iOS 12 Update Impact on iPhone App Development

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jan 30, 2019 in iOS Developers Resources
iOS 12 Update Impact on iPhone App Development


With the tweaks being introduced in iOS 12, iOS developers and iOS app development companies started analyzing, how it is going to affect their apps. Apple's App Store launched a decade ago and currently, it is a repository of over two million apps with more than 170 billion downloads $130billion revenue. 4.5 million iOS apps have been launched by iOS development companies over the App Store where many among them have been removed by Apple.

Within a couple of weeks after the launch of iOS 12.1.1, Apple released surprising and mysteriously iOS 12.1.2, which put iPhone app developers into the blend of excitement and apprehension. The new release included the key fix for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, along with the few bug fixes.

With the new release it was assumed that new devices will launch 40 percent faster display of app over the screen, 50 percent faster keyboard display and camera app launch with 70 percent faster speed. The new exciting release also came with a new USDZ file type, the amazing ability to set the app limits and a visual "Do not Disturb" feature.

The most frequent and huge fix Apple introduced was for the seriously critical bug of cellular connectivity issue in Turkey which happened in its three new iPhones. Apple Insider addressed the complaints from Qualcomm which led to the ban imposed over Apple by Chinese Court. However, Apple promised its customers and assured for the software update which will allow Apple to continue with the sale of iPhone in the country.

The latest release came with few tweaks and some new features which impact iPhone app developers. Apple is now looking to focus on the better functioning of the app and optimized look of device, ARKit, interactive notification control and Core ML.

Let's take a look at what Apple is providing in the release and how it is going to impact web and mobile app Development Company.

1. Siri

After the update, Siri is now more advanced, updated and capable, as it can predict the shortcuts and provide a suggestion for other users. With the iOS 12 update, iPhone app developer has scope to develop the code which determines actions and specify those relevant actions to Siri. This helps the user in using shortcuts created by Siri. With the latest release, mobile app development companies are able to increase the user interaction and build the automated workflows with the implementation of several conditions. When a certain condition is met, Siri provides suggestion to the users. This feature is available for users from the Lock screen, Spotlight search, and Siri watch face.

2. Network framework

Network frameworks help developers to access the protocols such as TCP, UDP, and TLS. sing transport and security protocols, iPhone app developers can develop network connection with Network Framework.

3. ARKit 2

Web and mobile development company can use the world mapping data to produce shared AR experience for users with its persistent AR capabilities. The multi-peer connectivity framework has enabled the iOS developers to create the multiuser AR experience with the transmission of ARKit world mapping data. ARkit also collaborates in making more objects part of the AR app for user engagement.

4. Interactive Notification Control

iOS 12 offers the interactive notification controls for users such as buttons, switches, table view etc for enhanced look and better feel. The iPhone developers are also able to personalize the look and appearance of iOS app notification alert using notification content app extension.

The custom user interface shows content in the notification content app extension. Notification content app extension has a view controller, which developers can use for adding the custom image, styling the interface elements, customizing the item arrangement like display app-specific data, title, and subtitle.

With the increased speed, iOS 12 has 70 percent faster swipe of camera, 50 percent faster keyboard, and two times swift app launching and Share sheet appearance even in the heavy workload over the operating system. Multitasking is now smoother with enhanced animation.

5. Group Face Time

With group FaceTime, the user can make FaceTime calls to 32 people concurrently. Answering incoming Group FaceTime calls with audio and video is available through iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Audio Group FaceTime is offered in Apple Watch and HomePod. During Group FaceTime calls, the speaker is shown over the center tiles and the user can double tap to communicate with the particular person.

6. OpenGL ES deprecation

This feature is going to mainly affect the graphics intensive and game development companies. Though the applications built using OpenGL ES will continue to run in iOS 12, but the cross-platform graphics API OpenGL ES has been deprecated with the new release. In place of OpenGL ES, Metal is there for iPhone development companies, that offers the access to GPUs on iOS, MacOS and tvOS devices. Metal provides unified graphics support, which enables the iOS apps to use advanced rendering techniques.

The impact of iOS 12 in iPhone app development

Apple has been ahead in offering something exclusively for iPhone app developers and users which make it more exciting for consumers. This time Apple has leveraged the developers with a variety of advanced tools, which developers can reap the profit of, for building the customer-centric and appealing apps. The enterprise and small businesses can get the large benefit from the advanced iOS 12.

While finding any web and mobile development company, consumers must ensure that their technology partner has effective strategies for utilizing the advancement by Apple. With the introduction of the enhanced feature, developers can also update their existing apps and make them more engaging and attractive. With the latest release, Apple has banned apps with a store like an interface and prohibited from selling software that they don't own.


All these new features are poised to set the new user preference, which positively affects the business requirement later and also the iPhone app development process. Alongside, Apple has also come with the round of hardware which ensures the 15 percent faster and 40 percent energy efficiency.

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