Major Hacks to Guard Your App Idea against Being Copied

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Feb 19, 2019 in App Development
Major Hacks to Guard Your App Idea against Being Copied

The number of mobile applications has improved considerably in recent years. Yes, if we talk about the app market, then we will get to know that it is increasing at a higher pace. Generally, users try a new app whenever they change the old device. Therefore, pioneering app stores introduce billions of applications with several numbers of downloads each year. It clearly shows that the mobile app development industry has a huge potential in the upcoming era. Numerous organizations wish to launch exclusive apps with wonderful functionalities. In case, you are a business person and has an app idea, then you must know the ways to secure your idea. Today, in this blog, I am going to share some tips using which you can make your mobile app idea safe. So, let’s proceed further without any further ado.

Tricks to Protect Your App Idea

Major Hacks to Guard Your App Idea against Being Copied

Develop the App Instantly

Developing the mobile app straight away is the best way to secure your app idea. Don’t wait much and execute your idea as soon as you can without unveiling much about it. After you build a mobile app, you can easily have copyright of it. It is important to note that the app developers or freelancer release copyrights to you while they are done with your project. This implies that the intellectual property is totally your just after you have done with the payment. In addition, hiring a trusted app development agency is quite crucial, in order to avoid any risks or even to get a perfect app with wonderful functionality.

Patent Mobile App

Another crucial factor is that you need to apply for the patent, in order to safeguard your idea. But, this is not as easy as it looks like. Once you apply for the patent app, it takes over 2 years for issuing app patent. After your app is got patent, you just need to focus on the protection of its functionality. Also, secure the mobile app against independent development. Prior to making a public announcement; check all the significant information by using your attorney.

The only trouble of implementing for a patent app is that it is costly. Prior to file patent application, you need to check whether your app is actually patentable? The mobile you have invented should be truly new and useful. Patent the application will certainly cost you more than your investment in building and implementing the app. In order to handle the problem, apply for the provisional patent, which secures your plan for a year. If your app notion is not precious, you will get the time to make it better.

Trademark the Logo

Trademarking the mobile app is an effective manner to guard your idea against being copied. It assists you to limit other entrepreneurs or app developers from utilizing the logo, icons, and name of your app. Along with this; it is possible to trademark the functionality, as well as features of your mobile app. This tactic will definitely stop your competitors from opting for a similar route. If I talk about the apps that are quite popular across the globe, such as Candy Crush, Instagram, Angry Birds, etc. You can easily identify these apps only by seeing the colors, as well as the font that is connected to them. Trademarking the application restrict your competitors to trick your potential clients by generating the products with the same name and logo. In addition, it provides additional protection against legal problems.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

One of the essential steps you need to execute is by adding the non-disclosure agreement, in order to secure the property. Therefore, whenever you hire app developers for your project, don’t forget to ask them for signing a non-disclosure agreement. This is simple to do by using an attorney.

In a similar way, the non-competent agreement is created to keep users from revealing the top secrets of the organization to any of the competitor. Moreover, this agreement restricts app developers, working on a particular project, to work with another enterprise. One of the best aspects of this kind of agreement is that the team you hire will not go for the project of your competitor. Nevertheless, it is quite hard to discover developers who are eager to sign a non-competent agreement. At the same, this is the finest to secure your app notion.

Copyright the App

Copyright is helpful when we talk about the protection of your services, products, or property. However, copyrighting the idea is limited to design, UI, and code. It is cost-effective and gives basic protection against direct copiers. It is feasible to file copyright protection online. Nevertheless, it does not guard your methods or ideas, until they are executed using a creative technique. Once you copyright the idea, you can save your text, AV content, source code, and graphics. What makes it a popular strategy is its affordability. Many entrepreneurs have already implemented this method across the globe.

Stay Connected with the Right People

Last, but not least is to make sure that you get in touch with the right business people. You must get the agreement that the business owners do a common mistake i.e. they sometimes get connected with wrong people. Therefore, it is always sensible to do business generally with those people whom you know quite well. Before proceeding further, you need to have a good status of working on the same clientele. It is good to do a background verification of the app developer, investor, contractor, and client before connecting with them in the project. There are numerous Android or iOS app development companies available in the market. Therefore, choosing reliable users will assist you to turn your notion into a great app. In addition, you can make a decision on how much information you should reveal to others to safeguard your app idea.

The Bottom Line

There is not a guaranteed tactic that can protect your app idea from being copied. But, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to save your app notion. Fluper is the leading app development company that you can trust to get a flawless app.

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