Last time we spoke, you said the iPhone was the best device in the market. A lot has happened since then. What would you answer now? Why?

I still believe that iPhone is the best smartphone ever, but the latest Samsung models are very robust in functionality and have beautiful UI, so I’d keep an eye on them!

What do you think will be the biggest smartphone release in 2016 and why?

I guess it’s iPhone 7C and Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Besides smartphones, what mobile device do you think is worth having first?

Well, wearables are getting more and more popular these days, so I think having a wearable device addressing a particular user need (e.g. daily calorie intake, weight loss, cardio) can be very useful.

What do you think mobile devices will be able to do in the future that they don’t do now?

In the future, smartphones will be used as the main interface for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We’ll be able to manage home appliances and cars remotely from anywhere on Earth with a click of a smartphone button.

Also, as deep learning is gaining traction, smartphones will be enabled for maximum personalization and will tell us how to best plan our work, schedule meetings, dates, what to eat at to stay healthy, etc. It’s a new brave world we’re about to enter!

What smartphone feature could you not live without?

Push notifications :)

Is Intersog adapting to the new technologies and devices coming along?

Yes, Intersog is heavily focused on using new technologies and building stuff for new tech. IoT, deep learning, Big Data and Cloud – we work hard on gaining projects from these niches and delivering them on time, on budget and with true value for the client or end users.

For instance, in our latest project for one of U.S. leading providers of energy management solutions, we used innovative IoT technologies to build a remote ventilation controller application.

What advice would you give to anyone with an app idea who didn’t know how to get started?

Better avoid DIY approaches and bring your project idea to a full-cycle software development provider that has expertise and can help you spec out your project, allocate resources and roles within your team and, what’s more important, will walk you through your entire app dev process and suggest on the most suitable technologies and solutions that would help you optimize costs and avoid bugs in the long run.

Most of the software dev projects fail because product owners rely too much on themselves and think that bringing in a 3rd party advisory is a waste of money. Practice shows it is not at all!

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