Is Augmented Reality the future of apps?

Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh, Co-Founder at Algoworks
Published on Jun 20, 2017 in Augmented Reality Developers Resources
Is augmented reality the future of apps?

Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer used to maneuver people about any app, it has become the new reality. Now we have to gaze upon the future of Augmented Reality apps. A decade ago Augmented Reality was just a figment of our imagination but today mobile apps are drifting more and more towards the web of Augmented Reality.

Most apps selling in the name of AR now are mere gimmicks. But once AR hits the market in its true sense, it will be massive.

Augmented Reality is the amalgamation of a user’s environment, real time with the live video. It basically recognizes a picture or film, blends fresh information and then portrays the blended final visual result in real time bringing forth lifelike exquisite experiences.

The big deal about Augmented Reality lies in the fact that it truncates the gap between the real and digital worlds. It provides amazing 3D experiences and can blend GPS or geolocation with any variety of contextual information via mobile apps. The union of these two paramount technologies allows AR based apps to provide their users an exquisite and immersive experience.

There are several areas where AR is set to flourish:

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing will take a brand new direction with the inception of Augmented Reality. AR is a powerful and dynamic marketing application that customers can use to make purchase decisions anywhere at anytime. For example a furniture company released a mobile app that allows you to see what furniture is most suitable for the dimensions of your bedroom. AR saves you the time (and headaches) of going to the store to measure furniture to see if it will fit in your room.

  • Education

    Education will also be revolutionized by AR to a great extent. AR can be used to create 3D images, recreate historical events, superimpose galaxy structures in real time and a lot more. Augmented Reality allows merging of content with media thereby providing students a more immersive and engaging experience and a deeper understanding of topics. There are already mobile apps available that let you point your phone to the sky and see the constellations and learn their history.

  • Gaming

    No matter what, you can't ignore the hype of AR in the world of gaming. It has turned the entire gaming industry upside down with the release of games like Pokémon GO and AR Soccer. Augmented Reality makes games more engaging and aids in gamer retention, like the ones developed by Algoworks.

  • Travel Guide

    Integrating Augmented Reality into travel apps has huge potential. It can aid in real time translation of road signs so that one can feel confident to travel alone to foreign countries. The AR browsers like Wikitude and Layar help in incorporating the real world elements in the search criteria to give better results.

Augmented Reality is all about delivering information that is relevant to the physical objects that surround users. It conveys the most appropriate information at the most appropriate time in your current environment. The real potential of AR is staggering. Imagine if your car broke down and you could point your phone at the problem and understand how to fix it. The potential and reach of Augmented Reality is huge, it has already come to life, and our generation is lucky enough to witness its growth.

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