Know about iOS Mobile App Development Partnership between Salesforce and Apple

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Published on Oct 23, 2018 in iOS Developers Resources
Know about iOS Mobile App Development Partnership between Salesforce and Apple


iOS app development has been undergoing a huge transformation in recent years. We have witnessed exciting new features brought in iOS which has enabled mobile app development services to come up with some of the most innovative apps in the market. In line to this, iOS app development has got a great push recently. Apple has announced its partnership with Salesforce. It is great news for iPhone app developers who have been looking forward to venture into CRM domain with the assistance of iOS platform.

What is Apple’s partnership with Salesforce?

Apple is currently working with Salesforce in order to improve how exactly the customer relationship management or CRM platform works on iOS. It includes the latest new features for the prominent and main Salesforce app as well as the introduction of various tools for the app developers to create native iOS apps that actually utilize service of Salesforce.

Under this particular partnership, Salesforce will be redesigning its own Salesforce mobile app in order to provide its customers with rich experiences on iOS that actually takes the entire advantage of the unique features of this brilliant operating system. These features include Siri ShortCuts, Business Chat and Face ID. The release is to be expected in next year. As a part of the major app push, Salesforce will also be introducing its first Trailhead mobile app for the learning platform of the company in next year with other different iOS apps planned to provide service to specific customer requirement of small businesses and various industries.

Features of Apple’s Partnership with Salesforce

1. To assist the developers, both Apple and Salesforce are currently developing the first-ever Salesforce Mobile SDK that will be optimized for the Apple’s Swift programming language. It is intended to be launched by the end of this years. This native SDK is currently intended to allow the businesses to build as well as deploy apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPads utilizing the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Mobile app development services have to look forward to inculcate this native SDK in their own app development process.

2. With this particular strategic collaboration, Apple will assist Salesforce, the US-based cloud computing company, to integrate its voice-based assistant “Siri” much deeper into the Salesforce mobile apps. Salesforce is currently revamping its app in order to embrace and inculcate the native mobile platform with the latest new features on iOS. Both of these companies are aiming to provide “best devices for business” that will offer tools as well as resources for Salesforce developers. These tools will assist these developers in building their own apps as well as better products specifically for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

3. Salesforce will enable a mobile app development company to make better utilization of the iOS features. The company has claimed that revamped mobile app will be providing the customers with entirely new and rich experience on iOS with various capabilities such as Business Chat, Siri ShortCuts etc.

4. Salesforce will be bringing Trailhead, its own educational platform too, which will allow the users to various courses on how to create business apps with the different Salesforce tools.

5. With this partnership, both Apple and Salesforce will be adding different courses on how to develop iOS apps. For this particular purpose, the iPhone maker has introduced to the iPhone app developers with a new Get Started with the latest iOS app development Trail. It will teach the developers to create native iOS apps in the Xcode with the Swift programming language.

6. Salesforce mobile SDK for the iOS will be duly made available by the end of the current year, and the revamped Salesforce app will be made available in next year as well as the Trailhead mobile will debut in later part of next year.

7. This enterprise partnership will especially help Salesforce in order to overhaul its app to easily embrace the present native mobile platform with various exclusive new features available on iOS which includes Siri ShortCuts getting integrated with the Salesforce Einstein Voice. The Salesforce developer will also get to enjoy the developer tools and resources of Apple to help build and create their own native apps utilizing a new Salesforce mobile SDK available for iOS.

8. Salesforce and Apple both believe in the democratization of the technology and empowering of the developers with any type of education background of level in order to learn new skills for the jobs that will come today and tomorrow. In order to support developer’s learning and career growth, Apple is also launching a new Get Started with its own iOS app developer Trail as discussed earlier.


Apple has constantly been innovating in the digital sphere. With its latest release of iPhones, it is evident that it is getting much more aggressive in order to get a larger market share. iOS app development has got a great boost with this approach as mobile app development services taking full use of this opportunity. Another leading business is Salesforce which has made its name in Customer Relationship Management. It is US-based cloud computing service which offers state-of-the-art CRM solution. It was just a matter of some time when both of these companies would come together.

Recently, Apple has launched its partnership with Salesforce. It has released that they are currently developing Salesforce Mobile SDK which will be optimized for Swift. This is a huge revelation and offers huge scope for iPhone app developers. The native SDK will allow these developers to build various new iOS apps for iPhone and iPad using Salesforce Lightning Platform. But this is just the starting of the partnership. Apple will also assist Salesforce to integrate Siri into Salesforce mobile apps. Salesforce has also revealed that it will be revamping its own app to embrace the native mobile platform with different new features on the Apple’s iOS. It opens new avenues for any mobile app development company. It is just the highlight of this partnership. This is the beginning of this exciting partnership between these two industry giants coming together to offer developers with an opportunity to create brilliant apps.

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