IoT apps for energy efficiency

IoT apps for energy efficiency

We are aware that Internet of Things (IoT) is a lively area that has created alacrity and stirring for research and development in the world of mobile computing. Specific to app development, everyday new challenges are presented whereby an app for a handheld device is needed to help solving an IoT purpose.

GirnarSoft had a privilege to explore possibilities of an IoT mobile app related to energy efficiency and optimization of electric power equipments. With the vision to keep low capital expenditure and maintenance overheads, the solution developed has received mass acceptance due to its pocket-friendliness and ease of use. Many household users and companies have been benefited by the mobile app to reduce their power consumption and GirnarSoft team is working on the next phases of the application.


Consider a hypothetical situation with a home having a single or multiple air conditioners (AC) or a commercial setup having a large air conditioning plant or a set of ACs. In a normal scenario when an AC hardware has limitations, replacing normal equipments with smart technology ACs would be a costly solution.

The above diagram is from GirnarSoft’s client idea including the following:

  1. A custom developed and cost efficient plug-n-play hardware to bridge a standard split or commercial AC with a mobile app and server.
  2. An Android and iOS app to be downloaded from each app store.
  3. Business logic (hosted on Cloud) to provide remote control and give reports.
  4. A web dashboard to help in reporting and show analytics on energy consumption and efficiency.


  1. Plug-n-play device can be easily configured with wifi connectivity.
  2. Plug-n-play device fetches configuration of the AC machine to identify its control.
  3. App is downloaded on a mobile device and the user is authenticated.
  4. App requests connection with plug-n-play hardware device.
  5. Plug-n-play device passes signal to the mobile app.
  6. App sends a request to the server for particular AC controls.
  7. Server sends the controls required to operate the AC.


  1. Temperature control: Switching AC on/off and controlling temperature via the mobile app.
  2. Time schedule: the user is able to set time slot in which AC runs and set timer for weekdays/weekends. By simply making an efficient use of time schedule or cutting AC operation for even 1 hour/day can lead to hug saving on annual basis.
  3. Remote operation: the mobile app works in both online/offline mode. When the device is within the app range, it works in offline mode (no internet connection required). Also, the user is able to control AC remotely. Consider a busy day at work. When you reach home, it is too hot and your AC takes time to cool your room. This IoT app is a solution to that problem. The user can control the room temperature remotely by switching the AC on and then maintaining a temperature before reaching home via a mobile app.


In the first phase, GirnarSoft worked on an Android App, however, this concept can also be developed for other platforms such as iOS and Windows. With minimum investment, the solution of an IoT app is handy and affordable for household and commercial use. Although many mobile device vendors have provided AC monitoring as a default feature, this app has advanced features of remote operator and scheduling for temperature control that differentiates it from rest of the competitors.

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