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Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Apr 30, 2018 in Education App Developers Resources
iPad App Development for Education

Recently, Apple has launched an iPad with pencil support loaded with education-related apps for schools. This is clearly an attempt to fight the Chromebook, which is gaining quite some popularity in the market. Google has increased the supply of Chromebook up to 60% in the US, so Apple has come up with this $299 iPad in an attempt to compensate the numbers. The iOS app development for education apps has many interesting apps providing enough material for teachers to use technology for better understanding and advanced studies.

So let us check out the features of iWork apps and iPad

iPad App Development for Education
  • AI apps for biology class that enables the students to virtual dissect in the insects as a part of their lab work
  • Apple is offering free icloud from 5GB to 200GB for students only to backup iPad services
  • iPad is 9.7 inches with pencil support
  • The app store is filled with 200, 000 education apps
  • Touch ID and HD facetime camera with 10 hours standby
  • For students, iPad is $299 and for others, it is $325
  • Apple pencil is an add-on of $99
  • Teachers will be able to create digital books using Mac and reports using Pages

Apps demonstrated at the event in Chicago are as follows


This comes from the ARkit introduced by Apple for learning, and the purpose of this app is the dissection of a frog that is a part of lab work in biology classes. The Apple pencil stylus lets you peel off the skin of the frog and virtually go through the dissection process.

Boulevard AR

This is an app for Art and history students with augmented reality features for a better understanding of the artist's work. The app also lets students create 3D animations of the cartoons.

WWF Free Rivers

Rivers iOS app development ARkit is filled with world wildlife data and images that enable students to acknowledge the environmental impact of human actions. The app allows them to think outside the box.

Everyone can code

This is new iPad app that teaches coding from kindergarten to university. The basics can be learned on iPad and Mac can be used to create apps. Coding helps improve critical thinking and problem-solving. Every sector is backed up by technology and children should thrive a future in this field right from kindergarten.


This app transforms the device into a teaching assistant that helps teachers and children avoid distractions. The teacher can view all students' screens at once or a particular screens as well. There is a possibility that students might indulge into Internet browsing, but their devices can be monitored by the teacher and settings can be customized. Even Google has the same app for Android users to coordinate in the classroom.


All Apple users are quite familiar with Pages but now it has added a new feature where users can add their own illustrations, and also the smart annotation feature, which allows teachers to mark the documents or study material with a pencil.

Apple Teacher

Apple teacher is an app that upgrades the skills of an educator and introduces interesting and updated activities for smart learning. Apple Teacher asks you to follow a certain path to teach children using iPads and Macbook instead of a marker and a board, but once the teacher catches hold of the app, they can use it to try new methods for building the children's potential.

Swift Playgrounds

This app is perfect to improve the children’s intellectual skills. There's no coding but a lot of puzzles to solve. The series of challenge go on as the level increases from puzzles to commanding drones and robots. This app lets you see the output of the code you build by using swift virtually, which means no more star pattern codes.


Although there are a lot of serious iPad education apps, there are also fun apps like Clips that let you create funny videos with many features such as emojis, animated text, and artistic mode filters. Children nowadays love Star Wars and the app has SW stickers, for example.


Class kit is a framework for teachers to manage tests, reports, and notes of the study material so that they can update the iPad app schoolwork on every student's device and call for appropriate action at the right time.

These apps are a wonderful way to create enthusiasm in teachers as well as students, but the implementation is only possible if Apple can persuade IT providers to create a manageable and easy maintenance of the software and devices.


Apple has a race going on with Google in the education apps sector. The market in education is again dominated by iOS and Android both. Apple has the strongest software which makes it unique for consumers, but on the other hand, the easily accessible Chromebook cuts expenses for schools. All mobile app development companies are looking forward an innovative app with distinct features.

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