Magento: best e-commerce CMS of all times

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Published on Oct 17, 2017 in App Development
Magento: best e-commerce CMS of all times

With the introduction of internet in our daily lives, our shopping experience has been transformed completely. People are not getting more interested in buying their products online. Many businesses see this an opportunity to reach out to a larger number of customers to offer their wide range of products through their website. This has led to increase in e-commerce website development with more businesses opting for online shopping websites. E-commerce websites can be quite user-friendly, swift, secure as well as attractive. They enable people to purchase items and accessories with efficiency and without any hassles associated with physical shopping. This saves an ample amount of time for them and not to say the least, the fuel.

In order to develop an effective e-commerce website, there are a variety of open source content management solutions in the market. Magento remains to be the best in the business. It is considered to be one of the best CMS and a robust e-commerce platform. Many e-commerce development services have adopted Magento as their go-to platform to create ecommerce websites for their clients.

Magento is quite a complicated platform for some, especially in the beginning. It takes some time to get hold of its various features and characteristics. Magento provides various options which can be subsequently added into the system as per the requirement. Magento e-commerce development certainly requires better implementation as well as efficient management of the features to deliver the desired product.

In case you wish to build a great e-commerce website, you should chalk out the important features that you wish to include on your website. It may take some time to create the list of requirement and related features so the process should be properly monitored. You can take a look at popular e-commerce sites to get an idea about the look, the feel and the experience that you intend to deliver to your customers. The design point remains to be an essential part of the Magento web development. But, the importance of features can’t be ignored. In this case, Magento provides great customization to assist you in finalizing your design and features.

You can also hire a Magento developer to help you out in chalking out the desired features. You should get a list of how your website is going to perform and administered. You should also look into the customer aspects of the website. Make sure that you make a clear plan for various aspects of the e-commerce website which include order selection, placement and delivery. After following this process, you can provide detailed information to any Magento e-commerce development company which you wish to hire.


Now we will talk about the various differentiating features of Magento which make it the best CMS at present in the market along with its characteristics.

1. Most of the e-commerce websites developed on Magento platform are relatively less expensive. It can change your website into a perfect platform where you can easily market your items and products in the form of an online store. This brings huge traffic to your website and hence results in larger sales. This increases your revenues and profit margin. It makes Magento web development a wise choice if you wish to boost your sales.

2. Magento comes with a catalog management which allows you to decide various products that you wish to display in the front end of your website. It also takes care of various aspects of imports as well as exports. With catalog management facility, you are allowed to set inventory along with prices of the products. You are also provided with different custom attributes which require fewer efforts. Magento e-commerce development provides an e-commerce solution with a comprehensive catalog management system and consultation to ease out the process.

3. E-commerce platform developed on Magento offers brilliant features when it comes to Search Engine Optimization of your website. This makes your website more visible on search engines and hence helps in driving more traffic to your ecommerce website. Magento e-commerce websites are SEO friendly which is an important aspect of e-commerce website development. It comes with options where you are able to define custom URLs which are ready to read for the prospective customers. It makes it easier for the customers to understand your website and its offerings.

4. One of the features that makes Magento the best CMS platform is that it offers a variety of payment as well as shipping features. It provides comfort to your customer who orders and buys your products. It has different additional plugins which are available that allow you to connect with any shipping provider in the world, virtually. This has been the key feature which has made Magento an ideal choice for e-commerce development services.

5. Another attractive feature of Magento e-commerce platform is that it provides support to multiple languages as well as currencies. This allows you to do your business in a global market. Magento provides you the ability to make subsequent changes in the translation by means of inline-editor. This essentially means that even a new person can make the required translation modifications with ease and simplicity. This feature allows any Magento development company to target international clients too.

6. One of the significant features of Magento e-commerce websites is the simple checkout process which is provided to the users. When it comes to filling lengthy forms, the customer often feels unease, and it may result in increased bounce rate for any ecommerce website. It will directly affect the businesses as they will certainly lose a prospective client and subsequent sales. Magento allows a simplified process to create your own checkout procedure that can be implemented with ease.

7. Another aspect that makes Magento the best CMS present in the market is the secure payment methods. It allows the businesses to keep the buyer's information safe and secure from malicious attackers and hackers.


Magento has matured as a comprehensive platform for e-commerce website development. Its inherent features and characteristics have made it the best CMS available in the market. With its robust customization, design and implementation features, it is easy to develop an e-commerce website for your business. It is SEO friendly, and hence it helps in bringing more traffic to e-commerce website which boosts sales.

Magento also provides support to various languages as well as currencies which makes it ideal for businesses with international customers. With its secure payment methods and security measures, it ensures that the vital information of the customers remains safe. Needless, to say, Magento is at the forefront of all the CMSs in the world.

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