Know about Food delivery integration into Google Assistant, Search and Maps

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jun 21, 2019 in App Development
Know about Food delivery integration into Google Assistant, Search and Maps


Ordering a giant pizza has become much easier with the help of Google. The food delivery app development is growing rapidly. There is no more the hassle of going to the restaurants to order food. You can have your food from your favorite restaurant. You are now able to order food and get delivery with the help of Google Assistant, Search and Maps. Google has started collaborating with the DoorDash and the Postmates,, Chownow and the Slice. Soon with the food delivery app development, other food delivery options will join like the Zuppler.

You will now be able to view an order online button on the maps and Search option. After clicking on it you can opt for delivery service. Then you have to finally place your order and pay with the help of Google Pay OPTION.

Google has been reaching out to the food ordering platform. It has recently announced the integration of a food delivery service option in the maps, Search and Assistant. It has been utilized as a modern feature by all the popular restaurants of the cities. One of the most popular features is Google Lens’s new feature which will provide close information about the food and reviews about it.

Google Duplex, on the other hand, enables a voice assistant who in turn will help you to make a call and pre-book a seat, which makes reservation easier. Therefore we can understand that with the help of Google it is not only getting into the delivery game but also it provides a much more utility on the businesses and food delivery.

Ordering by Single Touch

You only need to make a few clicks, and your work is done. The order online button will help you to deliver your favorite food. In cases when you want to use the ‘Google Assistant’ you have to say “Hey Google, order food online from (the name of the restaurant)’, and in this way the feature will be activated soon. The mobile app development company are including these features. You will also in some cases be able to view the past records of your order from the particular restaurant. With the help of your credit, debit card you can easily pay online. Google pay can also be used.

In cases when the users do not have an account with the delivery partner it integrates with, an account can be easily created. This can be done by connecting it to the Google account. Local restaurants have not adopted this on a wide basis yet, but this day is soon to come. For example, Favor is one of the most popular delivery service, but it has not yet partnered with the company.

Initially, it was a little difficult to order but soon it will become a very easy task. The mobile app development companies are also working on it. In a few minutes, you will be able to order the food. After the verification on your address with the help of Maps, the Google Assistant will enable one to place an order in partnering with the Door dash. It is indeed a promising feature which will provide delivery services from more restaurants and food joints in no time. In order to grow your business, it is essential to hire an android developer.

Delivery of Food and Grocery

The delivery of grocery and different kinds of Food help to engage the user. It must be noted the not only Google, but there are also many companies which are eyeing the food delivery option as a way to engage the user and also uses it for assistance. For example, the Amazon is known to introduce the Alexa enabled device which is very popular in recent times. It should be noted the Alexa helps to order food by suggesting meals and also helps to view history. That is why the Amazon views this feature of food delivery as an easy three to four step process which can be performed in no time.

The third party skills are rapidly being utilized by the Amazon which helps the users to order from a previous order, mainly reorder from the history within seconds. Therefore delivering food has become very easy by utilizing the third party integration skills. On the other hand, Google is constantly meeting new challenges in adding the delivery of food as a skill of the first party. It is trying to add more and more delivery partners to provide the user with much more options and making it useful to all its users, to users from different economic and cultural backgrounds.

Therefore it is essential to reach the user’s standards to popularise such services and meet all the challenges in the growing food industry. Therefore Google promises much easier delivery of food with the use of Search, Maps and also Assistant. The restaurant mobile app development enables delivering to you a comprehensive record of the orders you have made in the past the process of ordering food becomes much easier in modern times. Food ordering becomes easier and quicker with the availability of the assistant.

You do not have to repeatedly fill the address and payment details. They can already be saved with the help of Google maps and assistant services. You can also easily go through these details with the help of the Assistant and then approve all the details. Popular delivery providers like the GrubHub, UberEats, JustEat and also the Deliveroo can easily become a part of the Google in coming times and this will help to completely change the scenario of the food delivery services and their industry.


So if you feel hungry, so not worry and take the help of Google. The online ordering services have been integrated into the Google Search, Google Maps and also the Google Assistant. All these services will help to provide an end to end experience of ordering food and also provides hassle-free services. The restaurant mobile app development has been taking care to bring about such services in more and more places.

No matter how lazy, busy or hangover you are you will always have the food delivery service with the help of a few clicks. The restaurant itself will come to you. There is a minimum fuss in this process and you will be satisfied to try it.

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