IoT for Industries: What Are The New Trends?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on May 01, 2018 in Internet of Things Developers Resources
new trends for IOT

What is IoT?

IIoT or Industrial-IoT is the consumer-focused development of IoT devices that helps a business grow in its business vertical. Industrial IoT is nothing but the use of IoT Development by several industries such as logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, energy and utilities, aviation and, metal and mining industry, etc. IoT Application Development, in general, helps enterprises improve their operational efficiency and the automation of several other business-related chores. Internet of Things help you optimize your work with rationalization and maintenance. With the convergence of IT and OT, IoT comes as a big help when you need business automation, smart working, intelligent manufacturing, ease of maintaining multiple business and warehouses, etc.

How does IIOT help your business emerge in the global skyline?

Elaborating further, IoT Development helps a business in asset performance management, industrial control, making your business on-demand trend ready, intelligent manufacturing, creating better revenue models, re-structuring your industrial model, etc. IoT Software development has already transformed various industries such as energy management, healthcare, manufacturing, and others.

Why should you hurry investing in IIoT?

IIoT is highly promising for a business that dreams of a global future. As your work starts to expand, it is highly unlikely you will be able to keep up with the traditional methods. According to Global Management Consultancy Company McKinsey, IIoT will blow its investment to $6.2 trillion by the year 2025. However, some industries do not provide data visibility in which IIoT deployment falls apart completely. Also, business upgrades can cost many companies a lot, which adds to the challenges of deploying IIoT into the market.

So, IIoT is…

Industrial IOT comes under the umbrella term Internet of Things, which connects several devices and sensors by automating your business to an extent. It all works cohesively to collect and analyze data, organize it and reduce wasted time while improving efficiency. Involvement of technology in our everyday life is inevitable, and IoT has brought many changes and optimizations. When we talk IIoT, it is very likely that we all will get past all the challenges and implement something as robust as it into our business management activities.

Trends firing up IIoT

For a long time, managing data and taking time for reorganizing and restructuring has been a difficult job for businesses. With IIoT we are creating a new technical leap that is going to transform the course of business management completely.

Let's look at some of the trends:

Data Analysis

Especially businesses like manufacturing and investment organizations, IIoT data analysis has come as a big help. Not just for those business, but Data Analysis has become a mandatory practice for every industry to evolve and expand. Thus, a lot of people are likely to invest in it, Data analysis being the ultimate business need for data scientists and data engineers to explore IoT and its capabilities to utilize the cloud to serve as a cutting-edge analytics tool.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

One thing which will be at its peak will be the number of mergers and acquisitions done for advanced IIoT capabilities. Industries especially OEM’s have an appetite for bringing more and more advanced digital and analytics solutions for accelerating their workflow and production. Technologies such as data science and software engineering are still not able to meet core competencies of OEM’s with robust solutions; thus, IIOT comes at its rescue by helping organizations fulfill their analytics requirements.

Application Development

Hybrid of many technologies, in the next few years, the thin line between technologies is going to drown out more and more. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, it will soon bring about an evolution in the business world for many industries. While the adoption of these techniques depends on the users and the solutions it renders to its users, your particular business requirements play an important role as well.

Energy Harvesting

One of the global issues that technology is working to solve it's energy and its conservation. While the world is going greener, it is essential that power and its harvesting will be more critical in IoT. Conservation of technology in different ways like solar, wind and thermal, wind, salinity gradient,s and kinetic energy, will be be stored into smaller, wireless and wearable devices. This means, IoT will make wireless sensor networking equally crucial for the future.

Smart Cities

IoT has made our cities more and more intelligent. With the concept of smart city, the governance of cities and maintenance of law and order has become easier. With infrastructure getting more and more integrated, it is possible to launch precision in location, autonomous technology, and IoT, which will radically improve service quality.


Security will become more important as with our dependency on technology growing every day more. It is important to ensure data by making security a key feature for IIoT. With IIoT being high in demand, it is very important that we keep in mind that security is still one of the major issues faced while deploying IoT. However, technical advancements do ensure that sooner we will be advancing into a much more secure future where IoT connected devices will be safer and more updated.


Technology is bound to reduce human efforts, so one of the most important factors that drive IIoT is the automation of many industries. With IIoT you can improvise, utilize and mature as a very advanced system of production. Its analytics, data security, and asset management system help you take your time out for more important things.


Not just OEM’s, but software industry will be using IoT Software Development as well to rapidly transform software defined factories. With IoT we will enter an era in which we'll have smartly connected conveyor belts, air compressors, cutting-machines, and other similar tools. Automation of the whole system is the goal and Mobile Monitoring and factory management will be easier.

Data Centres Will Become Autonomous

Industries that understand technology and its importance are aiming to fully automate their operational system. With IoT and AI, we will be able to solve data center related issues with software technology while the administration and monitoring of Data Centers will no longer be a problem. Imagine how helpful it will be when you can wake up your data center merely with your voice and manage them from any location. IT infrastructure gears will be deployed to maintain and monitor your various data centers in one go.


IIoT or Industrial IoT will simplify our world for greater goods. With IoT integrated into the core operations of an enterprise, it can reduce a lot of human efforts and the time required for maintenance and monitoring. The following discussion was done in hopes to drag your attention towards technology and the way it will mold your business future. In conclusion, you should always look forward to employing new technology such as IIoT, machine learning, AI etc. to help you manage your workflow better.

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