Key Factors that will shape Mobile App Development in 2019

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jan 01, 2019 in App Development
Key Factors that will shape Mobile App Development in 2019


With technological advancements, mobile app development has become efficient in creating solutions for harsh business challenges and complexities of modern business times. Enterprise-grade applications are helping people get technically empowered to take on global business challenges and create empires on dependable tech solutions. But this is only the present, what are the things that will shape the future of mobile app development services in 2019. Sensing the trends it is definitely it is going to be a big year for a mobile-driven world, a lot is likely to change and here are some notable technologies that are likely to rule the year.

1. IoT

IoT needs no introduction, incorporate, to home to retail the technology is selling like a hot cake. Various industries have already started with the adoption of the technology in their crucial operations. In fact, manufacture domain cannot just get over with ease it has brought in handling various complex operations.

Integration of IoT in mobile app development allows you to take control of various elements, with it you are able to get a more integrated and connected experience, bridging the gap between the smartphones and connected devices. Plus, it is compliant to bring benefits and create immersive experiences for enterprises and end users. Thus, it is undoubtedly a technology we can depend on.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With respect to mobile applications development, both artificial intelligence and machine learning are ready to make a strong impact. In the coming year, businesses will be more open to using dependable technologies such as Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in complex to primitive operations. Some of the functions that are most likely to get revolutionized with these technologies are data collection and analysis.

ML algorithm and AI makes it easy for enterprises to interpret the patterns and create more comprehensive solutions. Integrating these technologies into mobile app development allows you to provide out-of-the-box personalized and individualized experience on mobile applications. Other than that they are equally efficient in churning business automation and bringing convenience in the whole process.

Technical dependency on the technologies like AI and ML allows you to bring more edge in your customer services while allowing you to create solutions for enterprise mobilization. Apart from that, in near future, AI can be used to create next-gen multifaceted enterprise mobile applications proving its worth in providing solutions for industry-specific needs.

3. Interactive Mobile App Development Services

As a mobile app development company of top cadre, we have undergone researches that have proven the era is of interactive mobile applications. With technology growing so fast, a user is more evolved and seeks more secure and integrated experience thus, interactive mobile app development.

From AI, IoT, Blockchain, wearable each technology will be serving its purpose in making mobile applications more interactive. Leaders of the tech domain know the importance of interactive app experiences, thus, if in recent time you are seeking a mobile app development, it is recommended that you must inquire hard about technologies, your needs and various aspects of technology before you hire app developer.

4. Security Trends

Since the inception of mobile apps, they have been easy targets for hackers and cybercriminals. However, this will surely have to chance with mobile app beings used in enterprise-based apps. Every top Mobile App Development company has already started to gear up to bring more innovation and secure solutions, especially in B2C applications.

To reduce any chances of fraudulent or suspicions, mobile app development services are hardwired with technologies such as AI, ML to detect any security breach. Other than that, techniques such as facial recognition, encryption, the blockchain, and other technologies are going to be a vital part of mobile app development processes to enhance security.

5. Reformed Industries

Technological advancements have to lead to the churning of the economy, especially on-demand to flourish rapidly, now is just the time when mobile app development companies will start taking them on the second stage. Unique business concepts when meeting with technology create an unbeatable combination and thus mobile app development solutions will be this year more channelized in creating advanced and complex business solutions.

6. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Visual retreats such as VR and AR will definitely be raising a bar to follow. The immersive app experience is a thing now and more and more users are converting into a loyal user base in cases of enterprises leveraging early adoption benefits.

Not confining itself to games and interactive apps, the technology is going to be more prominent for bringing ease into mobile app development services. Especially if we talk about AR, it is going to be huge. Some predictions tell by 2020 the AR revenue will blow up to 90 billion USD. AR will definitely be an asset in manufacturing, healthcare, and other bigger sectors.

7. Wearables will be Mainstreamed

Wearable needs no introduction all you need is hire app developer that can work wonders for you using this technology. The market is exploding, consumers are looking forward to more wider and enriched experiences and hence Wearables.

Wearables, however, have gained a lot of ground in the past year will be on a full-grown mode in coming few years. According to a BI report, the wearable market will blow up to 35% by the year 2019. Interactive and innovative wearable app solutions will be transforming the face of app development, with it technology domain will receive a lot of exponential growth and it will be good for both Android and iOS app developers to leverage better business benefits.

8. BlockChain technology and other verticals

BlockChain has received a lot of hype in the last few years, especially due to its tremendous help in creating crypto-currency, a lot secure and more dependable with time. Having a strong suit in enhancing the security and improving business automation, BlockChain will be found useful in the BFSI sector.

In the coming years, Blockchain technology will be enclosed in the technologies such as AI and AR allowing to develop more immersive app experiences which are a lot secure than before. If you are looking forward to mobile app development, the technology will definitely be fruitful in encouraging secure solutions. You can expect a lot of use of the technology in mobile app development services in coming years.


It is surely an encouraging scenario for experimenting in mobile app bandwagon. With so many technologies, evolving each year, the time is to bigger and better advancements into your enterprise toolsets to depend on superior technology.

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