Key Challenges in Logistics & Transportation Business: How Apps Can Help

Nilay Dhamsania
Nilay Dhamsania, Director and Product Success Advisor at Intuz, Inc.
Published on May 07, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Key Challenges in Logistics & Transportation Business and Here’s How Mobile Apps Can Help

In the modern digital world, the logistics and transportation industry has to innovate in order to conquer challenging frontiers. The industry understands the importance of digitalization for tackling challenges and improving efficiency.

In the past couple of years, technology has crept into the logistics industry. Several tech trends have influenced the growth in the logistics industry.

Some of the trends that are transforming the industry include:

Key Challenges in Logistics & Transportation Business and Here’s How Mobile Apps Can HelpImage copyright: Intuz

Mobile App Solutions: Tackling Critical Challenges in Logistics Industry

The app ecosystem has facilitated processes in almost every industry. Just like any other industry, the logistics and transportation sector also has peculiar challenges. Achieving cost-efficiency is the prime-focus of every logistics company. Reducing the cost of operations requires managing various routine aspects efficiently.

Logistics Business Challenges

  • Control over Inbound & Outbound Freight Visibility
  • Avoiding Delays in Goods Delivery
  • Monitoring Operations & Measuring Performance
  • Enhancing Customer Delight
  • Real-time Personnel & Cargo Tracking

Through data analytics and tracking, mobile apps can handle critical challenges. According to an industry report by PwC, data analytics will be of high importance during the next five years. A mobile app can check operations, manage data and help in achieving cost-efficiency.

Owing to digitalization, the sector has access to data like never before. The logistics & transportation industry can use data to improve the performance and delight customers in a better way.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Streamlining Operations, Enhancing ROI

According to Digital Strategy Consulting Research, 60% of workers are using apps for work-related activities and this has led to an increase in the productivity. Enterprises have gained 240 employee hours each year i.e. 6 additional weeks per employee after deploying mobility solutions. Companies are able to track resources, get real-time data, manage data, track routes, ensure vehicle safety and delight end-customers by providing accurate information about their cargo.

Mobile apps have facilitated communication, improved reporting and enabled management to make informed decisions. A connected network is capable of sharing real-time information, leading to better operations. An improvement in operations has a positive impact on customer delight and revenues in the long term.

Solving Logistics & Transportation Business Issues through Mobility Solutions

The disruptive powers of technology can help the industry in solving critical challenges. Through efficient deployment, mobile apps can shape the future of logistics industry.

Inventory Management at Fulfillment Centers

The success of a logistics enterprise is determined by its inventory management abilities. With the help of an automated inventory management app, accessing real-time cargo information is easier. Integrating cloud capabilities in a mobile app will enable the management to access inventory data. This will ensure better grip over cargo as well as storage facilities at different locations.

Documentation & Paperwork Handling

Cargo handling is a time-intensive process that requires a lot of paperwork and documentation. Through logistics management app, a company can digitize records easily. Digitization promises better management than a paper-based system and also improves customer satisfaction.

Fleet & Labour Management

Labour and fleet are the greatest assets of a logistics company. No operation can be complete without involvement of these two elements. So, in order to improve operations and ROI, these need to be managed, optimally. GPS-enabled mobile apps can help in keeping a record of miles driven, fuel utilized and vehicle health.

Mobile solutions can connect to the vehicle and pass on notifications for vehicle maintenance and repairs. Such solution can also ensure seamless communication with drivers across geographical territories.

Delivery Schedule Optimization

Optimization is an important aspect when it comes to cost reduction. Mobile apps can help in enhancing business efficiency by passing on deep insights into transportation routes. These can be used to optimize deliver schedule by selecting routes that reduce fuel consumption and time required. With smart optimization for delivering schedules, customers’ satisfaction can be improved, which leads to better revenues in the long run.

Manpower Training

Manpower training remains one of the most burning challenges when it comes to digitizing operations. According to Logistics Industry Report by PwC, 50% of the owners and managers say that the lack of digital culture and training is the biggest challenge in the sector. Mobile apps can help in removing this bottleneck, too. Intuitive training modules can be developed and made accessible for drivers, supervisors and other employees anywhere, anytime. This will enhance personal skills and capabilities that will reflect in the improvement of overall efficiency.

When it comes to building smart mobile apps, Intuz is a leader. Intuz can create highly-functional mobile apps that improve operations and boost productivity. The company has developed numerous mobile applications that benefit businesses at various levels. A robust app development process gives Intuz edge over others. So, if you want to succeed in the logistics industry, you should adopt a tech-driven approach and contact mobility experts at Intuz, now.

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