IoT, the future that it is already here

Published on Mar 30, 2017 in App Development

Internet of Things is a set of technological solutions whose purpose is the automation of objects at home, in the office or in the entire city. Thanks to those solutions, time, security and space management becomes much more effective. The trend, along with the increasingly lower prices of sensors, opens up great possibilities for mobile apps creation. Our lives may become much easier thanks to the new solutions offered by mobile app developers. The Internet of Things enables effective time management and an easy, quick control of our house devices, ensuring thereby that we always return to a warm and cared for house.

With Internet of Things we can set up our house devices so that they will work automatically. Thus, right after waking up, we can delight ourselves in the taste of fresh-made coffee and later on return home just to have a bath full of hot water ready to immerse in. We no longer need to worry about coming back to a cold house in the winter – we can turn the heating on remotely with our mobile phones. Let's read more about this on the article written by the mobile app development company RAD4M.

The Internet of Things enables us to integrate all the electronic devices in our house, this allows an effective management and control of several objects. In addition, thanks to IoT we may be sure that nothing wrong is going on in our house, even if we are at the other end of the world at the moment. In case of unexpected events, such as burglary or a fire, special detectors located in the house will send a message to our smartphones, at the same time informing the right services about the incident.

Beacons and the Internet of Things

Smarthome also means beacons. These are small Bluetooth transmitters that enable smartphones localization in confined spaces. The popularity of beacons is closely connected with the trend of Internet of Things. Smart objects communicate with mobile devices by means of sensors. They connect with our mobile phones in order to collect, process and exchange data. This is possible, among others, thanks to beacons, whose small size and low energy consumption lets us situate them anywhere, even inside objects.

Moreover, beacons are so inexpensive that modern solutions may be implemented at a really low cost. We can have various parameters at home such as temperature or humidity under control thanks to them. The data are constantly transmitted to a special mobile app that sends the right messages whenever the situation is getting out of the norm. In such cases, it can also adjust the devices to your previously chosen settings.

beacons by rad4m

Optimized trade

Smart devices belong to a trend which is profittable not only in the household. The gradual popularization of the Internet of Things brings considerable advantages also to retail trade. It is beneficial both to sellers and customers. With smart devices we can instantly check which vital products we lack at home and which we are running out of.

The process of online shopping has been also simplified, as it is enough to just make several clicks to order the most frequently chosen products, enumerated on a special list. Apart from this, the Internet of Things facilitates consumer identification on the basis of data collected by special sensors so that a customized offer may be sent to the customer’s smartphone, perfectly fitting their individual needs. What is more, information collected this way may later help optimize a shop’s offer and improve business processes. A key to success for a business is to get to know the customer’s needs and fulfill them in the best possible way, which can easily be done thanks to data gathered with Intenet of Things.

New possibilities for industry and production

Smart objects will also prove useful in business and production. They may considerably improve the quality and speed up a company’s processes. When applying the Internet of Things in your company, you can expect an increase in productivity and employee security, with the simultaneous cost reduction and better allocation of resources. This trend may also improve the quality of customer needs fulfillment and as a result have a positive impact on customer relations.

The Internet of Things will considerably increase the effectiveness and quality of business decision making processes thanks to the data analysis it offers as a basis for automation implementation. A sensor-equipped device sends measuring data to the central system, where they are gathered and analyzed by a special mobile app so that any irregularities in the machine’s functioning are instantly identified and the possibility of a breakdown may be predicted. The system helps minimize machine idleness and optimize teamwork.

New marketing possibilities

It is vital for any businessperson to know well the clients. It is them that a company’s success or failure depends on. They assess the offers carefully, verifying their attractiveness and make up a decision about the purchase. The best offers are those which meet the real customer needs in a way that is as close to perfect as possible.

One of IoT’s applications is its impact on marketing. With the constantly rising number and role of information, the system creates completely new possibilities in the field of data collecting and processing as well as the personalization of communication. The data collected by the system is not sensitive data, as it is limited to the customer’s activity within the field of the sensors’ functioning. What is analyzed is e.g. the frequency with which a store is visited by a particular customer, in which places they appear most often and for how long. This is used to collect some significant information on the customer’s interests and preferences.

These are completely new methods of communication with the client, they open up new possibilities for businesses to attract clients. Data gathered by IoT will help improve the effectiveness of advertising segmentation, meaning both ads sent directly by smart devices as well as by smartphones, tablets or computers.

Future of the IoT

The future of IoT

The reports by the consulting firm Deloitte predict a future which will be the Internet of Things. This trend is just another stage of technological revolution. Similarly to the appearance of social media which have considerably influenced the shape of our lives and changed business models, the Internet of Things also transforms our habits and customs.

Many companies have already noticed the great potential of smart objects and the benefits of using and popularizing them among clients. IoT creates new market possibilities which is aimed at increasing the efficiency of production and trade processes. With the data collected by devices, good business decisions can be made, resources can be better allocated and efficiency increased, all of which brings considerable benefits such as: bigger profits and costs reduction.

With time, the importance of Internet of Things as a communication tool among businesses and clients will increase. In addition, our houses will soon become more functional, which will increase our comfort and sense of security at the same time helping us save time.

Developing a really good mobile app, compatible with smart objects is not a simple task. Such an app should meet the requirements of the modern market. It must reflect the needs of the clients and effectively support distributors in achieving their goals. If you are looking for a company which can help you implement the Internet of Things, you can check RAD4M. Their specialists know perfectly the possibilities of smart devices and do their best to apply them in the best possible way.

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