IoT Development Tools and Trends Rocking the 2018

Chetan Naik
Chetan Naik, Co-Founder and CTO at CDN Solutions Group
Published on Jun 29, 2018 in Internet of Things Developers Resources
IoT Development Tools and Trends Rocking the 2018


The Internet of Things has taken the business world by storm. Suddenly, IoT product development has become the new normal for businesses in all leading industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Consumers, and so on. We are now caught in the whirlwind of connected devices giving birth to innovative implementations. Customer centricity and exceptional services have become possible because of the fact that IoT has become a reality.

With the Internet of Things, software development companies are developing exceptional products that are changing the way humans have operated. The IoT is a whiff of fresh air for us, and the ultimate reality that is setting in. The world won't be the same after the IoT has spread like wildfire. Businesses have been transformed as a result, and our lives are about to, too!

If you have been looking for a software development company that enables the IoT applications, look a little harder, and a little longer- to get a partner who understands and thrives on innovation. Latest trends and tools are a great place to begin your search for a reliable IoT app development company. Search for businesses who dwell on the latest rather than digging for value in something that has passed.

Top 5 Trends Driving the IoT Wave This Year

IoT trends are all over the place. From consumer-facing businesses to those that work in the background, everyone is trying to lay their hands on a piece of the cake that the IoT is. The Internet of Things just got leveled up in 2018.

Here are the top happenings from the world of IoT- hot from the oven!

  • Secure or Suffer – There is nothing more vital to consumers of the IoT technology, than their privacy and data security. We expect 2018 to take leaps towards enhancing security in the IoT applications. IoT product development will be deemed incomplete without investing heavily in ensuring there is stringent security in the infrastructure behind the scenes of any IoT solution. Without security, businesses should remain ready to get busted any time- even in the wake of the tiniest of security flaw.
  • Smart Cities Thrive – This year, we expect smart cities to not only develop and become real, but also thrive. Towns and spaces that harness the power of IoT will be populated by humans who long for an elevated tech-enabled life. Smart city builders will dive right into the pool of software development companies to look for businesses developing solutions on the IoT front that can help governments leverage the technology.
  • Data, More of it – As the IoT technology becomes tangible, data will cease to decrease, forever. Petabytes of data will be utilized in enhancing customers' experiences, giving them what they want- at the right time. The rise in the IoT will understandably lead to better data analytics and consequently push businesses to strive to churn their data and squish out insights. These insights will then nurture the IoT solutions, enriching them for the customers.
  • All Hail Mobility – Mobile platforms will become the sole IoT management systems for us to control a myriad of devices. We already see this trend in action as mobile app development continues to grow unhampered. Web-based solutions have transitioned into mobile platforms, and the trend is getting permanent. With IoT, as businesses try to transform customer experiences on-the-go, mobile apps are the obvious choice.
  • On the Edge – With the humongous size of data, businesses will look for a better and cheaper way to process it. Apparently, processing data on the edge is the only viable solution that will be available for us in the near future. Edge networking is taking shape as some early adopters have started paying heed to the need for this technology as the IoT becomes commonplace.

The volume of connected devices is expected to boost from 2.5 billion in 2017 to a staggering 5.4 billion by 2020.

A software development company that offers IoT product development services should look for the trends and the best tools moving forward.

Top 5 IoT App Development Tools Prominent in 2018

What is a tech trend without some exquisite tools to create it? While trends tell us the direction markets are heading towards, tools help us build a spot for us in the market. Here are the top winners from the IoT space-

  • Arduino IDE – The Italy based company manufactures interactive objects, micro-controller boards, and kits to fulfill the hardware needs of the IoT apps. Arduino has created a complete IDE for software development companies to leverage. The package also includes pre-loaded libraries, making IoT development easier than anything else. Programmable micro-controllers in this development package can be coded with C and C++ programming languages.
  • Raspbian – This IDE is created for Raspberry Pi board and consists of numerous packages and examples. The IDE boasts of over 35000 packages and also enables their quick installation through pre-compiled software solutions. Developers and software development companies aiming for Raspberry Pi cannot get a better platform for their efforts.
  • OpenSCADA – This is a companion project of Eclipse SCADA and is based on the modern design that enables agility and security in the IoT solutions. The platform includes advanced debugging support and offers a high-end set of independent tools that can be combined to provide interface apps, configuration tools, back and front-end apps, libraries, and so on.
  • DeviceHive – DeviceHive was launched in 2012 as an open source, free of cost M2M communication framework. It has gone ahead to become one of the most popular IoT app development platforms since then. Its cloud-based API allows IoT app owners to control it remotely. DeviceHive has a proven record of compatibility when developing apps for sensors, smart home tech solutions, automation, and security. Another added advantage of leveraging DeviceHive is its thriving community of programmers and online blog resources.
  • Kaa – Created by Cybervision, Kaa offers all-inclusive support for connected devices in an IoT app. This is a multi-purpose tool that developers and software development companies can use to build IoT solutions, smart products, and applications. The open source kit Kaa comes handy to developers so that they can interface it with sensors, gateways, or any other array of devices.

IoT product development needs to be strategized. It is always better to analyze what the needs of the customers or the business are- and then go ahead to pick a tool that suits best.

How CDN Software Solutions is Causing Ripples in the IoT Development Space

CDN Software Solutions is a leading software development company that works on all exciting technologies. We offer IoT product development services to businesses who want to set off on the path to digital transformation. With a wealth of experience in delivering to various industries, our IoT development team is confident to cater to any business challenge and turn it into a solution.

We realize that IoT is not all talks and strategies, but, a good strategy builds the foundation of a development solution. Our consultants offer you a roadmap on which you can kickstart your IoT development efforts.

We analyze your business, find the gaps, assess the infrastructure and cost, and then fathom the shortest and the most cost-effective way for you to jumpstart on your IoT app development journey with us.

The leading technologies we work on, enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers from all over the world. And, our IoT development specialists ensure quality and stringent security in all tech solutions we deliver.

If you are not sure where to start, allow us to estimate your IoT product development costs (both time and money) for free. Begin from where you are, and we will provide you with the needed support along the way!

CDN Software Solutions can develop your idea into the next-big-thing! Together, we can cause ripples in your industry.

Contact us now.

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