Key Advantages of Agile Model in Software Development

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Apr 25, 2019 in Custom Software Developers Resources
Key Advantages of Agile Model in Software Development

Agile development, in its easiest type, provides a lightweight framework to help teams, provided a continually developing useful and technical landscape, preserve a focus on the quick offering of business value. Consequently, the advantages of agile app development are that corporations are able to drastically reduce the complete danger related to software building.

It would not be wrong to say that agile development, as well as testing strategies, has worked wonderfully for countless companies. Positive features of the agile methodology are not unseen; they are quite obvious in areas, such as reduced time to market, enhanced communications or lesser costs. Numerous known software experts have had a victory with the profits of Agile while there are merely some who have encountered the drawbacks too. Today, I am going to put some light on the advantages of agile methodology. However, before that, let’s explore the difference between agile and traditional development process.

Agile Approach vs. Traditional Development

In app development, we generally talk about the “traditional model”, refers to the Waterfall strategy. Quite diverse to agile methodology especially due it’s not iterative; the traditional model is more about the procedure where it is possible to see the development “flowing” via the different stages. In fact, it’s a chronological model typically going from a prerequisite analysis, design, deployment, testing, and maintenance.

One of the key factors that are making agile approach popular among users is that it addresses the need of the customers perfectly. During the complete cycle, user participation is confident, offering visibility & transparency, displaying the definite growth of projects. As we know, the Agile method is about iterative planning, formulating it very simple to implement when a number of needs change. The truth that there is incessant planning, as well as feedback, with the process implies that we begin providing business worth from the commencement of the project. The notion is to take business price early in the procedure, creating it simpler to lower risks linked to development.

Key Advantages of Agile Project Management

Key Advantages of Agile Model in Software Development

Stakeholder Engagement

Agile offers numerous opportunities for team engagement and stakeholder– before, throughout, and after every Sprint. By linking the client in each walk of the project, it is possible to create an elevated degree of partnership between the project team and client, giving more chances for the team to really comprehend the client’s vision. Offering working software before time and regularly augments stakeholders’ faith in the ability of the team to offer high-class operational software and supports them to be extra deeply occupied in the project.


An Agile method gives an exclusive opportunity for the clients to be implicated all through the project, from making a list of key features to iteration preparation, as well as review sessions, to recurrent software builds consisting of novel features. But this even needs clients to know that they are viewing work in growth in the replacement for this added advantage of transparency.

Enhances Quality

By splitting down the project into convenient units, the app developer’s team can bring forth high-quality development, collaboration, and testing. Moreover, by producing common builds, as well as conducting reviews and testing during iteration allows you to bring excellence by discovering and fixing defects rapidly and examining anticipation mismatches early. By including the aptitude to change, it is possible to get better feedback from demos, client and customer, and usability testing.

Predictable Delivery

With the help of time-boxed, set schedule sprints of 1-4 weeks, novel features are offered rapidly and regularly, by means of high intensity of predictability. It even offers the chance to introduce or beta test the app prior to plan if there is adequate business value.

Expected Costs & Schedule

Due to every Sprint is a permanent period, the cost is expected and restricted to the quantity of work, which can be executed by the team in the set-schedule time box. Collaborated with the approximation given to the client before every Sprint, it is possible of the client to more readily comprehend the estimated cost of all the features that enhance decision creating about the precedence of features, as well as the requirement for supplementary iterations.

Permits to Change

While the team requires staying focused on providing the project features while iterations, there is a chance to regularly filter and reprioritize the complete product backlog. Changed or new backlog items can be designed for the subsequent iteration, giving the prospect to bring in modifications in a few weeks.

Keep a Focus on Business Value

By permitting the client to decide the importance of features, the team recognizes what’s most significant to the business of the client, and can easily transport the features, capable of providing the most commerce value.

Give Importance to Users

Agile usually utilizes user stories along with business-focused acceptance measure to describe product features. With the help of the requirements of the real users, every feature incrementally offers value, not only an IT constituent. It even gives the chance to the beta test software subsequent to every Sprint, acquiring precious feedback before time in the project, as well as giving the capability of making modifications as needed.

In short agile model has these benefits:

  • It provides customer satisfaction with software’s quick and continuous delivery.
  • People and communications are highlighted rather than tools and process. Testers, developers, and customers continually cooperate with each other.
  • Working software is offered frequently (weeks instead of months).
  • Face-to-face interaction is the top form of interaction.
  • Close everyday assistance between developers and business people.
  • Gives frequent attention to good design and technical excellence.
  • Constant adaptation for changing circumstances
  • It is also possible to make the late modifications whenever required

Final Thoughts

Agile is an influential utility for Android & iOS app development, not only offering advantages to the development team. It even gives a lot of significant business advantages to the customers. With agile, it is possible to assists project teams dealing with several project pitfalls, including cost, scope creep, schedule predictability, etc., in a regulated manner. Want to build your own mobile app? Fluper is a one-stop solution for you. From developing innovative apps to give its 9 months of free app promotion, we have it all.

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