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Published on Apr 06, 2016 in App Development

After half a year, we got back in touch with Artem Bogomaz, he is Head of Strategy at Clear Software.

Your last interview was published on July 2015. What great apps has Clear Software been working on since then and what are your biggest plans for this year?

Since our past interview we handled a lot of projects for Restaurants, Dating and VOIP industry. Some of them was with AppFutura, some was outside.

This year we are planning to deliver two mobile projects with 500k+ users for Asia and Europe markets. One of them for fuel industry, the second is for a restaurant, both are totally new concepts for users and customers, unfortunately I can’t publish more info as it is under a strong NDA. Within the next 3 months we will finish with beta testing and we'll publish them.

If you had to choose one category, what kind of app you think is Clear Software’s specialty?

Our key focus is social apps, we have already finished 12 projects succesfully for mobile and web. We are also working on our own dating application for Asian market.

By social apps we mean: dating web sites and Tinder style applications, travel applications for mobiles, messengers, service providers, taxi providers or any other app where people communicate with each other. Even food delivery apps are social media mobile applications.

Do you prefer to work with native language, hybrid or web?

We are only working with Native languages (Java and Swift / Obj-c), as we can manage time and cost for development and provide a proper result. Also native Apps are faster in use than hybrid and web.

Otherwise, if our customer just needs MVP product and only want to test the market, then it is reasonable to use hybrid development. However, by our experience many customers move from hybrid to native development.

Which app has been the biggest challenge for Clear Software?

Definitely it was a dating app project (web and mobile) for a Church community, we worked on it for about 7 months. The main problem was with communication and project managment, but we solved this, by using SCRUM technology.

The problems we faced were:

  • Delay on deadline
  • Continious feedback from client on bugs/tasks
  • Missed bugs and improvments

How we solved this:

  • We gave our client access to our PM tool, so client had full control and clear vision on the mobile app development progress
  • Kanban methodology for minor tasks/bugs
  • Scrum sprints for major tasks/bugs

Implementing this methodology we increased the mobile app development speed up to 80% and now we are using it for every new Project. This let us manage deadlines more detailly.

Last time we spoke, you said "iPhone will always be the best device in the market. It is easy to use and simple to understand; unfortunately, I cannot say the same about Android Devices". A lot has happened since then. What would you answer now?

Well, yes, a lot has changed, but I have not changed my mind :) Android devices are more complex every year.

What do you think will be the biggest smartphone release in 2016 and why?

I’m waiting for Xiaomi Mi5. Already got a lot of food reviews from beta testing.

Xiaomi did a big step for this model: an increased camera, design, screen size, RAM memory, stability and inner software.

Besides smartphones, what mobile device do you think is worth having first?

This year wearables and Virtual Reality devices are very popular. The best one I think is Oculus Rift for Virtual Reality. Currently we also focus our app works on VR technology and 360º video players for mobile devices (including Oculus).

What do you think mobile devices will be able to do in the future that they don’t do now?

Never think about this before, but I think plugable devices are the future.

What smartphone feature could you not live without?

Not feature, but application: MSQRD :), it's the best app in the market since December past year! By the way, it was developed by Russian speakers and brotherly country, Belarus.

Is Clear Software adapting to the new technologies and devices coming along?

Actually we plan to cover only VR technology this year, as it is the most popular.

What advice would you give to anyone with an app idea who didn’t know how to get started?

First, decide what you want to see on the finish line with your client's project, and only then, write a technical requirements document and search for different mobile app companies to outsource the job. It is very important to find right development team, with the correct experience and a clear vision of your idea and future project.

There are many good and bad teams in the mobile market, that’s why customers must be very clear in their requirements, that’s already 70% of success. The other 30% depends on the project idea and the technical part.

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