Mobile App Design Practices to Make an Incredible

Akansha Pandey
Published on May 27, 2019 in App Development
Mobile App Design Practices to Make an Incredible

The mobile ecosystem might be packed with applications; however, it’s far away from saturated. In case, you develop a really helpful mobile app, there is still an abundance of room available for you. The struggle is unquestionably high and you are required to build up a high-performance application, which can deliver quick and reliable resolutions to issues your target users grapples with. Therefore, it is crucial to hire the top mobile app development partners. Your mobile app must have a fantastic UI (user interface) and inspiring UX (user experience). A high-quality UI is the solution to your app’s success. As per Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple Incorporation:

“Design is not just what it looks like or feels like; the design is how it works”.

Localytics reports that 23% of mobile apps get utilized only once. It implies that one in every 4 applications is being uninstalled only after a single use. A desertion rate this high signifies that app design and UI should be enhanced by leaps and bounds.

Benefits of Seamless On-Boarding

Mobile App Design Practices to Make an Incredible

A mobile application with a high-quality design doesn’t merely mean that your app looks good but it should deliver the outcomes it claims in a smooth and seamless manner, directing the user from one to another step with effortlessness and accomplishment of the destination, be it a conversion, sign-up or download, sale, without overpowering the user.

A good onboarding workflow is effectively a user’s primary impact of your application and places the stonework for mobile app acceptance. When done in a proper way, an onboarding flow builds a robust association between users and app. The notion is to rapidly get them to begin utilizing your mobile app and viewing its advantages.

4 Key Practices of On-Boarding

Mobile App Design Practices to Make an Incredible

Create a Simple Registration

While building an app, app developers obviously want that the users get registered to the app so that it becomes possible to offer a customized experience, as well as increase conversions. But, it is a step, which demands a careful approach.

Forcing a user, in order to give personal information straight away after installing your app can lead to discomfort and interruption. Users’ terror that distributing their email may lead to a bad outcome of marketing emails. We all are aware of the fact that the users download your application with the objective to browse, book, buy, or locate information or data about something they want. So, it is recommended to cater to these prospects first. The user requires trusting that your mobile app will resolve his/her trouble, prior to giving any private particulars. It is a first-class thought to let your user make a tour, as well as experience the application, for a while and then tenderly remind them for the sign-up process.

In addition, filling up a signup form may result in errors, matchless passwords and a variety of other irritations that could possibly impel the user away. Mobile apps that won’t shift forward unless email & password are given are probably to be fall for another app.

Minimize Typing Need

Typing on mobile is not completely contented and is frequently error-prone. It is so, a superior plan to maintain the typing needs to a minimum. You can keep the forms uncomplicated with simply the bare necessary information asked, as well as utilize auto-complete where appropriate. Moreover, it is even a good thought to modify the keyboard with the sort of query. This implies showcasing a numeric keyboard while asking for a pin, displaying a search button in the position of entering while searching, and consisting of ‘@’ and ‘.com’ buttons at the time asking for email IDs.

Mention Your Value Proposition

Users have recently downloaded your mobile app and anticipate that it will resolve an instant difficulty. This is where you inform users precisely what your application will do for them. Also, how it will build their life more suitable. Don’t flaunt fancy features that your mobile app has. In its place, keep your focus on the key value.

Let’s consider an example Lookout, which is a mobile security mobile app. It consists of a crispy and simplified on-boarding stream. The very initial screen that displays up evidently shows what this mobile app can do for you. Also, the next four subsequent screens demonstrate the four chief ways in which it will do so.

Load Quickly

Users require immediacy and generally have no endurance for a mobile application that takes everlastingly to load, and when I say it, I mean something north of some seconds could get your application deserted.

With the improving speed of internet, users wish for results rapidly and since there are a lot of apps available in the market, users will swiftly go to a mobile app that offers instantaneous outcomes. For your iOS or Android app to stay on the device of users, it is important to implement measures that maintain loading times in check. In case, you go by the insights of Page Speed on the Google Developer site, maintaining page loading time within a second is the gold average now. Accomplishing this objective is fairly a lofty chore I agree, as it requires about a huge amount of time only to build contact and transport data or information to the server. Though, these are a number of the techniques you can attempt to restrict the loading time.

Minimize the HTTP requests and then re-directs to maintain server reply times in verification. Make use of a few of the numerously available utilities that aid with this, including as CSS Sprites that aid in uniting a lot of images into one, thus falling HTTP requests.

It is also important to work on your images. There is no doubt that rich, as well as lively images, are extremely helpful in building an attractive welcome page, in order to take advantage of user engagement and on-boarding, good-quality images are inclined to take longer for loading. Resize, as well as optimize, images for fast loading.

The Bottom Line

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Description: The significance of mobile apps is known to all. However, not every app has a million downloads in the app stores. Do you know why? One of the key reasons behind it is their poor design. Let’s see how you can allow your app to be the foremost choice of users in this write-up…

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