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Published on Apr 16, 2014 in App Development

As you know, we have been interviewing some selected developers in our platform to learn their views on the mobile world. We like sharing different opinions and now we are also starting a new series of interviews. We will be getting in touch with people offering interesting services for our users.


For this first interview, we talked to Lionel Corchia from AppsZoom. Here is what he had to say about their services and the ever changing mobile world:

What is AppsZoom?

AppsZoom is the place to decide which App to install next. Each year, our editorial team reviews, one by one, thousands of Apps, giving straightforward recommendations and advice to our audience, helping them discover gems in the vast world of mobile apps.

On top of that, we help developers achieve their objectives in terms of app promotion and distribution.

Appszoom's available for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers a well, through native apps or convenient web layouts.

AppsZoom has been recently declared the winner in the “Best Mobile App Review Site” category at the Readers' Choice Awards 2013.

Some key figures:

  • 7M+ unique users monthly
  • 1.5M download intents monthly
  • 20% of our traffic comes from the USA
  • 60% of our traffic comes from Anglophone countries
  • AppsZoom has got traffic from all around the world

Why do you think AppFutura users can be interested in your service?

More than 15,000 developers have registered in AppsZoom.

Our services portfolio is aimed to cover the needs of the developers during the whole lifecycle of their apps. From the very first beginning, when the developer has got this "crazy idea" of a new app until the app is mature and is at its business development stage.

AppFutura users usually develop apps for third parties. We think that AppsZoom's services could be complementary and offered by the AppFutura users to their clients. From our experience, companies that order the development of their app to professional developers really need assessment on all their app stuff! And this means: distribution, PR plan and promotion.

But we also offer assessment to the app developers themselves in order to give them an expert feedback and let them know if the app they're developing is meeting the market standards and the users expectations and to give them an overview of the close market competition.

We think that AppFutura users can be interested in our service because it represents a valuable opportunity to offer to their clients a wider range of services.

What app category is the most popular right now?

According to the 2013 Report from App Annie, Games is definitely the most popular app category for both Play store and iTunes in terms of downloads.

The Entertainment category belongs to the TOP 5 of app categories in both Play Store and iTunes too. Depending on the App Store (Play Store and iTunes), Games and Entertainment categories correspond to the 21 to 25% of all the 2013 downloads. These two categories are also belonging to the TOP 5 of app categories that generate revenues to developers the most.

Talking about the Adult category: since Google decided to change its policy and will ban all the adult oriented apps (sex, violence,...), in two weeks we'll launch an adult oriented App Store. will allow the users to search for high maturity rated apps and will offer to the developers a very easy and free solution to distribute all their banned apps.

What kind of platform/device do you think will be the next big thing?

This is the one million dollar question! [Laughs]

It is obvious that Tablets have been the last popular big thing. Some in AppsZoom think that wearable devices will be the next big thing even if it seems complicated to imagine exactly which ones and which combination.

According to recent stats on users behaviour, multiscreen is the big trend! In the near future, any device, appliance or any object in general will be a potential screen to access contents.

Conclusion? Complicated... but it seems that we'll be surrounded by screens everywhere and each device will correspond to a moment of our day or to a specific need. No winner... All winners!

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