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Published on Dec 02, 2015 in App Development
bhaval patel

Bhaval Patel is AVP at Space-O Infoweb PVT.LTD. The company, founded in 2010 by Rakesh Patel and Atit Purani, is located in Ahmedabad, India, and employs more than 200 people. Here’s what Bhaval had to say about his company and the mobile world:

What do you do?

Mobile is the core strength of Space-O Technologies, which is offered to individuals, startups & to medium & large-scale enterprises. From conceptualization to building application, Space-O involves in every aspect of app development like visualization, wire framing, designing, development and not limiting it to deployment & maintenance.

Space-O also offers cloud, design & custom web development and participated in the success of their Enterprise Clients such as Nike, Saint-Gobain, McAfee, Ferrari, etc. We have developed more than 1500 applications, with strong 500+ client based across the globe.

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why?

We have a lot of favorites amongst the 1500+ apps that we have made. But the apps we love amongst the ones our enthusiastic developers created are:

  • SquareSized: a huge success with more than 5 million downloads. Everyone uses Instagram these days, it is a famous app after all. But an app that makes your images Insta-Perfect, SquareSized makes your pictures ready to be posted on Instagram. SquareSized also allows you to add distinctive filters, overlays and typography to your photos.
  • it gives you a platform to croak, sing, cry, shout, and sing at the very moment when you want to by recording it. You can also share these croaks with the world around you. The startup was successful and acquired by Exotel.
  • Glovo: an E-Butler app, custom made for Spain, Glovo is meant to be the service provider app that will do everything you want it to. Whether it be fetching the forgotten charger from home or a snack you want for your lunch.
  • Teezr: a teasing photo and message sending app, where you can send pictures and messages, with a bit of it hidden. Once the time set by you goes off, the real image/ message will come forth. After some time, the picture will be automatically deleted from your friend’s phone, leaving no evidence of the mischief done.
  • Mobstar: acquired by one of the leading mobile manufacturing company. A blessing in disguise for the talented, Mobstar is an app that helps you making a 15 seconds video of your talent and send it. The video will reach the decided jury for the authentication and the talent per se. Later, with the help of audience’s votes a talent is chosen to be the real mob star.

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

Whatsapp. We had wished to develop Whatsapp and the main reason is that we already have developed chat applications that can have the capabilities of having real time chat (Cyphercon and Tuloko). We have developed an application which allows users to use custom emoticons in the chat. GPS tracking in real time is one of the technology which we mastered very early and with a team of developers having more than 5+ years of experience.

Which are the 5 apps you use the most on a daily basis?

As a mobile app development company, our life and soul depends on apps. But the five apps that make our lives simpler are:

Slack: to make any announcements and to make sure that everyone in the company is on the same page. Also so that the distribution of work can be done from one platform per se.

  • Trello - for managing the day to day team tasking or to-do lists.
  • Basecamp - as a project management tool so we can check projects updates from anywhere and jump in the discussion.
  • Skype - we as team are always connected with each other and that’s is the reason we use Skype to chat with everyone (clients and teammates) from anywhere.
  • Gmail: While there are many apps that we use to communicate, like Skype and Slack as well, all the official communication takes place on the official channels itself and Gmail is very helpful.

Which mobile device is the best in the market right now?

The mobile devices working successfully nowadays are the ones with a bigger screen and we recommend two devices: iPhone 5S & iPhone 6.

What kind of device/platform will be the next big thing?

Technology never stops, it keeps on changing. So it is almost improbable to give one answer to this question naming anything in particular. Technology is unpredictable as far as the platforms go, it depends on what you are targeting at that point and who is your target audience. Nowadays our clients ask us to develop apps for platforms like Apple watch, iPhone and Android too as those are the most used platforms across the world.

Why is AppFutura useful to you?

At Space-O we believe in making a difference in people’s life by creating innovative apps which solve real problems and we saw Appfutura was working towards the same goal as well. It has a broad community of over 10000 developers working towards the same. This poses a great opportunity for both; Space-O Technologies and AppFutura to share our experience with each other and make sure these insights provide an enriching experience.

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