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Published on Feb 24, 2016 in App Development
konstant infosolutions

After a year, we got back in touch with Vipin Jain, CEO at Konstant Infosolutions. 2015 was a great year for mobile apps, and we are sure 2016 will be even better. Let’s see if things have changed for Konstant’s development company.

Do you see an increase in clients asking for wearable devices apps?

Wearables are taking an immediate step further than smartphones. The market for wearable technology is growing at an enormous rate. The clients eagerly want to develop wearable apps to get more out of this technology. Indeed, they’ve started asking for wearable device apps from last year, but in 2016, the demand is rising. Wearables and the IoTs applications are getting more popular among youth, as they’re very much excited about devices.

Will the way Konstant work change in any way in 2016? What are the main new things you are working on?

Konstant is an evolving organization; we accept new changes and challenges that come our way. We are planning on several new things, but one of our primary aims is to provide privilege to users with cost-effective products along with cross-platform solutions.

To polish our services other things which we’re going to implement from this year are:

  • Automated testing: This method is perfect and worthwhile for mobile app development. Automated testing will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of applications, and the clients will get more time to market the apps.
  • High scalability and high availability: While developing applications, our one more focus is to increase the reach of apps to its users and make it available to multiple clusters, respectively.
  • Swift 2.0: An updated version of Swift, a next great programming language with improved error handling, protocol extensions, and availability check.
  • We have some projects related to VOIP Apps, Enterprise Apps and real-time apps, our developers will work with them in 2016.
  • Node.js: We are going to use it for developing effective server-side web applications and the applications are written in JavaScript.
  • MongoDB: It is one of the most popular types of database management system which makes the integration of data in certain types of applications easier and faster.

How will you improve your app development strategy?

The apps we develop are focused on more improvements and engagements. To give an exceptional experience of an app, to improve the quality we’ll implement the following strategies in app development:

  • Unit Testing: Our chief strategy is to conduct unit testing for developers to test their developed applications and improve the quality of their apps. It’s a process of testing an app, which examines the features of app codes.
  • Reusable modules: Employ the reusable components in app development to accelerate the mobile app development for better and improved results. The reusable framework would reduce the development cost and deployment becomes easy for developers.
  • Cocoa pods: Cocoa pods have thousands of libraries, and it is helpful in managing dependencies in your code easier. We can improve the discoverability of open source libraries that can use in our projects.
  • Extreme Programming Techniques: To reduce the project risk, we can set up the XP techniques while developing the apps.
  • Agile Design Patterns: Agile development with design pattern is very crucial part of app development. Design pattern will be the strategy which does not only make it possible to document the design experience in a simple & clear format but also, we can reuse the same experiences many times for different applications.

What’s the newest technology you have started using for app development? How has it changed your work?

Applications are highly dynamic and focused on changing the way we live and work. Technology changes the way we use the apps to make our life easier. Various techniques are being introduced to enhance the efficiency of application, but we understand that following are the latest and sound technologies which we have started using while developing an app.

  • iBeacon/BLE: Most applications are taking advantage of location tracking. iBeacon/BLE is the latest location tracking technology, which is helpful for app developers to develop e-commerce and m-commerce apps that would personalize the services to a remarkable extent. The developer can develop real-time mobile app while using iBeacon functions as well.
  • Swift Coding: Swift is becoming one of the popular programming languages which is safe, modern and powerful. Apple announced Swift 2.0 with more developer-friendly features that would gain the fastest traction among the developers worldwide.
  • App Security: Your apps need a high-end technical security. If the developer wants to run their app smoothly and successfully, then they have to consider all the safety factors on a serious note.
  • Cloud technology: Users, want to access their apps remotely on different devices so that their data got sync across the devices and can be used anywhere, anytime. The developer should integrate the apps with cloud technology.
  • IoTs and Wearables apps: IoTs and Wearables are taking mobile app development to an entirely different level. Developers have to consider the IoTs and Wearables features while developing new applications.
  • Android Studio 2.0: Latest platform released by Google, which includes an Android emulator that is faster and showcases a new user interface; instant run and fast deployment and a new GPU profiler.

What will be the next big thing on mobile devices this year?

From hardware prospects, there are not much more innovations left that could make any notable difference between smartphones. We already have the highest and latest technology that can fit into a phone, from software prospects, cutting edge mobile applications processors can get better. Smartphones and tablets are already mature enough, and evolution of them has stalled.

As per the understanding, the next big thing is the compatibility of mobile devices with Smart fitness band apps, Wearable apps, Virtual Reality apps, IoT apps and enterprise apps.

When a client hires you, do you usually give recommendations or do you follow what the client asks? For example, in which market should the client have the app, or for which devices...

We’re very flexible in this part of our process, where first we listen to the customer’s requirements and queries. If they are very specific in requirements, in that case, we move ahead accordingly, but if they have some queries or need any expert advice then we do recommend our best-suited suggestions to solve the questions. We support -- On which platform their app should get develop? How (or if) they can go for smart watch app? What technology on the server side they should use? And sometimes we also suggest phases in client’s solutions.

Do you think that 3D touch on smart homes is a good idea?

Yes. 3D touch technology entirely changes the way we used to operate our smartphones. 3D Touch is one of the biggest mobile user experience innovations of the decade by Apple, whoever thinks that it is just a gimmick by Apple to make products more captivating than they misunderstood this technology.

Mainly, 3D touch can perform two quick actions: Peek and Pop. But the pressure sensitivity of 3D touch can be used in different ways as well, applications compatible with iPhone are beyond just ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’. It depends on the nature of apps how they can get the most out of 3D Touch technology. Gaming apps, photo editing apps, wearable apps can take advantage of 3D touch at the most.

Will you develop any app for smart home or healthcare industry?

Yes. We will never miss an opportunity of developing the apps for smart home or smart health care devices.

Smart home devices enable users to monitor and control them even when they are on the move. The market for the smart home is forecasted to be worth of $58.68 Billion by 2020.

Technologies like RFID, video patient monitoring & implementation of EHR are predicted to boost up the smart health care industry. After the introduction of health care devices, it becomes so much convenient for users or hospitals to monitor the health and tracking records of the daily activities of themselves and patients to maintain the health in a quick, exact and smart way. This industry will grow at an attractive growth rate during the period from 2015 to 2020.

Tell us a little bit about how AppFutura has helped you since you are a user of the platform

Appfutura is a great step into the world of Applications. The introduction of Escrow Account facility with you is an immense idea, where a lot of project owners connect developers in a very organized way making the app development process more convenient and feasible.

AppFutura is doing excellent work with this kind of industry.

Go to their AppFutura company profile to get more information about Konstant Infosolutions. If you have some doubts about what mobile app development company to hire, read our blog post about the steps you have to follow before hiring the best company for your mobile app project.

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