Know Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Oct 04, 2018 in App Development
Know Mobile App Development Trends 2018


The mobile apps have been revolutionizing the entire businesses industry for many years and they have become a vital part of the system. Irrespective of the business domain, every business requires to integrate this mobile app technology to achieve maximum growth and increasing its audience reach. With the increasing adoption of smartphones, it is quite easy for businesses to reach to millions of users within moments. However, implementing a correct and impressive mobile app development strategy isn’t enough to ensure success as you are required to be upgraded with the latest industry trends. A mobile application development company needs to be aware of these trends. Its app is required to be equipped with the latest technologies to attract the majority of smartphone users. Let’s have a look at top mobile app development trends of the year 2018.

1. Apps getting Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence has remained as the centre of attention for quite some time with various major breakthrough made in this technology. The integration of AI into the mobile apps makes the apps much smarter as well as saves a lot of money for the businesses. With the assistance of AI, the entire business experience and productivity increase exponentially by investing a much smaller amount of money into the resources. Such applications actually leverage this technology through chatbots as well as learning pattern of user behaviour for a much-personalized experience. Along with this, the apps can easily be integrated into AI in order to provide enhanced assistance to the mobile app users in various customer support services. Google has recently introduced Duplex, which is an AI program that is quite able to make any call on behalf of the user in order to fix an appointment with any local business.

2. Newly Introduced Android Instant Apps

In 2016, Google launched the Instant apps that made things more convenient for the users and developers. These are essentially native apps which function like websites and can easily attract more people with their various functionalities. The Instant apps can also be considered as a trial for a various number of apps which users can easily get access without any requirement of downloading them. Google introduced these apps which will be available for the users in the Google Play Store for accessing almost instantly without any download to allow them to know how exactly the app works. Since these apps don’t require any installation, all barriers are essentially removed between the users and the apps.

3. Rise of Mobile Wallets

The boost of online banking and e-commerce has added to a gradual increase in online payment options and other finance-related mobile development solutions which are available to the users. With the advent of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, customers are now shifting to m-commerce. Also, Blockchain has made its entry into the mobile payments and also powering the mobile app with much more secured money transaction opportunities. However, different technology giants like Samsung are now working on an improved scan and pay technique to allow the users to make money transaction as well as bill payments much more convenient. Also, the encrypted security which comes in these wallet apps makes sure that the money of the users is safe. The increasing trend of mobile apps is due to the improving internet payment systems which require more secure and fast channels for the purpose of money transactions.

4. Emergence of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

One of the key project from Google in association with Twitter is Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP which is a stripped-down version of programming language HTML which aims to accelerate the speed of mobile web pages. It enables the mobile app developers to create different types of heavy web pages and websites with faster loading speed, higher performance, and lower bounce rates across various mobile devices.

This open-source initiative is actually a publishing technology which allows higher performance to the ads running on the website and web content.

The AMP assists the developer in decreasing the entire loading time of the web pages on mobile devices with influence different other aspects too. With a good AMP score, you can easily acquire a better conversion rate, maximum user retention, reduced bounce rate and a significant boost to the user experience. With improvised AMP of the website, you can easily get better visibility on the search engines for gaining higher traffic to the website.

5. Increasing Focus on Mobile App Security

Cyber Security will continue to dominate various aspects of advancement of technology especially in the field of mobile apps and Internet of things. The latest shift made by Apple to its coding language- Swift from previously popular Objective-C should be a vital reminder to the developers as well as designers to fully integrate IT security in the early stage of app development. Along with this, Bring Your Own Device or BYOD trend has increased the risk of various enterprise mobile apps to get attacked. It requires the apps developers to essentially work on the security of the app from the start with a significantly different approach to entire mobile app development. Also, a huge number of apps are now including money transaction or payment feature which also need flawless security. The mobile app developers are required to embed code encryptions, trusted payment gateways and secured backend and API along with other important steps in order to assure the safety of the user.

6. Breakthrough in Blockchain

Blockchain is essentially an unalterable, shared ledger for the purpose of recording information of a business listed as blocks- whether it is a particular history of transactions, which can easily be altered without changing any subsequent blocks and also the collusion of the network. Data tyrants are now scared of this latest technology as it successfully eliminates the entire scope of data tampering. Now, legit businesses can easily harness much stronger by providing transparent access to the blockchain. This particular mobile app development trend has successfully acquired the attention of various technology Moguls with its unrivalled applications and benefits. A mobile app development company needs to invest in blockchain to remain competitive in the market.


With all these various mobile app development trends, the entire mobile app industry continues to expand at quite a rapid pace. The competition among the mobile app developer will get intensified even further in 2018. If you don’t wish to get left behind in this highly competitive race, then you need to consider all these above-mentioned trends before you start developing an app.

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