Mobile app churn rate: how to prevent it?

Vipin Jain
Vipin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Jun 01, 2017 in Mobile App Marketing
Mobile app churn rate: how to prevent it

You will see many marketers saying that efficient marketing campaigns are those which combine both user acquisition and retention in one place. This is when you are able to convert your downloads into loyal downloads. And to be sure of this you need to keep your app’s communication metric in your control.

To be able to defeat churn rate and take your campaigns in your control, you need to first understand what it actually means and know how to calculate it. In easy terms churn rate is the percentage of users that leave or abandon the app after a certain period of time and is opposite of retention rate.

The formula is: 1 – Retention Rate = Churn Rate

Example: If retention rate is 20% of an app is, then its churn rate is 80%

Here are few points that will help you understand what you need to prevent and how:

Identify the reasons

You need to dig out the reasons as to why and how you should be checking if the churn rate is growing or not.

In-app events – These are the actions by the users that represent their engagement with your app. By tracking events such as number of taps, subscriptions, achieved level, procurements or purchases will allow you to determine how to prepare the strategy against high churn rate.

Engagement rates – As you get all the details on your in-app events and engaging users, make sure you measure every effort you put in using reliable tools. This way you will be able to identify core needs of your users and tailor your campaigns as per those needs.

User segments – Knowing your target user segment allows you to plan your campaign in the right direction. As your users do not necessarily belong to one particular segment, you need to offer a solution that comprehensively serves all sorts of audiences.

Gather Feedback from mobile app users

Now as you have your reasons in place, you have to gather feedback from different channels. To make sure this effort pays off well, prepare a social calendar and define proper roles to each activity and while doing this all your agendas should be complementing your end goals. So, cover as much ground as possible and try to comprehend market needs and user opinion. This would help you get closer to your mobile app user and understand the entire response dynamics and ingesting matrix well. This would further allow you to reduce churn rate.

Effective 4 ways to exterminate churn reasons

  • Determine and re-engage app users that are slipping away

    Start it with rolling out engagement strategy with the users that you know you are going to lose. Know what are the major reasons for them to uninstall your app. Combine different approaches and tracking tools to help you discover different patterns, preferences and traits of users while using your app. With this, if you are able to diagnose and compare the behaviors and trends and know what drives your users well, you will be able to take that first impactful step towards eliminating churn reasons.

  • Provide them a personalized app experience

    Now as you know why your users are slipping away, craft bespoke offerings for those who have abandoned your app or have shown signs of doing that. For this you need to ingeniously find out different reasons that are pulling down your app’s retention rate. Make sure you differentiate between different groups of users and the underlying reasons for which they are disowning the app. And allow them personalized experience that pleases them and helps them think in favor of your mobile app.

  • Contextual marketing

    Think and act in context of your user and market your app keeping that at the base of everything. This will give you the ability to speak to them and engage them in the language they understand the best. Make sure your context is clear and you have made enough efforts in the direction to help your app stand contextually relevant to your audiences. If you are able to do this well you are done with your goal of reaching and impacting your users most aptly and relatedly.

  • Location based marketing

    To enhance the brand value proposition, many businesses these days play local in their approach of marketing. This is increasingly becoming a trend to penetrate and capture different markets locally engaging the target users. For this you have to create different funnels to enter different markets and act locally in your reach and presentation (from core to crust of it), to perfectly fit with local population needs and preferences. This way you will be able to interact and serve them in the way they prefer the most.

Rethink your value proposition

Here, you need to rediscover and rebuild your value proposition and assure that you are doing it right to satisfy the end purpose of your mobile app users. For, this you need to look deep into what services or features collectively allow you to deal with your user needs and give them the solution they are looking for to get attended and served with. This will keep you a step ahead to fight the evil of churn rate and keep up the retention rate as you will be able to analyze the way users act and will be able to highlight the core of your app with intuitive design and interactive communication.

Make use of predictive analytics

In your attempt to aim at a high rate of retention you need to do in-depth analysis and put up with detailed reports to keep you in control of everything and help you subside the mobile app churn rate. These detailed reports from derivative studies and predictive analysis would allow you to know in advance the major reasons of your app abandonment and work in the direction to prevent further loss and regain the much-needed strength to enhance your mobile app retention rate.


Everything mentioned here takes you to one goal which is retention. This is only possible if you are able to reduce churn rate using and applying the ideas that can help you prevent and eliminate the churn. All you need to do first is grasp them all up into your system and put them across to mingle well with your exact problems that make users disown or abandon your app. Following that, reinforce a protocol, reinstate your plan to effectively make that work in your situation till the time you are able to make your users return to your app. Just make sure all this happens to suit your plan and purpose of increasing retention the healthiest way to suit your mobile app development idea and marketing strategy in the most resourceful way.

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