Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Published on Sep 17, 2018 in App Development
Latest Mobile App Development Trends

With the advent of technology, people are becoming more dependent upon the mobile technology these days. Therefore, it is a plus point to have a customized mobile application for your business. In 2016, 65 percent traffic has come from the mobile devices. By 2018, this figure had reached to 52.6% till date.Throughout 2017, businesses have understood that accepting a mobile app approach in no longer a cool investment, but a requirement to withstand in the market. With the list of latest mobile app development trends, we will discuss important trends of 2018.

1. ChatBots: Chatbots are the latest trends these days and it is growing continuously every year. It is expected that Chatbot interaction will reach from 20% in 2017 to 93% in 2022. With Facebook and Amazon are adapting bots for a majority of their tasks related to customer, it is an evidence that how bots will rule the interaction soon. It is the best way for the prompt interaction to the users and give answers to their queries. Live Chatbots help customers to answer their queries hassle free. The main advantages of chatbots are that they are available round the clock and does not get annoyed by queries. It also plays an important role to build a strong relationship with the customers because they are programmed to be friendly and informative in nature. There are various big brands that are jumping to this facility of instant messaging app.Thus, it is the main reasons why chatbots are widely used in various industries from e-commerce to fashion to more conventional sectors like medical and banking etc. Therefore, more and more organizations are trying to use this technology to improve customer engagement, customer interaction and boost their sales.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the center of attraction for many years. Since 2017, this technology has evolved at a rapid pace.AI. Microsoft is working seriously to improve and expand its AI-based service, Cortana. According to International Data Corporation, AI business will experience growth with important numbers, estimated $42 billion by 2020. Google Duplex is launched by Google and people extremely like it. Artificial Intelligence is helping the human race in many ways and they all are doing great things to achieve bigger targets. Artificial Intelligence is making machine that can replicate human behavior by providing the ability of reasoning, decision making capability and prediction.With Microsoft Pix, SwiftKey AI and Hound, we are seeing just how powerful AI is proving to be in the mobile app space. With the help of AI, machines can do the same things that humans can do, but in the effective and efficient manners. As a result, various top mobile app development companies also start working with this technology to provide the efficient and accurate results. Machine learning and deep learning concepts are used to train the machines.

3. Internet of Things: Due to the advent of technology and changing demands of business and people, Internet of Things (IoT) has come and provide the best facilities to make people’s life easier. All organizations are composed to connect the power of smart technologies and sensors fixed in the user devices like mobile phones as well as other customer durables. Thus, the inter-networking of smart devices would play an important role in taking eCommerce to the next level. Smart cities and homes are the main future of today’s generation. It is a network of the physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity. These elements enable objects to collect and exchange data without any human interaction.Predictions for IoT growth are explosive. This is game-changing tech and an incredibly exciting space. There is no doubt in it, that AI is the buzz word these days. It is estimated that approx. 20 billion IoT devices will be connected to AI by 2020. Thus, more technology will be connected to the web and it will be handled by the smart devices like smartphones. Smart homes and smart cities are its biggest examples. It is widely used in healthcare, autonomous vehicles and enterprises to enhance their products, process and working procedures. This year is the breaking year for the IoT things.

4. Integration with Cloud Technology: Cloud-based apps are using everywhere, almost in every industry at the global platform. According to the Forbes report, this technology has the growth of $178 billion this year. Further, there are numbers of companies that are looking forward to invest in this Mobile app based technology. With the introducing of this technology , storage and computing limitations have been reduced. Apps like Dropbox have been all over the place for many years, providing solution of cloud storage for individuals and businesses, both and adding extra features for the security purpose and file or folder sharing.The Benefits of this technology are:

  1. Cost reduction in hardware and costs
  2. Increase collaboration and productivity
  3. Provide efficient sharing and storing of the data
  4. Smooth operations among multiple platforms.
  5. Free up internal memory.

Moreover,the cloud technology provides businesses an enhanced security over their corporate data.

5. Augmented reality and virtual reality: The Virtual Reality describes the online virtual world, whereas Augmented Reality assists as a game changer. The success story is of the popular Pokémon GO game is its biggest example. The experts across the globe state that by 2020, the overall revenue of VR and AR will be $150 billion. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Augmented Reality

  1. It explains the Real-time meaning of the product to the customers.
  2. It helps to provide detailed visualization of the product and services to the client.
  3. It provides training to their employees in a realistic way.

The overview of Google Translate with AR supports the person to examine and take the snap of the text. People can then use the app to develop the translation done line wise.

Virtual Reality

  1. Promote products and services using Visual content
  2. To understand the actual use of the product use 3D vision
  3. Trending Virtual Showrooms
  4. Promote business brands and its marketing.

Mainly this technology is used in casino games, live company and other kinds of games in the gaming industry. It is expected that in coming few years, this sector will dominate all other sectors.

6. Blockchain: Nowdays,everyone are familiar with the terms of Bitcoin,Ethereum and lots other digital currencies, but blockchain is much more than cryptocurrency.Blockchain is a vulnerable, automated ledger that is frequently updated and shared to the internet community. It displays all dealings that occur with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litcointo keep the record of its movement. Its open nature confirms security from fraud and makes it an attractive selection for e-commerce app and mobile banking solutions.Its transparency and lucidity is supreme, and with honorable infrastructure, blockchain has become one of the most widespread technology globally. As Facebook has suffered a lot due to data breach, since then the block chain has been working a lot for its security and transparent access. For the data naïve, this technology is a nightmare and cannot handle by a person and cannot be influenced by any company or other people. Blockchain is a game of trust and booming future as well.

7. Mobile Wallets: PayPal, Paytm, Google Wallet, Apple Pay and many other mobile payment services are booming these days to gain and fortune.In 2017, global mobile payments exceeded $700 billion mark. With the outpouring in ecommerce and mobile banking, mobile wallets also become an industry by itself. People prefer mobile payment more as compared to cash or plastic money. Mobile Wallets have made cash transactions and bill payments easier than ever and with the increase number of mobile users internationally, this industry is written “growth” all over it. Best mobile app development companies in India are highly focused on this technology to get high revenues for their business.

8. Smarter Assistance: AI has gained huge success in a few years. Its demand is increasing day by day almost in every field. Smarter voice assistants are also one of its innovations. It has improved mobile apps like, behavioral targeting, recommendation engines, stock prediction and a more personalized social experience. Google has produced Google Assistant with the help of advanced AI that can have human-like conversations with its users. It can now call corporations that do not have an operational presence online and converse with their representatives on behalf of the user to book a reservation or inquire about opening hours on holidays. Apple’s Siri is also its successful example.

Final Thoughts

The mobile app development trends in 2018 will observe the introduction of trending technologies and platforms that will help to make work easier for the companies and end-users as well. It is basically the win-win situation for both sides of the coin. In addition to it, there is lots more in store of the technology. Technology moves with the extremely high speed, but offers excited innovations too. It can resolve big problems and change everyday lives on a magnificent scale.

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