Machine Learning, an integral part of Artificial Intelligence

Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh, Co-Founder at Algoworks
Published on Mar 24, 2017 in App Development
Machine Learning by Algoworks

This is just the beginning. Technology, which promises to bring huge changes to the world in coming years, is nothing but Machine Learning. It is an essential part of Artificial Intelligence research and gained the highest limelight in business. Due to the wide usage of digital devices, Machine Learning has offered a revolutionary way of solving tasks which can be data analysis, classification, forecasting, image recognition, etc.

Companies like Google began to use Machine Learning algorithms and seeing such tech giants contributing to this new technology the businesses responded to the new trend very quickly and earnestly. This can easily be seen by increased demand for designing intellectual mobile apps like fitness apps and image recognition solutions. These mobile apps not only have their audience but engage its users wisely as well. The mobile app development company Algoworks has experience on this field, and here they share their knowledge about Machine Learning and Aritficial Intelligence.

Proofs and evidence

Let us have a general outlook, research and surveys of Artificial Intelligence market to understand Machine Learning industry in a better way: Bank of America Merrill Lynch says that "over the next five years, the market will extend to $153 billion compared to $58 billion in 2014".

Big leaps and bounds

A modern mobile device holds the high productive capacity level which is apt to perform any suitable task to the same degree as any traditional computer would do. Here are a few signals which global corporations have shown and hence confirmed the assumptions:

  • Google has launched a software that uses neural networks and offers language translation. Such technology is optimized for smartphones and can work without internet connection.
  • Here comes another big name, Lenovo. Lenovo is working on their new smartphone which can also perform without internet connection. It can execute indoor geolocation and Augmented Reality. This all is possible with high-speed image processing software and also with Google Software.
  • Last but not least, WWDC 16, Apple has presented Siri SDK and now every developer is so keen to incorporate this feature into their mobile apps.

Machine Learning app areas

Machine Learning is a very multidisciplinary field and so its implementation is seen in various domains like technologies, business and science. Let us have a close look on its various domains:


Engineering if perceived in a broader way, involves mechanisms but also cognitive technologies. Today we are at a stage where we can witness the emergence of an era where robots can assist people in work and in the household, entertain them and take care of them. People are managing these machines with voice commands or program tool actions with only a few taps on their smartphones. This again is a boon of Machine Learning. Machine Learning offers a feature of performing correctly in an unpredictable environment.

Data mining

The domain of data mining serves to a large set of data and discovers non-obvious and interesting connections within a significant set of data. It comprises of maintenance and storage of data with actual analysis on it. Here, Machine Learning offers a set of tools and learning algorithms to discover all possible relationships among data. Machine Learning as a technology has also offered the use of predictive analysis which can be needed when you have to develop a mobile app with machine learning for eCommerce.

Field of finance

An industry like finance always gets benefit from Machine Learning algorithms. They are widely used for predicting future trends, crashes and bubbles. There is a custom software that can analyze all types of information such as borrowers’ history of previous transactions and social media activities for determining credit rating. There is a software that can display results considering the portfolio optimization and can then send recommendations right to the smartphone.


Retail giants like eBay and Amazon have experienced improved customer satisfaction and have opened new avenues for revenues by harnessing the power of Machine Learning. There are mobile apps which can completely custom user’s requirements. Enterprises can use Machine Learning algorithms to their advantage for their businesses. For providing relevant information the eCommerce app implements a complete set of Machine Learning tools like ranking, query understanding and expansion related questions.

There are tools which can help analyzing behavioral data. Another tool is query intent detection. There is also a system built for product recommendations and promotions. This system is built on site content analysis, purchase pattern or user behavior. There are eCommerce enterprises which lack in terms of information to understand and quickly respond to latest trends. Machine Learning also offers systems for trends forecasting and analytics. Machine Learning plays an important role in building a defense system whereby fraud detection and prevention. It comprises of online monitoring activities and triggering of alarms.

Looking forward

While we all anticipate the revolution in mobile experience brought by Machine Learning techniques, it is also a mandate to remember that the future is possible only if an adequate level of data security is possible. As more and more information is collected from our smartphones and other mobile devices, risks multiply. Not using the new features of new devices and gadgets is definitely not a good idea but mobile app developers must give security of data the main priority in the development process.

You can always take help of proficient technology consultants to know more about the mobile app development process.

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