Intersect labs is rolling out a tool to lever machine learning for data analysis

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Jul 09, 2019 in Custom Software Developers Resources

Every developer or technology enthusiast fancy to exploit machine learning, they all want to use the potential of this technology to ease out various aspects. Tech geeks always try to leverage this stream of

Artificial intelligence

Implementing machine learning algorithms projects is useful, but unfortunately, this requires the knowledge of whole technology which isn't possible even after securing a masters in Computer science. The fact is there is a humongous gap between the needs of businesses to implement machine learning to accomplish various tasks & solve different challenges, and the availability of resources and talent for creating incisive models.

Eventually, businesses and developers are struggling to find solutions. Despite all the challenges and problems, there are businesses who are engaged in dealing with the problems.

And! There is such name "Intersect labs" that is engaged profoundly to take up machine learning usages and practices, and more accessible to data and business analysts. Intersect Labs backed by YC, is working on a platform that will allow analysts to upload their data and offer desired output. Basically, this platform will get the data from analyst, and identify and imply a learning model automatically. Altogether, it will optimize the parameters intrinsically as per the model standard.

Undoubtedly, this will be a great solution for business analysts who deal with a large set of data for identifying different patterns and make predictions. Two techies, Ankit Gordhandas and Aaron Fired have taken this initiative to offer businesses with such an extraordinary system.

Undoubtedly, their initiative is useful, as it will benefit a number of businesses. How? To know read further.

Why Intersect Labs?

Actually, machine learning is a discipline that is able to make computers efficient and fuse the ability to learn at their own. Basically, machine learning is a technique of data analysis and analytical modeling that computer utilizes for performing the required task.

Therefore, these people decide to bridge the gap available between businesses' need to use machine learning and the available resources and practices. Gordgandas and Aron have simply one idea behind all hard work to deploy machine learning models for customers. With this objective, they worked on this amazing tool which is able to speed up analysts' work. As per them, they could make a more advanced version that could work ultimately and could lead the intersect labs.

They two worked and brought this tool. The main goal behind this work is to move analysts from traditional and retrospective analysis to building models that can determine business statistics and strategies more easily. Today, almost every analyst work with Excel and SQL, and undoubtedly they are really good at incurring past data. But! this tool will give them a superpower and ability to foresee future, as with this tool they need to upload historical data and answer two simple questions.

What are those questions?

Well! the questions majorly ask about the model that you need to predict (basically the variable for outcome). From these, the company begins pulling and sorting of data, determining columns rightly for data analysis. After this, the platform starts creating a range of ML models and assessing their performance against the expected output. Right after identifying the right model, customer can simply fuse that model into their system by a REST-style API.

What is more amazing here is that intersect can evolve and become better in recognizing models over time because the diversity of datasets will increase and it will get access to different sets of data. Altogether, as researchers recognize different models to use them, the tool can improve the models that it identified prior, for its customer. Besides, it is able to ensure that costumers stay at the cutting edge of the sector.

Presently, the platform is able to handle and process one table of standard rows and column. They are striving to expand the future usage in different aspects such as video processing, audio processing, unstructured data processing, image processing, thus the platform can be utilized for leveraging different data sources as much as possible.

They said clearly, that they are striving to stand in the mid of more specialized machine learning platforms that are very less in numbers to hyper-focused niches. Altogether, they are planning to offer more analytical power to analysts rather a simple solution.

Undoubtedly, these endeavors in the field of machine learning will take the language practice up. While intersect is hoping to make this tool widely accessible, it will be interesting to see how analysts will take it. The company already has some customers and Y Combinator is also aiding it.

Indeed, this is a great step that will make machine learning available to every analyst. To know more about various new enchantments in technology, stay tuned with Techugo. We are a trusted mobile app development company, and utilize different modern programming languages to deliver high-grade apps. Get our assistance for securing your dream business app.

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