Is Microsoft Visual Studio a good choice for web development

Amit Agrawal
Published on Feb 25, 2019 in Web Developers Resources

Is Microsoft Visual Studio a good choice for web development

Today, almost all web developers use a special type of software called Integrated Development Environment. This type of software includes all the necessary components to build Web Development Solutions.

One of the most effective and powerful tools is Microsoft Visual Studio. It contains a wide range of functions and allows you to build almost anything. Let’s learn more about the solution and check out whether it’s a good choice for web development.

What is Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment which helps to create applications with an innovative interface and functionality that will satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. This tool simplifies performing complex tasks to provide the best Web Development Services. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, you can develop high-quality applications for Windows, Microsoft Office, Windows Phone, the Internet and the cloud. Most developers say the software is the best solution for Microsoft application development.

Benefits of Microsoft Visual Studio

Creating applications is not an easy process, requiring a huge amount of knowledge. This product from Microsoft Corporation is designed to make this work operational and convenient by:

  • use of wide functionality
  • the ability to test apps and correct errors on the go
  • convenient navigation

Due to app integration, it’s much easier to write code for Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms.

There are the following versions available:

  • Visual Studio IDE for Mac and Windows. Allows creating applications for almost any platform. Full-fledged development environment with all the tools to create the programming product.
  • Visual Studio App Center. Allows to build, deploy, repeat, test, and engage the apps.
  • Visual Studio Team Services. A great tool for teams.
  • Visual Studio Code. The easiest app for web and app developers. Works very fast require lower specifications, supports a lot of additional plugins as well as built-in GitHub integration.

All the components are very useful for any professional providing Microsoft development services. How is Visual Studio a great choice for web developers?

Microsoft Visual Studio for web developers

Modern web instruments

Visual Studio includes a lot of flexible tools to build modern web applications and websites.

ASP.NET and other languages and technologies

Besides the Microsoft application development with ASP.NET, you can use almost any other programming language, such as JavaScript, Node.js, Python, etc.

You are not limited to specific languages and can use any that you’re comfortable and productive with. Front end developers can switch between HTML, CSS, JavaScript, also SASS and LESS frameworks. The modern powerful code editor simplifies the coding and provides fast results.

Software containers

The software containers let you build, deploy, test, and debug the applications with software containers. Control and add the dependencies to make the software compatible with any platform or service based on Azure, Azure icons or another online host.

Variety of supported platforms

You can provide Microsoft development services using ASP.NET Core or .NET Core on the computer running any operating system including Mac OS, Windows or Linux. Visual Studio is a great tool to build web applications compatible with Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Modern web frameworks and tools

Use the latest web frameworks to increase productivity. You will be able to use jQuery, Angular, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Express, Django, and many others. The code editor features IntelliSense to make the coding on client-side JavaScript and most popular frameworks based on it.

Open source components

.NET Core and ASP.NET source codes are available on GitHub and are open source. That means that any developer can contribute to it and help to improve its work. All you need is to send a pull request or open an issue. The community is very active and regularly improves the product.

Variety of package managers

A developer can use all the popular package managers including Bower, NPM, and NuGet. Each of them has a number of benefits. For example, NuGet suggests a variety of server-side .NET libraries, Bower provides the latest JavaScript client-side technologies, and NPM supports a lot of high-efficient utilities.

Expand functionality

Microsoft Visual Studio supports a lot of third-party extensions to expand the default functionality. The ecosystem is rapidly growing and regularly offers new solutions.


CodeLens are the hints that appear above your code that provides information about the used dependencies, the test results, who changed the code, related work items, checkers, etc. All you need to know about the code is available in the editor. For more information, just click on the hint to move directly to the code associated with this method or class.

Mobile web apps

Create mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows with your web development skills. The software allows building the apps with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other frameworks. This is possible due to Apache Cordova support.


To check how the apps will work in the cloud, use the built-in tools and run the app right within Visual Studio.

Feature-rich code editor

Work with your code efficiently: write, explore, edit, test, deploy and debug with a variety of great tools. Connect directly to your Git repository from any vendor including GitHub.

Code Map

This feature is useful when working with large codebases. When the code is written by another development team, it can be complicated and it’s hard for you to debug it. In this case, the Code Map is extremely useful. When you need to understand the specific dependencies in the existing code, you can visualize them as a map.

Powerful debugger

Debug the code working with JavaScript, Python, Node.js, C#, Swift, .NET, ASP.NET and many others. Debug the code locally, virtually, remotely, or even in the cloud.


Microsoft Visual Studio is an effective development environment for those who work with Microsoft development services. It’s the best solution to create web apps with .NET or ASP.NET.

If you would like to create a small website or build a basic web app, then you can choose Visual Studio Code. The full IDE is a heavyweight and requires a lot of PC resources. The VS Code is lightweight. However, it provides all the necessary features. We can help when you have a more advanced project in mind and can help you get the best solution for your unique business.

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