Is Enterprise Mobility Leading the Consumerization of IT?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Apr 26, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Is Enterprise Mobility Leading the Consumerization of IT?

Have you ever heard the term Consumerization of IT before reading this article? It is very likely that you have not. Consumerization of IT is a metonym used to describe an information technology cycle that emerges in the consumer market and spreads out across enterprises, businesses, government and non-government organizations.

The flow of technology is firstly rendered into Government sectors, military and defense, and then sweeps into the working of businesses and enterprises. Initially, the technology is sold at high costs and progressively lowers down However, these norms are changing with the consumers adopting more and more technologies every year.

Nowadays, enterprises want to render high-functionality while radically reducing their consumer efforts. Government organizations are far from this concept and have much-delayed responses on adopting new technologies. Some of the most adopted technologies are Cloud Technologies and Cloud-based applications and another one is Social Media and other networking communicating platforms.

What exactly is it?

There are many added layers to the term “Consumerization of IT”. It’s quickly adapting to personal and work-oriented electronic and online services in order to gain extensibility. By focusing on utilizing unapproved technologies for saving money and enhancing employee productivity, it is the demand of the younger generation to get hold of information and data onto the platforms that are most easily approachable and accessible.

It is impossible to stop the Consumerization of IT, as it has helped enterprises grow immensely. It is now being embraced by big and small enterprises and has become part of a common strategy to enjoy technology benefits. This makes it easier for enterprises to join their employees and their mobile devices by promoting BYOD.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device means blending personal and business technology together to get out more productivity from the users, and it is one of the best examples of Consumerization of IT and enterprise mobility management. It allows you to have full control of your enterprise workflow while helping you track your employees’ activities.

Thus, developing a culture that adapts to the consumerization of IT helps you enhance your enterprise functionality. While it leverages functionality to the employees, there are still many decisions that are great for you such as choosing technology which is easy to use by non-tech expert users.

Equipping employees with the latest technology and tools is your main objective, for which you should choose a technology that is comprehensible by everyone. Policies and technical governance are your responsibility. You should focus on building your empire on technology which is policy-based and deploy it in a cohesive way. The cohesive utilization of technology helps you in breaking anarchy and also provides you with better results. Technology and BYOD helps you render transparency in your workflow while securing the whole process acutely.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility services are the services which make your workflow management much simpler, while providing you with the space to grow wider in your business domain. This process involves using strategies, deploying technology, and building solutions that lavish great functionality to your enterprise. Custom Product development, POS Development, ERP development, and enterprise mobile app development are some of the most commonly adopted enterprise mobility services. By providing cloud services and social networking platforms to enhance its reach, it increases both security and reach.

Using Social Networking Platforms

Social Networks have drowned out the differences and have joint the world as a universal entity. Its impact on business and the workplace is inevitable. There are millions of people on social media platforms and it’s undeniable that it can be channelized properly to help your business grow. The complete outburst has made it impossible to see technology and personal lives as different entities. Thus, integrating your work with social networks helps your employees efficiently participate in their personal lives as they work in your organization, as they are able to take instant access to these apps. For businesses, social networks are an ideal tool to help grow your business relationships. Also, companies are therefore integrating consumer devices and social networks onto their enterprise apps.

The thin line between home and work

People are now more and more inclined towards working from home. With cloud technology, and the increase of data availability, it’s been made possible for technology to help people work from their homes. Companies are now coming up with the same concept: Enterprise Mobility Solutions help you in reducing employee maintenance costs radically while getting the work done as before.

However, employee management is still a difficult aspect. It is highly difficult to manage security and the employees activity. While technology can come with much more secure and advanced products that help enterprises gain complete control on their employee professional activities, organizations can start by making company policies strict and secure. Data sensitivity and control can help them monitor employee device data.

Businesses are shifting their business models to those that require tech savvy employees

With the increased usage of mobile devices and finding top mobile app development companies as their potential consumer base, organizations have witnessed a change in the relationship between the employer and employees, and between consumers and businesses. New technologies and trend evolutions have completely changed the way we see business operations. In fact, newer mobile technologies and other aids have completely changed the way businesses communicate with their employees and consumers. By improving the interaction, everything that was once existent in the business world has changed.

Another thing that has changed consumers completely is mCommerce, as it has impacted the business operational system radically. People now research products, look for reviews, take onto social networking sites while buying any product online. Social networks play an important role in hiking up your sales because people naturally go onto these platforms to learn about recommendations.

It’s important for businesses to adapt to Consumerization of IT for their business growth. Technology is helping them restructure their workflow while increasing employee productivity.

Wrapping Up

It is safe to say that it is the demand of the time, as the younger and newer generation is keen to dissolve the differences between business technology and personal technology. Looking forward to their needs and demands, organizations should understand that with technical advancements, it is very likely that if you didn’t promote Consumerization of IT in your organization, you might regret it afterwards.

Whether it is employee and employer communication or business consumer interaction, it is obvious that modern enterprises can thrive on technology and their adaption of trends. Enterprise Mobility Management helps you liberate your employees and provide them with a good working environment. In addition, it helps you enhance their work productivity.

The systemization of technology and integration of new technology tools helps you in reducing friction between management and employees. While rendering transparency to the system, it increases the employee’s engagement in the workplace while encouraging them to innovate.

It is also important for organizations to come up with robust techniques and deploy technologies that enhance data security. Mostly, security is the one thing that keeps businesses from providing them that liberty of data.

Consumerization of IT is hard to escape. You have the power of technology which helps you work smarter, and while there are risks, you can surely solve issues single handedly thanks to technology.

We found that consumerization is a tool which promotes the use of toolsets that help you have a secure access on data on your personal and business devices. It is highly popular and helpful when enhancing employee productivity while channelizing their active engagement in the work flow of an organization.

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