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Sudeep Srivastava
Published on Jun 02, 2016 in App Development
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Business intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies work. Analytics and data mining are playing a crucial role in mobile application development and customer relationships. Today every business recognizes the role of data insights especially behind the scenes, and it certainly is interesting. Due to right focus on data management and analytics, we are able to make data follow a path to the right decisions and conclusions.

Appinventiv knows that many companies call them data analysts or “data scientists” because they are the ones who develop association management software and use BI to channelize data into information to perfect company processes and methodologies. The top mobile app development company explains us that it's data analysts and data miners who help the developers, designers to create and define the information and data architecture for the mobile apps. Read the company's guest post.

Data analysts can help designers and developers know what is most crucial data for the mobile app users, how to process data, how to derive intelligence from raw data and then how to channelize those extracted information to the end-users in one of the most representable form that quickly helps end users to make an informed decision or take actions. The data analysts are experts in figuring out the ways to achieve data requirements for a company and can help in leveraging the data to develop a great BI mobile app.

The Future of BI with Mobile applications

In the business world, mobile apps are fast and have become indispensable tools that are used on a daily basis to drive their businesses ahead. Used in conjunction with smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are creating a truly ground-breaking mobile BI proposition.

Recently, Forbes discussed the ways how BI and big data are influencing mobile applications. Customers aspire to look for insights of crucial points for getting best- in-class mobile experience like they purchase products to interact with businesses through their devices. This has created a supply-and- demand bond between customers and the company. By leveraging mobile technology, companies are helping in meeting customer's demand for insights.

Appinventiv GP

So, this is how BI works for brands and companies, it helps them make intricate decisions in real time with the data and information they receive. Being one of the most critical use- case, BI and analytics is helping companies to utilize customer information to establish, improve and strengthen their relationship with their clients.

The mobile wave has undoubtedly impacted the BI market as users are now looking for faster, easier and effective ways of accessing, interacting and most importantly, take actions basis BI data.

However, developing BI applications for mobile devices can be a bit challenging. As BI applications designed for mobile devices must be user-centric, insightful, real-time, engaging, actionable, adaptive, and proactive. They must have the ability to connect and distribute the ever-changing local databases and allow interaction via mobile devices, thus allowing to share the data with mobile users. But for making this data available for use on mobile, one of the key challenges is common data storage structure and architecture and also the task of confirming to various standards.

It may take some time to meet these challenges, but undoubtedly, the capability does exist. Furthermore, there are other threats from hackers, Trojans, and other dangerous applications that exist and can adversity affect these mobile BI applications. Sufficient care must be taken to meet these security requirements and combat and security threat.

Definitely, advent of Business Intelligence is one of the many benefits of digital technology.

With Data analytics, data visualization and BI, companies have been able to easily analyse data, channelize it the end users right on their mobile screens and helping them make much more informed decisions.

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