Know the Role of AI in Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on May 17, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Know the Role of AI in Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Technology is growing every day with the advancement in the features and new trends. Mobile applications and websites have taken over the marketing business in the business world. It is the era of digitalization and people tend to use digital platform for marketing as well as shopping. The business and consumers both prefer digital life and hire app developers. The enterprise companies are making huge profits with the help of mobility solutions. In today’s generation, about 90% of the smartphone bearers use mobile applications and PWAs for their daily purposes.

The developers are using advanced technologies to develop mobile applications. According to the mobile app development company, since the applications are pretty common, the competition between the companies has highly increased. At this point, the introduction of artificial intelligence in the applications has attracted attention. Mobile applications are what the users make of it. The applications incorporated with artificial intelligence features are not only attracting the users but also help the companies to run a steady company in the market. The applications are growing with new technologies and advancements in the technology industry. Mobility has taken up a huge space in the marketing world among the people.

The role of AI in enterprise mobility solutions

Artificial intelligence in everyday life- artificial intelligence has taken over the digital life of every person with a smartphone. In the development of artificial intelligence in recent years, it has taken over every device and applications and is used almost by everyone. There are many famous AI incorporated devices like Apple's Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s echo. Almost every working employee or student carry AI as their daily tool for a busy day. Varieties of smart features that are made possible through AI are used by almost everyone. Applications, voice recognition, chatbots, etc are all the trendy features of AI development companies. The business industry found massive success in companies during the growth of Artificial intelligence and BYOD in the industry. The companies that adopted artificial intelligence in their software system found significant growth and development in the rate of profit. The tasks were easy to complete and the teamwork and contribution of the employees were great. With the new features, the applications are error free. All these features are benefiting the enterprise companies with success and huge annual revenues.

New features introduced by AI in the market- As per the mobile app development company, the artificial intelligence that is incorporated in mobile applications are basically for the companies to understand the user behavior, the features that are of use, prioritizing and rearranging the features according to users preferences. AI helps to customize the applications as per the preference of the users. The technology of AI manages and optimizes the RAM, ROM and CPU of the application in the device and manages the resources. The artificial intelligence in the device of enterprise customers helps to save the data and battery of the device by automatically generating the sleep mode to the applications that are not used often. Nowadays, enterprise mobility solutions for enterprise customers have high-end technologies and machine learning facilities. Maximized memory capabilities and gross efficiency. Therefore, these devices popularize easily among customers.

Predictive analytics and data mining- the enterprise companies hire app developers for using the artificial intelligence technology to analyze the data that would help the companies to understand the needs required by the areas to boost their productivity. The companies largely depend on the data stored, and the analytics that are depicted by the technology for a better understanding of the requirements of the users and the behavioral patterns. The data mining helps to conduct these tasks with the help of artificial intelligence. A set of tools and algorithms are provided by artificial intelligence to perform the tasks in analyzing user behaviors. Earlier, the companies predicted the data modules. However, with the help of AI, the classification and description of the data analytics are precise and accurate. With the help of technology, the process faced a rapid positive change. Problems like huge data consumption and battery utilization are resolved through technology.

Human resource replaced by Chatbots- the technology has made huge changes in enterprise mobility solutions. With the introduction of chatbots, human resource is no more required. The chatbots can conduct the survey and help the company to communicate with the customer and gather all the necessary information. The chatbots can communicate with real-time customers and has benefited the enterprise customers. Various industries are adopting the chatbots feature of the AI technology to run their applications in a computing process. When it comes to the mobile ecosystem, the chatbots are equal to mobile applications. The voice technologies and the chat process help the enterprise companies to easily handle the integration with the existing system. Enterprise companies can also utilize human resources for other important tasks. The chatbots provide security and error-free conversations that help the company to maintain their decorum and have a healthy environment.


Bring your own device is the new trend that pops up with the innovation of artificial intelligence in the enterprise companies. The personal devices are the comfortable devices for the employees, having access to them for work can be a great benefit for the AI development companies. It not only increases the interaction in the companies but also releases the work stress. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the market is only helping the companies to grow and maintain an employee friendly environment in the workplace.

There are many traditional companies that are ready to transform into a complete enterprise mobilized company with new technologies and devices and gadgets. The improvement in workflow, increase in work efficiency, better decision making are all proofs of a better future of enterprise mobility solutions incorporated with AI. The enterprise mobility management is working on achieving better security, growth and success for the enterprise companies. AI helps to bring new dimensions to the future of enterprise mobility. It creates a balance in the company and the workplace.

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