IT and automation industry software see eye to eye with apps

Akansha Pandey
Published on Jan 05, 2018 in App Development
IT and automation industry software see eye to eye with apps

Vehicles are by far the best invention in the world. Over the years, we have seen the rise and fall of great inventions but the automobile only gets better every year. The latest worry of people is the damage caused to the air we breathe due to the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Electric vehicles are the solution to reduce the percentage of harmful gases.

When we hear electricity the latest invention hits our head: silicon revolution and transistors changing the flow of electricity for manufacturing beautiful handheld electronic and mobile devices. Today, the electronic devices are nothing without an operating system and the operating system is the base to let mobile applications communicate with the users.

The point here is information technology has already penetrated into the automobile infrastructure. The add-on features of the vehicle are run using software codes such as the control panel of the starring, the GPS system, etc. The replacement of fuel-driven cars with the electricity-driven car will definitely give an opportunity to information technology industry to come up with a handfull of applications.

Telematics (fusion of telecom and information technology for vehicles) enables the mobile application developers to see a four-wheeler as an object of the internet of things. Establishing a communication is a path to a gateway of infinite possibilities for innovation.

So, do these cars solve real problems or are they just an advantage to the passenger with a smartphone in the car?

The vision is great, the cars will be an application of information technology and the passengers who struggle through difficulties while traveling from one place to another can now relax. But not everyone can afford an automatically informative car. Then why are the innovators at automobile industries scratching their head to advance the vehicle's infrastructure to settle with changes that information technology would need to implement in real time with mobile apps?

Well, the answer to this can be traced, the establishment of communication between cars will allow the vehicles to exchange information like current speed, precise location, road conditions and performance data of the vehicle, parking management and traffic status, which will benefit everyone on the road thanks to mobile apps.


The accidents are one of the major reasons for the rise in the death toll in the world and many researchers are focusing on preparing a mobile application based on preventive measures for avoiding the sudden accidents. For example, a research vision suggests the automatic control of the speed at highways when the car is intruded. Detecting the intruder, signaling the driver and controlling the speed via super responsive software embedded into the car system can avoid accidents due to sudden intruding of an animal or human.


Traffic is a daily curse for urban people. For example, an application that helps trace out an alternate path for reaching the destination by using the data from the global positioning system into the mobile application or wearable device.


With an increasing number of vehicles on the roads, the problem of parking at public places and residences is augmenting. SAP has come up with a smart way of managing to park using the IoT technology wherein SAP provides a digital backup for the parking space. The vehicle driver can search parking at multiple locations using iOS or Android mobile apps and reserve parking spaces for themselves.


The self-driving car has already gone miles without a driver and can be another technological invasion into the automotive industry, being totally monitored by the data given by the sensors which lower the risk of accidents due to carelessness and distraction.


The introduction of information technology to the people has to lead to many innovative commercial products and the automobile industry is facing a challenge in the market. The factors for extending the IT solution into manufacturing of vehicles can be:

Machine Learning application

The computer vision through Machine Learning has given rise to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality which were not there earlier and can be implemented in accident avoidance to analyze the object through 3D maps.

Electric vehicles

EVs are another reason for a collaborative vehicle model as the fuel now is going to be electricity. The cost of the electric vehicle is going to be lower. The innovation in features of the car might be the only cost deciding factor, and the battery charging station would be new into the ecosystem which can be IT-driven for better implementation to be done by mobile application development companies. Therefore, the communication is only possible if the vehicle is IT supported as well.


Ola and Uber popularity at affordable rates has made sharing a trend and commuting easy as well as less harmful. An individual will rather make a smart choice to share a car instead of purchasing one with a maintenance cost.


The collaboration of Ford and Microsoft in SYNC-system has been initiated already from which we can draw a possibility of the next level advanced vehicles on the roads. The European truck Platooning Challenge using the IoT technology has resulted in energy reduction.


The players of the automobile industry have observed the electronics revolution and learned from the mistakes made by electronic leading companies by not paying attention to the proprietary charger that only works on a particular device.

The vision of bringing together the Electrical Vehicle idea and the car based iOS or Android app development is the revolution for the automobile industry itself for a green and happy future and a healthy atmosphere for the next generation.

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