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Published on May 02, 2014 in App Development

Emilio Avilés is the CEO of Slash Mobility. The company, founded in 2003 by himself is located in Barcelona. Here is what he had to say about his company, their work and the mobile world.

What do you do?

SlashMobility is a start-up focused on the development of mobile apps: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Cross- Platform. Our mission is to be the best specialist in providing mobile. We have a line of our own products, a team that delivers ad-hoc projects and a training service for businesses and professionals. The SlashMobility team has developed more than 200 apps and taught more than 500 students. Our greatest asset is our expertise in mobile technologies. In addition, in 2012 we set up Slash Lab, our R&D think tank to help entrepreneurs get their ventures underway. As such DressApp was introduced in 2012 and it has become a reference app for the fashion industry. Also, Manduka Games, a start up focused on the gaming industry, which has been presented this year during MWC.

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why?

Looking at our ad-hoc projects we would stand out LetsBonus, a company of collective purchase, leader in Spain and present in 6 countries, whose relationship with their customers was maintained by their web. They were aware of the potentiality and advantages of the mobile channel, and they decided to establish an aggressive strategy that allowed them to be leaders in collective purchase by the mobile channel. The goal was to get an application with the critical functionalities in leader platforms (iPhone and Android) in a short period of time.

After 3 years, LetsBonus has become a benchmark in everything concerning Apps, and the company has accessed new users that make use of its services in situations different from the website ones with 800,000 active users in iOS and 200,000 in Android.

In addition, we feel really proud of one of our own products: DressApp. We incubated this project in 2012 that came from the team members of SlashMobility. After two years it has become a reference for mobile-commerce for the fashion industry with over 350,000 downloads and 50,000 downloades catalogs. At the moment DressApp is available in 140 countries.

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

We always wanted to develop games. Appgames such as Angry Birds were our “dream apps”. It´s because of that why SlashMobility has incubated a new startup, Manduka Games, focused in appgaming and founded by two developers who have worked in SlashMobility for a long time. At the moment, two titles have been launched, Quicks and Quicks Revolution.

Which are the 5 apps you use the most on a daily basis?

Basically we use regular apps like social networks, mail, some of our games (Quicks) and in particular, due to our Running hobbies, we use apps like Runtastic.

Which mobile device is the best in the market right now?

There is no one best, it’s not like black and white. Every device (iOS or Android) has its advantage regarding UI, UX or quality. To my point of view regarding to Usability, iOS device are pretty good but if we choose scalability or better add value regarding to Quality/Cost Android is better.

What kind of device/platform will be the next big thing? The one you feel everyone will own in the near future.

The bigger bet of SlashMobility is the Wearable Technologies. We think Google Glass, SmartWatches and other wearable produtct will be the next step in mobility. It´s because of that why we work together with one of our Gold Partner, Zerintia, company focused in Wearable Technologies, to offer joint solutions: Mobile + Wearable Technology.

Why is AppFutura useful to you?

As a consolidated company, most of the projects we develop for big brands require several months of development. AppFutura allows us to expand our portfolio making small projects that we find interesting either for originality or technology which allows us not to lose the momentum why our company is known.

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