Latest Mobile App Development Trends for Business Growth in 2019

Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi, Senior Technical Content Writer at SoftProdigy
Published on Apr 03, 2019 in App Development
Latest Mobile App Development Trends for Business Growth in 2019

General public experienced the potential of smartphones for the first time in 1994. The world is now home to more smartphones as compared to the number of humans. Businesses are utilizing the potential of smartphones effectively. This is one of the key reasons why they hire mobile app developers for growth.

Your business also needs an app for growth. Most of the businesses are already reaching their target market through smartphone compatible apps. This is one of the key reasons why you should also consider hiring mobile app developers to have a mobile app ready to grow your business in 2019.

Facts prove it to perfection:

The number of smartphones users in 2019 has touched the milestone of more than two billion smartphone users.

  • This number will easily reach a new high of 5 billion users by 2020, says report published on Statista.
  • People now like to spend more than 60% of their free time on smartphones.
  • Smartphone users spend nearly 80% to 90% of this free time using mobile applications in 2018, says a ComScore future Digital Report 2018.

These facts show that the way smartphones have advanced to be an essential part of your customers’ life. Another thing these facts prove is the way mobile apps developed for smartphones have become an essential part of your customers’ life. All in all, you should think about getting a robust mobile application developed to grow your business.

Which key trends should be taken into consideration for this?

Technology updates and advancements affect users and their experience with your brand, products, and services significantly. Therefore. It is important that you keep eye on the latest happenings in the domain of mobile app development technology. Make sure your app is developed using the latest technology and is fully updated according to the latest trends.

Some of the mobile app development trends to consider:

Voice search:

Google’s Play Store is home to 2.1 million mobile apps whereas Apple’s App Store houses almost 2 million apps.

According to another Statista report, Google’s Play Store is home to 2.1 million apps whereas Apple’s App Store houses almost 2 million apps. Many of these apps are now optimized for voice search. The concept of VSO (Voice Search Optimization) for mobile apps originated back in 2016. Since then, all native, as well as hybrid mobile application development companies, have been making voice search an essential feature of every application. There are many reasons for it. For example:

  • Voice search is a perfect combination of speech recognition technology.
  • This combination effectively utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing), TTS (Text-To-Speech) and language voice search tools that are pre-programmed.
  • According to Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, at least 1 in every 5 searches received by Google are voice-based queries.
  • Nearly 29% of smartphones users prefer searching answers to their queries using voice search. They do not like to type.
  • Almost 30% of smartphone users find voice searches way faster than text-based searches.
  • Voice searches offer the potential to target blind or disabled people in addition to the customer base, revenue, lead generation, and customer satisfaction rate. This technology can help them rub shoulder with today’s advanced world.
  • The use of voice searches among smartphone users has increased by 65% because of more than 90% accuracy of word recognition.

Wearable apps:

The world is fast moving towards the next big thing in the domain of technology. This is why all native, as well as hybrid mobile application development companies, are now focusing on the development of applications compatible with wearable gadgets also.

Some of the most popular wearable gadgets in the world are Android and iOS-based smart watches, and wristbands. As the popular smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and many more are rapidly working on the development of wearable (Foldable) smartphone, the world of wearable gadgets is likely to witness a revolution.

Moreover, all this is collectively going to increase the number of wearable gadgets from 84 million to 245 million in 2019. This is another app trend you need to take into account. Meaning, your mobile application should be compatible with popular wearable gadgets and upcoming foldable (wearable) smartphones also.

Instant mobile applications:

Time is money! Time is a priceless commodity. This is what your customers’ value the most! Therefore, you also need to value it. Another thing you should be ready to value is now the space available in your customers’ smartphones. Your customers do not like to install heavy applications to get their mobile phone’s space consumed.

Therefore, you can these days easily see all native and hybrid mobile application development companies advising to get instant apps ready. Instant mobile apps are one of the hottest mobile app development trends. This trend is already helping many businesses rule the roost in their industries in 2019. Some of the popular names using Instant apps for their business’s growth include Buzzfeed and Vimeo, etc.

To be precise, make sure your app is an instant as well!

Blockchain-based or decentralized apps:

How could we forget to talk about the potential the King of technology? Blockchain has emerged as the king of technology in these last couple of years. It is actually way more than a platform for cryptocurrencies only. This is why many businesses are exploring the potential of this chain of informational blocks in the form of mobile applications as well. One of these explorers could be your competitors as well.

Coming to the point, make sure your app is a DApp (decentralized applications). It is because 2019 is the year of Blockchain technology and DApps. The release of Blockchain based/compatible smartphones by the following companies prove it:

All in all, rubbing shoulder with technology advancements will help your business grow without hassles in 2019 and even later. Therefore, it is important that your mobile application is based on these latest trends to give your current and potential customers the experience of the highest possible quality with/about your brand.

Hiring the best group of mobile app developers could be the easiest way to achieve this feat for business growth. This is exactly what we do the best!

Let’s get connected to make the most of these latest mobile application development trends for business growth.

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